Nosy Neighbor Urban Homestead And Garden Tour 2011

Wowza! I am so excited to share some incredible gardens and urban homesteads with Northwest Edible Life Readers. I’ve taken a sneak peak at a few of the gardens being shared today by amazing gardeners all over the US (and possibly beyond!) and I’ve been blown away by the creativity and solutions I’ve observed. 

It is really worth it to pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit down at the computer when you have several spare minutes, browse around, and prepare to be inspired by what Northwest Edible Life Readers are growing.
Thank you to everyone who put together a post or an album to participate in this virtual tour. I had a few people RSVP on the Facebook page who didn’t provide me with a web address. If you have a homestead tour post ready and want to participate but are not listed below, please email or contact me thru Facebook as soon as possible and I will add you to our list! I don’t want to leave anyone out. 
Thanks again to everyone who’s joining in. Enjoy the virtual tour!
Ok, here’s mine…I’m as longwinded when I speak as I am when I write, so I had to break my tour into two videos, each about six minutes long. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for joining me! 

Make sure to check out all the other stops on the 2011 Nosy Neighbor Urban Homestead and Garden Tour!
Adventures on the Getzinger Grange – Karen Van Lowe Getzinger
At Home On Paradise Cove – Deb Fitz
Brittney Baldwin Rourke Garden 2011 - Brittney Baldwin Rourke
Craftiness - Tina Lindquist
Duck, Duck, Goose - Jessica Garrett

Garden Fowl – Jessi Bloom
Garden Help – Robin Haglund
The Greenbacks Gal - Andrea Green
Green Bean Chronicles – Michelle MacKenzie
Homesteading Chic – Lynn Winters
Householders Guide To The Universe – Harriet Fasenfest
Jade Gardens – Kathryn Ault Noble
The Lazy Homesteader – Anisa Schell

Making Our Own – Laura Burt Cunningham
Native Roots Design – Gregory Smaus

Our Victory Garden
 - Amanda Keith Galloway
Peaceful Valley Farms – Pam Carrico
Portland Potager
 (Part 1 and Part 2)- Noelle Landauer
Salt of the Earth Urban Farm – Angela at Salt of the Earth Urban Farm
Scandia Valley Gardens – Kathryn Ault Noble
Soil and Sustenance - Joan ‘Joanie’ Harris
Striving Towards Sustainable – Lindsay Barnes
Tamara Bell – Tamara Bell
Urban Homestead Diaries – April Alexander
Valri Blasi Kaleda – Valri Blasi Kaleda
Viggies Veggies
 – Lynn Szwalkiewicz
No Spend Month: Week 4 Review
Good From The Coop: Duck Eggs


  1. Thanks for hosting this tour Erica! Great idea.. and your video is fantastic :)

  2. Laughed out loud at your crazy pullets! And I'm SO jealous of your green house. Your kale is HUGE!! Also I love the pear trees out front on the wires – we were thinking of doing something similar with apples in our side yard.

    So – non gardening question: what do you use to edit your video?

    I'm totally impressed by the amount of food you have! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Thanks Jessi, thanks Anisa!
    Anisa, I use iMovie. It's really easy but takes for-e-ver to work with the thousands of still and video clips I have. I would open a project, go to a party while it opened, come back, work for awhile, have to switch projects, go clean the garage while it opened…etc. :)

  4. Just browsed through everything – gorgeous! Such a difference in the different climates! Fun! Let's do it again in another month or two!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love the videos. Thanks for posting.

    You mentioned having a problem with slugs in the one raised bed, I just wanted to mention that I have seen someone who puts a strip of sandpaper all the way around the top of the raised bed–I don't think it has to be a wide strip, I guess they don't like crawling over it. Maybe that will help!


  6. Nice job with the videos! Love the chickens, our like to sleep all bunched up like that too.
    Thanks for putting this all together. I'm off to be a nosy neighbor and check out all the other posts.

  7. Great posting Erica! I love your videos, and your garden looks awesome. Super productive!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    WOW! Touring all those gardens was fun, but I'm up way past my bedtime. Your videos were so awesome. Thank you.

    brenda from arkansas

  9. Hi, I’m gluten free, and I also can’t eat cheeses from the store… I was interested in buying some of his cheeses. Cause there homemade.


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