Build A Lower Waste Lunch

Lacto-Fermented Pickles

A friend asked for some tips on packing lower-plastic and lower-waste lunches for her school-age son. This rather surprised me, since this particular friend is genuine cloth-diapering, Keystone XL Pipeline-protesting, etsy-craft-selling kind of girl. And in fact, when further questioned, it turned out my friend was already packing a pretty green lunch, but was looking [Continue Reading…]

Photo Tour Of The Winter Garden

Second Crop of Sprouts almost ready to harvest

This has been such a mild winter. My chard and lettuces are still going strong, along with some herbs I never would have thought to be harvestable in January, like cilantro and lemon verbena. It’s such a treat to be able to harvest this kind of food rainbow in the dead of winter.   Scenes [Continue Reading…]

Your Chance to Win ‘The Urban Farm Handbook’

Urban Farm Handbook Cover

What better way to celebrate the new look and feel of NW Edible than with a chance to win the best new urban homesteading book on the market? When Annette Cottrell, co-author with Joshua McNichols of The Urban Farm Handbook and author of the site Sustainable Eats, asked me if I’d like to host a giveaway [Continue Reading…]

Big Upcoming Changes On NW Edible


Well, the times they are a changin’….Or at least, this blog it is a changing. Tomorrow, and through the weekend, I will be implementing some pretty big changes to the look and structure of this blog. What this will mean for you, the reader: It will be easier to find the posts with recipes, the [Continue Reading…]

Avoiding Plastic Wrap In The Kitchen


I’m not dogmatically anti-plastic, but I try to be thoughtful about how and where it is used in my house, and I am trying to cut down. My garden at this time of year grows under a tunnel cloche of plastic. Freezer stuff gets entombed in plastic, because it’s the best at preserving the bulk orders of [Continue Reading…]

How To Render Beef Tallow From Marrow Bones


I recently made beef stock with marrow bones (sometimes called pipe bones) and in the process rendered out a heck of a lot of beef fat (tallow) from inside the bones. Two birds with one stone, and all that. See all the white stuff inside the bones? That’s marrow. It’s either a great culinary delicacy [Continue Reading…]

The Productivity Junkie Had A Baby


It sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it? So, this productivity junkie had a baby…. I got a very kind email from a reader a few weeks ago that boiled down to this, “how do you do so much while having little kids?” This reader had recently had her own child, and was [Continue Reading…]