Planning For A Year-Round Harvest: When You Need The Big Picture

Northwest Edible Year Round Vegetable Planting Guide

The detailed month-by-month lists are great and all, but sometimes you need the overview, the synopsis, the big picture. This is particularly true at the beginning of the growing season, like now, when all the little details are popping up: what plants do I grow? How many? How long till I can eat them? Where do [Continue Reading…]

More Coop Improvement Projects: Sand Bed-Deep Litter Hybrid and More

Sand Bed in Hen House - 2x2 "Lip" Between Walls and Center Support

I like working on the coop. This past weekend I swapped the raised hen house area of the chicken coop from a straw-bed floor to a sand-bed floor. When I bought our first two hens, who we acquired as grown layers, the owner kept an immaculate coop with a sand bed under the roosting area and swore [Continue Reading…]

Worst Soil Amendment For Tomatoes?

Tomatoes in Self-Watering Containers

Rachel Shadoan is a writer of exceptional wit. I know because she posted a story of gardening loss on the NW Edible Facebook page that was both so terrible and so hilarious that I read it twice. I asked for her permission to share her tale of tomato-growing woe (and lessons learned) here. This story appeared originally on Rachel’s [Continue Reading…]

Assessing Your Health: Anti-Inflammation Challenge Week 1

Anti-Inflammation Before Photo

On February 1st, we talked about journalling our health baseline and getting our anti-inflammatory plan together. Have you done it? If not, go do yours right now and then come back, or read on to see what my Assessment looks like if you need some inspiration. Need even more motivation to do this? Just in [Continue Reading…]

Refactoring In The Garden


2011 was The Year of Additions. We added to our garden: new perennial bed, new mini-orchard, new chickens, two new coops for aforementioned chickens, and a couple new raised beds. We added this blog, and with it a sizable commitment and a wonderful community of like-minded folks. And late in 2010 of course, we had added this [Continue Reading…]

February Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Day 1, Making The Plan


A few days ago I asked my readers to weigh in on what February challenge I should sponsor on this blog. Overwhelmingly, people in comments and on the Facebook page voted for an anti-inflammatory diet challenge. Those of you who wanted a debt diet, don’t worry – you’re next. Multiple bloggers, including possibly me, are planning [Continue Reading…]