Homemade Biodegradable Pots From Toilet Paper Tubes


Our household generates plenty of toilet paper rolls. We’ve switched to cloth on just about everything else, but I’m not ready to make our house a TP-free Zone just yet (sorry, No Impact Man).   I save up toilet paper rolls (by the simple means of not emptying the powder room garbage nearly as often as I should) [Continue Reading…]

Third Time’s The Charm: Doing The Leftover Dance & Reducing Food Waste


Have you ever forgotten your leftovers or take-out containers in the back of the fridge (or the back seat of the car) for a few weeks? Maybe given up on the celery because it’s so limp even Viagra couldn’t revive it? Ever had your rice grow fuzz or been surprised by fizzy apple juice? Ever [Continue Reading…]

Greener Living Through Wrinkles

The best thing I ever did to cut down on our use of paper products was give myself permission to have wrinkly napkins. As a carry-over from my days of consumerist glee, I own dozens of cloth napkins. I think I bought a new set of 8 or 12 in an appropriate color whenever I [Continue Reading…]

Weekend Inspiration: Sunset Mag’s One Block Diet Blog

There’s some great stuff coming up this weekend. Today (Sat, Feb. 12) I highly recommend you stop into Sky Nursery from 9am – 4pm for their annual prune-a-thon. Lots of great info and demonstrations of pruning. Cass Turnbull and others will be speaking.  Check the Calendar for details and schedule. If you’re going to be near [Continue Reading…]

Curried Sugar Hubbard Squash Soup


When you’ve got a Sugar Hubbard that needs to get used, you’ve got a lot of squash. Sugar Hubbard is a cross of Blue Hubbard and Sweet Meat, and it’s just fantastic. It roasts well and has a smooth, creamy texture when pureed. I only got two squash off last year’s plant, but both were [Continue Reading…]

Roasted Spiced Sugar Hubbard Squash Seeds: Bonus Edition!


Inside that tasty, tasty beast of a squash was a whole other garden gift: squash seeds!  Now I don’t bother to pick through and roast the seeds from every squash I harvest, but when you have a big squash you have some big, tasty seeds. So especially on your large winter squashes (squashi?), save the [Continue Reading…]

Worm Composting Class At Sky Nursery


This past Saturday (February 5th) a free class on Worm Composting was offered at Sky by nursery employee Emily Wilkins. She has been Seattle Tilth certified as a Master Composter. The class covered the benefits of worm castings, how to use castings and worm compost tea in the garden, how to set up a new [Continue Reading…]

Working Off The Farm

Every day, I take the train to work (well, most days, when I don’t have a late meeting). Work, for me, involves the 7th floor of a mid-rise office building in the middle of a mid-sized corporate park that happens to be the headquarters of a mid-sized cellular telephone company. I work at a desk, [Continue Reading…]

Don’t Be An Urban Homesteader Asshole


You ripped up your front lawn to plant kale and a heritage quince tree. You adopted as many chickens as your town will allow. You make your own bread, jam, cheese, pickles, yogurt and beer. Worms eat your garbage, beekeeping supplies are on the way and you’re wondering if the neighbors would notice a dwarf [Continue Reading…]

Seed Starting 101: Up-Potting


If you are new to growing seedlings, you might want to start by reading the previous posts in this series: Seed Starting 101: Key Components To Healthy Seedlings and Seed Starting 101: A Step-By-Step Visual Guide To Growing Seedlings At Home Occasionally your seedlings will outgrow their containers before you are ready to move them out [Continue Reading…]

Weekend Inspiration


Just a reminder – Sky Nursery in Shoreline is hosting a free seminar today, Saturday February 5th from 11 am – 12:30 pm on Vermicomposting. Hope to see you there! Needing a little inspiration? Check out this gorgeous urban garden in Chicago. It’s the kitchen garden in Grant Park.  Follow the link for additional pictures [Continue Reading…]

Seed Starting 101: A Step-By-Step Visual Guide To Growing Seedlings At Home


New to starting seeds? You might want to start by reading yesterday’s post, Seed Starting 101: Key Components For Healthy Seedlings. Here’s how I start my seeds, step-by-step and in pictures. The eagle-eyed among you may notice that I show pictures of both 4″ pots and small muli-cell containers. The process is the same no [Continue Reading…]