Seed Starting 101: Key Components For Healthy Seedlings


Seeds don’t ask much: give them some moisture and the right temperature and if they are viable they will germinate. They don’t even need soil, as any kid who’s sprouted green beans between a few layers of paper towel can tell you. It’s getting a germinated seed to grow into a strong, sturdy plant that [Continue Reading…]

When Is A Hobby Not Just A Hobby?

Hi, I’m the Homebrew Husband, Nick. I’ve had the good fortune to be married to Erica for coming up on ten years now, and to be her partner in this pathway towards urban homesteading and all that means for our family. She’s been kind enough to encourage me to share some of my own thoughts [Continue Reading…]

Garden Inventory: February 2011

Here’s how the garden is sitting as of Feb 1: Beets – we are down to just a few beets now. Brussels Sprouts – we had a nice big feed of brussels last month and stripped the five plants almost bare.  There are enough sprouts left for one or maybe two more meals.  I’ve been [Continue Reading…]

To Do In The Northwest Edible Garden: February 2011


Well, I can feel the days getting longer, can you?  It’s starting to be light outside for an appreciable period of time after my daughter comes home from school.  I’m itching to get outside, it feels like there’s so much to do!  But I try to remind myself that the ground is still cold and [Continue Reading…]