Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Late winter food: sprouts with bacon and bourbon-mustard sauce


  1. Can you post the recipe for the Brussel Sprouts with Bourbon Mustard Sauce? They’re our favourite veg around here and those look delicious!!

    • Thanks Misty – It’s basically the same as the technique demo’d here: except that in stead of *just* apple cider vinegar I mix up a couple tablespoons apple cider vin, a couple tablespoons of bourbon, a tablespoon or so of dijon (you can use grain mustard too) and another of honey. Taste the sauce – it should be kind of like pungent, drunk honey-mustard sauce. :) You should like the flavor, but it should be fairly strong since it’s going to coat all those sprouts. I add the sauce at the same place I added the vinegar in the video, and simmer everything together for a minute. The sauce tends to thicken and coat the sprouts when it hits the hot skillet. Let me know if you need more. Thanks!

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