Urban Homesteading for Corporate Tools

For those of you transitioning from the corporate world to the homestead, I have prepared this helpful guide, dual homed with one foot in a Muck Boot and the other in a Wingtip Oxford. Though they may seem divergent, the core competencies of gardening and cubicle wrangling are not so different after all. The language [Continue Reading…]

Eat Fish, Save Planet

You want to eat fish. It’s delicious, versatile, good for you, and not-at-all cute. Fish scores a 10 out of 10 on the “animals to eat” scale. But it’s not all shiny scales and clear eyes. It turns out there can be some downsides to fish consumption. Some fish shouldn’t be eaten due to contaminents, [Continue Reading…]

Chickens In The Playpen, Baby In The Coop


I am learning what every first-time chicken keeper knows: chickens grow fast. At three weeks old, our 6 birds had outgrown their rubbermaid brooder. They were getting a bit too excited about their flight feathers and were constantly crashing into things, like the mesh ceiling of their brooder. They clearly needed more free ranger space. Thankfully, [Continue Reading…]

What Moms Want, What They Really, Really Want


Chances are good that if you are reading this you are a mother (much of my readership being female and of a certain domestic bent). Chances are excellent that even if you are not personally a mom, there is a mother in your life: perhaps your spouse or the woman who brought you into this [Continue Reading…]

Good From The Garden: Japanese Style Leek And Beef Skewers


When we pulled the last of the season’s leeks from one of our beds, we ended up with quite a few leeks. Several people asked me what what in the world I was going to do with all those leeks. Well, the first thing I want to clarify if that, as a family, we eat [Continue Reading…]

Sneak Peak and A Solicitation For Reader Requests

Dearest Readers, I’ve been at this blogging thing for a few months now and to my unending shock, I have yet to run out of things to talk about. Just when I’m staring blankly at my computer screen, hoping for “inspiration” on Facebook or Youtube, someone makes a thoughtful comment on one of my posts, [Continue Reading…]

To Do In The Northwest Edible Garden: May 2011


I don’t want to be one of those gardeners who’s always complaining about the weather, but about an hour ago a sudden, heavy, loud hailstorm rolled over my house. It was the kind of hail that shreds new seedlings like ice shot, chills the top layer of soil and makes a helluva lotta noise as [Continue Reading…]

Even Urban Homesteaders Get The Blues


My little boy had surgery last Wednesday. He’s fine, it was an expected and “routine” procedure. I put routine in quotes, because turning my not-yet-eight month old over to surgeons is, blessedly, pretty out-of-the-ordinary for me. Because he was going under general anesthesia at 7:30 am, he could not eat or drink, including nursing, after [Continue Reading…]