Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Asparagus

Seven Deadly Sins In The Garden

Pride “Looks like Sally hasn’t gotten her beans in yet. My beans are already to the top of the trellis. People are going to notice when I’m eating fresh beans three weeks before Sally.”

Greed “I’m grabbing all the basil starts I can carry at the plant sale. Outta my way, grandma, I have pesto needs!”

Envy “I hate that Sally has an asparagus patch when I’ve never been able to grow asparagus. I hope she gets asparagus beetles.”

Wrath “Fucking slugs again in my lettuce; are you fucking kidding me? Fuck.”

Lust “That’s a nice looking zucchini. A really nice looking zucchini.”

Gluttony “Can’t…sleep…must…build…more…raised…beds.” Alternatively, “Can’t…stop…eating…fresh…raspberries…”

Sloth “Ehh, garden-schmarden. Seriously, does it really matter that much when I plant my beets? The new Biggest Loser is on…”

What are you guilty of in the garden? Be honest, do you covet your neighbors asparagus?

To Do In The Northwest Edible Garden: July 2011
We Hang Together, Or We All Hang Separately


  1. Not weeding until I absolutely have to! Then I end up spending HOURS trying to get it all done ;)

  2. Awesome. I have a bad combo – Greed, followed by Gluttony, followed by Sloth. Things get messy around here.

  3. Wrath. Definitely wrath.

  4. Envy and Lust for the sunshine in my neighbors' yards. I mean, I love my cool(er) and shady yard, the oak trees are lovely and the grass needs less mowing, but it's terrible for growing veggies.

  5. Naw…ya gotta have my kind of friends and neighbors… We all urge each other on and take pride in each other's accomplishments, cuz we KNOW the surplus is gonna get shared ALL around! lol!

    So it's like they are ALL MY gardens! haha… except I only have to weed my own patch! Works for us! And we learn from each other – what works for others and what doesn't, and what we'd like to change about our own plot next year.

  6. and actually….. I'm the ONLY one who has asparagus….. haha!

  7. I thin we need to add an eighth deadly sin: Denial. "Sure, these tomatoes will ripen…this slug damage doesn't look that bad…I'm sure these seeds will sprout eventually…we've had a late spring, that means we'll have a long summer…"

  8. Eternal hope would be a good one also – but maybe that is just denial, like Just Nick said :)

  9. Good one Nick! I guess I've been guilty of just about all of them at one point or another. Sloth is the worst though. You miss a window and your dead. Hehe.

  10. Hilarious. First it was gluttony and now, I fear, sloth!

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