Householder Haikus – My Weekend In Poetry

Juice of two lemons
To ensure a proper set
I feel every cut.

“Can’t finish the peach.
The juice runs sticky, too far
down my elbow, mom.”

My apricots float
They will do it every time
Maybe more syrup?
(big thanks to Harriet Fasenfest for this one)

Met the orchard man
Blushing fruit, picked by humans.
Food relationships.

Little gray slugs hide
Deep inside lettuce. Let us
Drown them to their death.

Jeweled jars, jam-full
Resting on the folded tea towel.
All seal: plink-plink-plink.

Planning is good but
No substitute for hard work.
Late we can, tonight.

Now it is your turn
Can you haiku your weekend?
Form: Five – seven – five.

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Adventurers Of A Corporate Gleaner


  1. The chickens are fed,
    Tomorrow’s blog post complete,
    Now time for a drink.

  2. went for a weed roll
    found mullein safe to harvest
    not too near the road

  3. Right by the office,
    urban blackberry patch:
    surprise harvest time!

  4. New camper christened;
    Rainy start, sunny finish.
    Now back to gard'ning.

  5. You are just too clever… urban homesteader and poet!

  6. harriet Fasenfest says:

    The tuna is canned
    That fish sure can stink it up
    Backyard kitchens, Love

  7. Home from vacation
    means taking my vitamins
    with water, not gin.

  8. Anna Quarles says:

    Rainy day doings,
    Sew, clean, quilt and TV fun,
    Love, laughter, family.

  9. Love the poem and really enjoying your blog! Any resources for you pick apricots in the King, Snohomish, or Skagit counties? Thanks!

    • I’ve been getting my apricots from Valicoff Farms in Eastern Wa. I think they are done now. But I’d keep them in mind for next year. For you-pick, I’ve never done apricots but has a good list of farms that participate. Their web design is painful, but their info is usually good.

  10. Einkorn wheat pasta
    Ancient, safe for so many.
    Me? Narcolepsy.

    Winter squash sprouting,
    root veggies planted – it rained!
    Beans, cukes, tomorrow.

  11. Cleaned chicken coop out,
    Moved so many yards of mulch
    Sore muscles abound.

    And, not homestead related, but…

    At bass recital,
    Botched my solo so badly.
    Did not drink enough.

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