What We Look Forward To


Well, last week didn’t really feel like it in the Pacific Northwest, what with the intermittent hail and occasional snow flurry, but spring is fighting the good fight. President’s Day weekend was the traditional time to put your peas in the ground, though in my area the soil was still a bit cold. Did you sow peas outside? Did [Continue Reading…]

Northwest Edible Life Has A Facebook Page

In an effort to keep my garden obsession a tiny bit separate from the weird-things-my-kid-says obsession, I’ve given this blog it’s very own Facebook page.  Aww, it’s all grown up! So, if you’ve been enjoying the posts I’ve been putting up here, I would really appreciate it if you would “Like” Northwest Edible Life on [Continue Reading…]

Weekend Inspiration: Chickens!


This weekend is the last few days of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Who’s going, who went, how was it? I didn’t make it this year. Just too many things around the homestead that needed me. There are two events coming up that I’m particularly excited about. The first is another class by Dan [Continue Reading…]

The Asparagus Needs To Move Just A Hair To The Left


It started with this idea that everything would be much more attractive and efficiently laid out if only there was a dedicated space for perennials. My asparagus was doing well, hanging out in a big sandy berm that used to form a sweeping naturalistic border across one side of the veggie patch. It flowed in, [Continue Reading…]

Garbage Made Useful: Wire Hangers Into Garden Staples


If you or a housemate work off the farm at one of those jobs that require clean, starched shirts, you probably have a lot of dry-cleaner’s wire hangers kicking around the house. We return our wire hangers to our dry cleaners for re-use (better for the earth and helpful to the small business owners who [Continue Reading…]

Leeks and Parsnips Baked in Cream

I have been staring at a nice stand of leeks in the back beds for months now. On occasion I have attempted to pull a leek to use in a soup or a braise, and the results have always been less than Arthurian. Several of my early attempted pullings resulted in the breaking of the [Continue Reading…]

Heat Lovers in A Cool Clime: Tomato Dreams and Tomato Delusions


All images in this post are the work of photographer and LA Weekly author Felicia Friesema.  They are used here with her kind permission. Forget sugarplums – at this time of year it’s visions of big, juicy, vine-ripe tomatoes that dance in the gardener’s head. Tomatoes are the quintessential garden edible. The tomato is so culturally ubiquitous – [Continue Reading…]

Urban Homesteaders Day Of Action: After All That, I Could Really Use A Drink, How ‘Bout You?

It’s been quite a week for the urban homestead community. We needn’t rehash the details; it suffices to say that as a group, we urban homesteaders could really use a drink. So, in true urban homestead-y fashion, let’s make one, shall we? How about a nice glass of wine, something we can raise up in a [Continue Reading…]

Weekend Inspiration: The Joy of Potential


You can tell the gardening season is about to hit full force! The Northwest Flower and Garden Show starts in just a few days and there are so many events and classes this weekend I simply can’t list them all. Go to the calendar for your many, many options. The juniper timbers we are using to build the [Continue Reading…]

Raised Beds and False Economies


False economy is when you think you are saving money but you aren’t. One of the classic false economies is when you buy a lot of something (say, broccoli at Costco) for a very low per-unit price but then due to spoilage end up throwing away half of what you buy. The effective per-unit cost [Continue Reading…]

An Open Letter To The Dervaes


By Nick Strauss (Northwest Edible’s Homebrew Husband)Originally posted at The Noodlebook Well it is a mighty fine mess you have created. Yes, Dervaes family, urbanhomestead.org, you have really managed to do something profound to the community you helped create. You have chosen to trademark a whole host of terms, ostensibly seeking to protect them from [Continue Reading…]

I Am An Urban Homesteader, Nyah Nyah

All of us who have this dream of growing our sustenance in our backyards and on balconies and in parking strips know that we cannot have it all. We cannot have easy access to urban jobs and good quality theater and amazingly diverse ethnic food and have acres of orchards and billowing crops and a star [Continue Reading…]