My, How You’ve Grown!


The chicks are two weeks old now. They are changing day by day. I’m a bit shocked by how fast they are growing. Relatedly, I am a bit shocked by how much they eat. Yesterday morning my daughter called out, “Mom! Come here!” in that voice that means something is really, actually wrong. One of [Continue Reading…]

Grown In The City Meets Northwest Edible


I love any opportunity to throw my opinions around, so I’m beyond thrilled to be interviewed by John Reinhardt, Editor of Grown In The City as part of the Five Questions With… series. Check out my thoughts here on everything from how to get started with urban homesteading to the trademark controversy surrounding that term. Grown In The City is [Continue Reading…]

There’s Not Going To Be An Earthquake. But If There Is…

“There’s not going to be an earthquake. It’s not going to happen. But if there is an earthquake, we have to be prepared.” So began the neighborhood meeting on emergency preparedness. Six of us gathered, representing about half the homes on the block. We wanted to talk about disaster readiness from a local community perspective. We talked [Continue Reading…]

Garden Follies and Cost Centers – Chicken Coop 2.0


Homebrew Husband and I try to make sensible economic decisions regarding the garden and the investment we make in it. We have a pretty good idea what our inputs and outputs are, and most years we take out more from the garden, financially speaking, than we put in. That said, sometimes we get carried away. Sometimes the [Continue Reading…]

Canning For A New Generation Winner Announced!

I’m thrilled to announce the winner of my very first giveaway. Congratulations to BePartial, winner of Canning For A New Generation. In a very kind comment to enter my giveaway post, BePartial asked for more videos. By total random coincidence (I swear!) I was already making a video to show the drawing for the winner of this [Continue Reading…]

Backyard Orchard Culture: Designing Fruit Tree Quartets


The whole idea behind the Backyard Orchard Culture method is to prune trees so that they produce an extended harvest of manageable quantities of fresh fruit rather than one really big harvest all at once. This is achieved by planting trees with different ripening times and keeping them small through aggressive but thoughtful pruning that includes annual summer [Continue Reading…]

She Said: Pushing Tin – 10 Years Of Projects

Ten years ago, Nick was not the Homebrew Husband and my life was more drive-thru than Northwest Edible. Ten years ago I was thinking I really wanted to go to culinary school. Ten years ago Nick had just been laid off. Ten years ago I liked to take on projects for which I was supremely unqualified, [Continue Reading…]

He Said: Pushing Tin – 10 Years Of Projects

Today Erica and I celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary (and yes, that is the tin anniversary…romantic, isn’t it?).  So while this is theoretically a gardening blog, I want to share a bit about how our 1/3 acre homestead contributes to this relationship. We excel when we do things together. Erica often says “honey, I love [Continue Reading…]

Seed Starting 101: When You Didn’t Quite Get To It – Quality Nursery Seedlings

You may be looking around the gardening web right about now thinking to yourself, “Oh, shit. Was I supposed to start a bunch of seeds last month? Is it time to be transplanting my seedlings out?” Well, if you live in the Pacific Northwest, as I do, congratulations! Your procrastination has totally paid off. Our [Continue Reading…]

Backyard Orchard Culture: A Mini-Orchard In The Making


About a month ago, I talked about our plans to attempt the high-density fruit growing method called Backyard Orchard Culture.  Well, plans have become reality and the mini-orchard is planted! A few weeks ago our bare-root trees came from Raintree Nursery. A box arrived that was about the size of me. I was very excited to see the [Continue Reading…]

100th Post Giveaway: Canning For A New Generation – A Giant Reader Thank You!


As I was sitting down to compose a post for today I realized that it would be my hundredth post! I just started this blog at the beginning of the year, and I’ve been blown away by the support of my readers. So, to say thanks to all my readers who take the time to [Continue Reading…]

Peep! Peep! Friday

6:45 AM: It’s here, it’s here! It’s Peep! Peep! Friday. We are expanding our flock of girls and are leaving right now to go pick up our chicks from the feed supply store. We have the chick area all set up with feeder, waterer and heat lamp and we are excited to welcome the little [Continue Reading…]