To Do In The Northwest Edible Garden: November 2011

Plan & Purchase:November in the garden is – blessedly – slow. After a big push of preserving and harvesting, November only asks for only a little clean up and mulch while waiting for the gardener to harvest as she likes. The biggest deal in November is first frost and wind – so this is a great [Continue Reading…]

The Essential Apple Peeler Gizmo


This is my apple peeler gadget: I don’t know if this thing has a proper name. It seems like something you’d find in the back of a barn somewhere to crank start machinery that no one uses anymore. And in truth it probably was invented 160 years ago and hasn’t changed since. But don’t let the [Continue Reading…]

Sharing The Good Stuff


I’ve been tending to two sick kids all day, and now that they are in bed, I’ll be honest, an original blog post just ain’t happening tonight. What is happening is a nice bourbon on the rocks and some reading. So instead of trying to pull a blog post out of my ass, I will direct [Continue Reading…]

Autumn Decor, On Accident


Several weeks ago, I took the kids to the pumpkin farm, where I loaded up on edible squash to supplement to lackluster harvest I managed to home-grow this year. A bit after that, I asked my rural-living sister to pick me up a few bales of straw at non-urban prices when she came into town. [Continue Reading…]

Pasta with Rainbow Chard and Stilton Cream Sauce


Here’s the concept: pasta + greens + very light cream sause = deceptively elegant, super easy dinner in a hurry with stuff you have lying around. The exact pasta, greens and cheese can be mixed to suit whatever you have on hand. This version is Orecchiette with Rainbow Chard, Tomatoes and Stilton. Chard (like its [Continue Reading…]

Greeny Guilt

A few days ago on the Facebook page I shared a link to an article called, How to Create a Zero-Waste Kitchen and asked the question, “how green is your kitchen?” I gave myself a B-, which, in this era of grade inflation, isn’t a particularly good grade. B- Really? Do I really work this hard – [Continue Reading…]

Little Monkeys Making Messes

Dirt. Dirt, dirt, dirt. When you garden, a certain amount of outside comes in. Fine. When you cook 2 to 3 meals a day on a stove (in pork fat, no less!) a certain amount of grease distributes in a fine layer over everything. So in my 7 years as a gardener and my lifetime [Continue Reading…]

Cross Dressing Fruit and Frustrated Apple Maggots


One of my readers, Robin, left this comment on the October Garden Tour post, where I showed my espaliered apple tree full of apples wrapped in pantyhose footies: I’m really curious about the cross dressing apples as well. I must’ve missed the post that explained it. Why the sexy legwear? And how big were they when [Continue Reading…]

Palm Your Tater: Exfoliating Gloves Clean Root Vegetables


A while back I realized that the cheap scrubbing-mitts I kept in the shower might do for root veggies what they do for my post-garden-work-Hobbit feet: get the dirt off. I bought a pair for kitchen use and put them to work. Here’s how they fared against purple potatoes and sunchokes fresh out of the [Continue Reading…]

A Very Homestead Holiday


I hate to be the bearer of exhausting news but the holiday season is right around the corner. Personally, I think it’s obscene to see Christmas wrapping paper and Halloween candy on display at the same time, but there it is. This is the world we live in. Image from Premier Packaging, shared via Creative [Continue Reading…]

The Sweet, Sweet Taste Of Beer


The other night, over a glass of porter, Erica asked me how to make a sweet beer. It was a reasonable question – the porter in question is big, boozy, and sweet in the same way that a bar of Sharffenberger 62% is big, chocolatey, and sweet. “Put a lot of sugar in it,” I [Continue Reading…]

Beet Greens with Bruschetta


I remember back when I bought a lot more produce at the store. A women picked out a few bunches of top-on beets and took them to a produce employee. “Can you cut the tops off these for me?” she asked, “I don’t want them.” I hovered near the Asian veg section, eavesdropping and mildly horrified. [Continue Reading…]