Garlic Rust and Gardener Waterworks


Last year, Nick really got on board with the gardening thing. His support and assistance and enthusiasm is what has allowed my backyard garden to become our urban homestead. The gateway plant, the crop that drew him into the entire gardening ethos, was garlic. Nick was so enamored of the way hardneck garlic scapes curl and twist, [Continue Reading…]

Back To The Roots Oyster Mushroom Kit Giveaway!

UPDATE: Nikhil has offered to give away a Back To The Roots Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit free to one lucky reader! There are three ways to enter – use all of them for triple entries! First way to enter: go to the Back To The Roots Facebook Page and like the page. Leave a comment [Continue Reading…]

Let’s Call It A Vacation: The Mother Earth News Fair Getaway

Homebrew Husband and I made a very last minute decision to attend the Mother Earth News Fair this past weekend. We weren’t going to brave the ride to the fair with our son, Young Mr. Screams-In-Car, but a combination of things came together late Friday that convinced us it would be worth attempting the hour-long drive. Chief among these was [Continue Reading…]

Just What The Internet Doesn’t Knead (Updated)


There’s about a 95% chance that you’ve heard of the famous No Knead Bread recipe, put out by the New York Times and re-posted by…well…everyone. For the 5% of you that have yet to become master No Knead Bakers, I offer up my personal lionization of the technique. It’s simple, it’s fool-proof, it’s delicious, it [Continue Reading…]

Of Watts and Watt-Hours

This post has nothing to do with gardening – but it does have a great deal to do with sustainability and environmental awareness. It follows up to Erica’s experimentation with the Kill-A-Watt with a (brief) engineering lesson. Please, don’t be scared. I studied engineering for three years before realizing I hated it switching to English [Continue Reading…]