Weekend Inspiration: Growing A Giving Garden

I am planing on planting a row for the hungry this year and donating the proceeds to my local food bank. I am excited to do this, and believe it is a small but important thing I can contribute. If you are fortunate enough to have the space, will you consider joining me in some planned giving this year? Here’s some tips to growing a giving garden from Lettuce Link.

Lettuce Link is an organization that coordinates gardeners, p-patchers and low income people in Seattle, and runs outreach and educational programs. It’s worth checking out their website even if you don’t have a lot of extra room to grow, because they encourage gardeners to share information too. Give a man Tuscan Black Kale and he eats for a day, teach a man to grow Tuscan Black Kale and he eats all winter long.

If you aren’t in the Seattle area, but are interested in planting a row for the hungry, there are organizations all over that coordinate this kind of thing. Google around, you might find you can grow your summer salad and some good karma at the same time.

Events: wow, where to start? All this weekend is the Spring Chick Festival at Seattle Farm Co-op. I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go. But I can’t. Drat! Someone buy Buff Orpingtons for me, ok? In other poultry news, Seattle Tilth’s Duck 101 class is running Saturday. According to the website it’s not yet sold out which shocks me. If you want the slug-devouring power of ducks and the awesome deliciousness of duck eggs, call them and take the class.

Here at the NW Edible Homestead, we’ll continue to haul soil to the new perennial beds. No, it is not yet full. 18 cubic yards is a lot of soil to move.

What are you doing this weekend? Is backyard bird-keeping involved?

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  1. Great for you planting food for the hungry! With 150 SF to work with, I can hardly plant enough for my family, except for lettuce for a few weeks in spring before they bolt.

    As for buff orpingtons, the Bothell Feed Center will have them 3/30/11. We're getting 1 of those and 3 others (hopefully). Join the crowd and come get them!

  2. I want to! I really do! But I have this habit of taking on more projects than I should, so I'm committing to hold off on chickens until the perennial bed and orchard layout is DONE. Maybe my the end of March, though….one can hope! I hope you'll tell us about your chicks when you get them. :)

  3. It's so funny you sound like me! Chickens were in my list, though, but I've had to put off rabbits and a few other projects because I have to build my greenhouse and all my garden beds brand new… and then I decided to add bees into the action at the last minute. My Dad has always said "When Bethany's around, there's never any shortage of ideas or projects!" So true… lol

  4. Bethany, great to have you as a reader! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by! Yes, projects, projects everywhere! :) Please let us know how bees & everything else go!

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