What’s Next? The Anti-Inflammation Challenge Wrap-Up

Anti-Inflammation Book Winner

A good friend emailed me last night. She pointed out the inflamed elephant in the room: if sleep is my anti-inflammation keystone, spending 3 hours a night after the kids are in bed writing daily blog posts until midnight might not be the healthiest use of my evening hours. Yeah. There’s that. So, dear readers, I’m [Continue Reading…]

Win One Of My Five Favorite Gardening Books

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of milestones here on the blog. First, I launched my first ever sale-able product, The 2012 Garden Journal. The feedback on the Garden Journal has been fantastic. Thank you guys so much for your purchases. They directly support this blog, and – I hope – directly support [Continue Reading…]

The Book Burner and The Bermuda Grass: How To Become Your Garden’s Gardening Expert

Last week I wrote a post encouraging people to smother their lawn instead of ripping it out before planting veggies. There’s some solid soil science reasons why I believe my suggestion to sheet compost the hell out of your sod is a good one, and I stand by the post. But apparently there’s this thing [Continue Reading…]

Your Personal Health Keystone: Anti-Inflammation Challenge Week 4


You know what a keystone is, other than a bad beer and a bad pipeline? It’s the special wedge-shaped center stone in an archway. The integrity of the arch depends on the keystone transferring the stress of a load out and down through the rest of the arch and, ultimately, to the security of the [Continue Reading…]

The Real Bounty of The Coop (Hint: It’s Not Eggs)

Chicken Litter Compost

Chickens have changed the way I think about gardening, and I’m not just talking about bull-rushing a garden bed to shoo the little cluckers out of my arugula. Again. No, something is happening to the way I think about garden inputs and outputs, and it all hinges on chicken shit. Before we got our hens [Continue Reading…]

Stop Ripping Up Your Lawn To Grow Veggies


It’s a badge of honor among urban homesteaders to say, “I’ve ripped up my whole lawn and put in a garden.” Stop doing that. No, seriously, I would now like to explain why you should not actually rip up your lawn, and I’d like to start with a little soil science. Bear with me, this’ll [Continue Reading…]

You Know You’re A Veggie Gardener If…

Territorial Seed Company Store

You go to Costco and buy one thing – Sluggo in bulk – and ask for 8 large cardboard boxes to take it home in so you can smother more lawn. You frequent a horse stable even though you have no interest in riding horses. You have a ridiculous multi-component compost hierarchy to handle kitchen scraps and you assume [Continue Reading…]

Stumbling Over Chocolate Chips: Anti-Inflammation Challenge Week 3


Well as far as anti-inflammatory living goes, this week could have been better. It started last Saturday, with a catering event for some long-time clients. Now, I don’t wan’t this to come across as braggartly, but I make really good food. As a matter of professionalism, I do have to taste the really good food to ensure it [Continue Reading…]

Organize Your Gardening Like You Mean It – 2012 Garden Journal

Because I share a steady stream of tools, checklists and spreadsheets with NW Edible readers, I have been accused of being highly organized. In truth, organization, like a clean house, does not come naturally to me. I’m natually more of a project-oriented, creative type, and the discipline of structure and routine is something I have [Continue Reading…]

How To Cull The Weak

Tomato Seedling Thinning (8)

Classic new gardener problem: you successfully grew a seedling. You planted it and nurtured it from a little seed and – life doing what it does – it’s flourishing, putting on layers of healthy leaves and growing up well. And now you have to kill it – on purpose. You have to murder your seedling so that other, [Continue Reading…]

How Can You Tell If You Have Inflammation? Anti-Inflammation Challenge: Week 2

Anti-Inflammation Meal 4

Inflammation is your body’s natural way of healing itself when you’re injured. It’s actually a really, really good thing. If you slam your thumb in the car door your thumb will become inflamed as your body sends in the immune system to shut down any invading bacteria and begin to heal the wound. You can [Continue Reading…]

A Slightly Easier Way To Keep The Big Girl Panties Clean

Laundry Soap Hack (3)

Perhaps, like me, you spend far too much of your life doing laundry. Far too much. I have asked everyone I know if they have any tips or tricks to cut down the number of loads or number of hours involved in laundry and the consensus seems to be, you just have to put on [Continue Reading…]