Eat From The Larder Challenge 2015


Maybe I didn’t plan very well when I enthusiastically committed to doing another Eat From The Larder Challenge this April.

We already had a scheduled a family vacation. Non-negotiable. We already had a scheduled dinner-date with friends. Non-negotiable.

We were completely out of butter. Clearly, running out of butter is a dire failure of larder maintenance. I offer no excuse beyond, 9 months of book writing and editing distracted me from butter. (That should give you some idea how all-encompassing a book is. I forgot butter, which I consider a major food group.)
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Lawn To Garden In A Single Weekend: 6 Easy Steps

Lawn to Garden197

Just because gardening is an exercise in patience doesn’t mean gardeners are patient. If you want to join the grow-it-yourself club, and you don’t want to wait, you can turn your unproductive, resource intensive lawn into a ready-to-thrive vegetable garden this weekend.

It’ll take some work, but probably less than you think. It’ll take money – but again, maybe less than you think. And in 48 hours, you can be sowing your first seeds in an attractive and easy-to-maintain insta-garden. Let’s get going.
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Every Natural Living Blog Post You’ve Ever Read


87 ways to remineralize your teeth. Oil pulling! Toxins! Oil Pulling For Toxins! Is sitting the new smoking? Herbal remedies for sitting THEY don’t want you to know about. Scientists discover the shocking reason why the Masai never get frostbite.

The 92 items to NEVER eat at a salad bar if you want to correct your blood pH. Shocking new research on gut microbiomes of hunter gathers proves: it’s not just the same ol’ shit.
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