Escaping The Cult of Busy

Busy Times, courtesy the incomparable Geek and Poke, used by permission.

Note to Self: Life on Garden Time does not mean Life on Frantic Time. “Oh, I’ve just been so busy.” “With all the kid’s activities, I’ve just been so busy!” “With the new job, I’ve just been so busy!” “I don’t know what it is, it’s just crazy busy right now.” “Wow, I wish I [Continue Reading…]

You Told Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want


Blogging Is Like Cooking Dinner You know how sometimes you ask your family what they want for dinner, and they distractedly say things like, “Oh, you know, whatever’s easiest.” Maybe they’re only half-listening, or maybe they are trying to be nice about it, but really you just want a firm opinion. You don’t mind making the spaghetti, [Continue Reading…]

A Tour Of The Indoor Seed Starting Rack

Seed Starting (9)

My seed-starting set-up is pretty well equipped, which makes it a lot easier to manage the fairly aggressive seed-starting schedule I keep. When we moved into our current home, I commandeered a corner of the garage as my indoor garden and seed-starting area. Having a dedicated area to grow out seedlings is a luxury, but one I would sacrifice [Continue Reading…]

7 Ways To Save Money On Seeds – Without Saving Seeds

Onion Plants

Vegetable growing can be a great way to save money on food, but it can also be a dang expensive hobby in its own right. One of the biggest expenses edible gardeners run into is the cost of seeds. If you’ve been at this for awhile, you’ve noticed that the cost of seeds in the [Continue Reading…]

To Do In The Northwest Edible Garden: March 2012

Pea Transplants

Last year I wrote the March 2011 To Do list and there was snow on the ground. This year? Yeah…you guessed it! But, hey, ignore the snow dusting the ground right now – the fact is, March is here, spring is coming and we gardeners can feel it. Here’s what Maritime Northwest gardeners should be [Continue Reading…]