A Thank You Toast For New Year’s Eve


Dear Readers, In January of this year, I sat nursing my infant son and looking out the window at my quiet, still garden. As all new mothers will understand, I was stuck to my couch for what felt like days at a time, a willing human mattress and latte stop for my ever-hungry boy. I couldn’t [Continue Reading…]

Best Northwest Edible Posts of 2011, Part Two


And now, the thrilling conclusion to our story! Or, at the very least, a continuation of yesterday’s retrospective of the best NW Edible posts of 2011. Did you miss the first half of this list? Find it here. July my fave: Being Everyone – Since ya’ll asked, yes, once upon a time I had a six-pack. I still [Continue Reading…]

Best Northwest Edible Posts of 2011, Part One


It’s been almost a year since I started this blog, and as the year rolls to a close, I’ve been looking back over what worked, what didn’t and what resonated with you, NW Edible’s readers. It turns out that mostly what resonates with you are posts with swearing. I infer from this that we’re all [Continue Reading…]

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer: "Get Out Of A Chore Free" Santa Cards – Free Download


We do chores around here, kids included. So the gift of not having to do those tedious chores is always appreciated. I’m trying to get the last of the holiday gift stuff together today – wrapping presents, stuffing stockings, etc. – and I put together some “Santa Slips to slip in my daughter’s stocking. These are [Continue Reading…]

Grow Your Grub Podcast Interview

Put a little gardening chat on while you wrap those presents or bake those cookies or spin that dreidel. (Or, hey, while you dance in Celtic colors around an ash yule log – I’m not here to judge.) This time of year is so busy, we all need to multitask. So while you’re attending to [Continue Reading…]

5 Solutions To The Kid Gift Problem


The problem: your kid has a lot of friends, and wants to give gifts to every single one of them. With your money. Of course, it is absolutely wonderful that your charming and thoughtful child is thinking of his or her peers over the holiday, and you want to encourage this independent spirit of generosity. You just don’t [Continue Reading…]

Grocery Shopping The Winter Garden


In the summer I harvest daily. I have to, or the green beans crawl into my house and take over my couch and the zucchini turns into an uncarved canoe. In the winter, the veggies more or less hang out waiting for me to get off my butt and come pick them. Many days, it’s [Continue Reading…]

Backyard Eggs vs. Store Bought Eggs: A Side-by-Side Comparison

I did some entertaining last weekend which necessitated purchasing two dozen eggs. I had a few eggs left over, which allowed me to perform a side-by-side comparison of good quality store bought eggs with my backyard hen’s eggs. Left: store bought eggs. Right: backyard eggs. The backyard eggs come in various other shades as well. The store bought [Continue Reading…]

25 New Year’s Resolutions For The 2012 Garden


This morning a crust of frost danced over the uncovered raised beds and painted the grass with mercurial shine. The garden sits placid and independent under the chill of winter and it seems a bit easier to carve out those chucks of time to reflect upon the year almost past, and the year that is rushing towards [Continue Reading…]

Twelve Ways To Give The Gift Of Homebrew


You knew I’d get around to this eventually, right? A set of gift suggestions for the homebrewer – or potential homebrewer – in your life. To make things simple for the non-homebrewer who might be purchasing these gifts, I’ve put together a dozen suggestions organized by your brewers experience and your desired gift price point. [Continue Reading…]

Are You One Of Those "Organic" People?


Some couple friends of ours came over last week and the wife of the couple mentioned that a friend-of-a-friend was, “one of those organic people.” At this point I had to say, “Well, I roll pretty crunchy-granola, too, ya know.” “Yes,” my friend responded, “but you’re not – you know – one of those ‘organic’ [Continue Reading…]

How To Dry And Use Mandarin Orange Peels

How To Dry and Use Mandarin Orange Peels

I’ll happily throw all my locavore principles under a bus to get at a box of mandarin oranges. Maybe it’s nostalgia. Growing up, Christmas-time meant a box printed with exotic looking Chinese characters, and filled with loose-skinned, paper-wrapped oranges that were sweeter and juicier than any occidental citrus could be. So when mandarin season rolls around, I can’t say [Continue Reading…]