Best Northwest Edible Posts of 2011, Part Two

And now, the thrilling conclusion to our story! Or, at the very least, a continuation of yesterday’s retrospective of the best NW Edible posts of 2011. Did you miss the first half of this list? Find it here.

my fave: Being Everyone – Since ya’ll asked, yes, once upon a time I had a six-pack. I still do but now my six-pack lives inside a little belly cooler made of chocolate and homebrew. Which is also awesome, if you think about it.
most read: We Hang Together, Or We All Hang Separately
best practical: What Farm Grandmas And Chefs Do (And You Should To) – I feel even more strongly about fat utilization now. Expect more fat posts in the future! Hmm…perhaps my obsession with culinary fat and my current lack of six-pack abs are related.

my fave: Which Caricature Are You? – This one still makes me giggle.
most read: Nosy Neighbor Urban Homestead And Garden Tour 2011
best practical: Lazy Preservation At Its Best: Freezing Peaches – My daughter popped two frozen peaches from the freezer just today and went to town on them. They were great, even though I never did get them wrapped in plastic and they are still just hanging out in nothing but their skin in my freezer.

my fave: Labor Pains And The Harvest – A post that didn’t get a lot of attention, but speaks to me still. My frothy panic at the tremendous effort involved in getting through the harvest last year has faded into a pleasant pride and a delusion that it can’t have really been that bad. And so, as women forget the immediate pain of childbirth and choose to have another baby, I shall choose to plant again in 2012.
most read: Wifery, Money And Not-Work – I don’t know if I could do it without my uber-supportive partner, but many of us do.
best practical: Lacto-Fermented Salsa – This was a hard month to pick a “practical” post. But as I still have a few jars of this salsa in the fridge almost four months later, and as it’s still good, I went for this post. Next year I’d add a bit more salt to the recipe as it’s lost some saltiness as it has matured.

my fave: Fall The Wife – She’s still taking care of me, and I’d still ask her to the big dance.
most read: A Very Homestead Holiday
best practical: The Only Good Fruit Fly Is A Dead Fruit Fly – So true.

my fave: The Political Act Of Making Dinner – Angry masculinists everywhere cheer as I defend their right to make good mac-and-cheese, too.
most read: No Use For Coupons
best practical: Brew Or Buy: Is It Worth It? It Depends – Applicable to more than just brewing, because you can’t know what’s worth it unless you know what’s worth it….to you.

my fave: Confessions Of A Total Garden Failure – Sharon Astyk wrote about this post on her blog, which made me deliriously happy. I’m pretty sure that makes me a gardening fangirl.
most read: Are You One Of Those “Organic” People? – no drum circle required.
And that, Gentle Readers, brings our walk down the twenty-eleven memory lane to an end. Did I get your favorite on the list?
Thanks to all ya’ll for reading, commenting and sharing over this past year. What fun it’s been, thanks to you!
Best Northwest Edible Posts of 2011, Part One
A Thank You Toast For New Year's Eve


  1. Somehow I discovered your blog a few months back. I'm not a real gardner–only have a couple of tomato pots on my patio–but I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to new posts.

  2. Favourite? How could I pick just one?? You and your husband write like pro's, you speak to me through your writerly talents and wit… and good advice thrown in too! Don't worry about your lack of rippling abdominal muscles, you guys just keep on exercising those finger muscles in 2012…

  3. Thank you Dixiebelle! Since your blog rocks, that's especially flattering. I appreciate the time you take to read and comment and share. Happy New Year!

  4. Fantastic! I've only been reading you for a short while and wish I could start at day one and read all the way through! Thanks for the tips and advice, but even more thanks for the humor and honesty. Happy 2012!

  5. Thanks Susan – tomatoes count! :)
    Sitting on Pumpkins – thank you, hope this "greatest hits" list helps you get a good taste for the blog without the days of reading it would take to go through the archives.