Giveaway: ReCAP Mason Jar Pour-Spout Lids

I freaking love my reCAP lids. I have 10, a thank-you gift for supporting the initial Kickstarter fund-raising campaign that helped turn reCAPs from a really great idea into a really great reality.

Image from reCAP Mason Jar Lids

The BPA-free plastic, pour-spout lids transform any regular mouth mason jar into a leak-proof, easy-to-use pourable container. I have my Mason Jar Stir-Fry Sauce stored in a jar topped with one, I whip up shake-and-go vinaigrettes that are easy to use because of the lids, and I moved my Frank’s Red Hot out of it’s plastic container and into glass after I received my lids.

Other folks are using their lids to turn mason jars into sippy cups, or to store milk, tea, honey, maple syrup and more.

Stir Fry Sauce with reCAP lid

The Giveaway

Karen – the genius behind these lids – is sponsoring a giveaway of reCAP lids, and it’s a good one – there will be five winners!

Five different NW Edible readers will each win a reCAP Mason Jar lid. Here’s what you need to do to enter: like reCAPs Facebook Page so you can keep up with the great things they are doing (wide mouth lids are a top priority, I understand.) Then, come back here and leave a comment telling us:

  1. That you’ve liked the reCAP Facebook page (or that you are a dyed-in-the-wool conscientious Facebook objector), and
  2. How you will use your reCAP Mason Jar Lid if you win.

reCAP Facebook Page: so you know when the wide mouth caps come out.

Contest is open open until 8 pm Pacific Time Thursday, May 17th. Winner will be announced May 18th. One entry per person, please. Open to United States residents only (sorry, international friends, it’s just because of shipping expense).

Update: Comments now closed so winners can be determined. Thank you and good luck!

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  1. Shirley W. says:

    FB page liked. Will be using them as sippy cups for the grandkids and me!

  2. Liked! I love the salad dressing idea, but my first thought was for a big glass of iced tea…. then i got to thinking that I could start up another Kefir batch and store it in these jars. I used to just put a plastic lid on the jars, but they are hard to drink out of… this would make it easy!

  3. Liked on FB! This is the first I’ve heard of these and I love it! I recently inherited tons of mason jars and these are just what I need to get them out of the garage and into the kitchen. The possibilities are endless and I love the idea of using it to make homemade salad dressings.

  4. Jessica Mc. says:

    I’ve liked this great idea on fb and would love to use the lid on a mason jar for my morning protein shakes. Such a good idea!!

  5. I signed up for facebook once at the urging of younger co workers. I found that I was not willing to take the time to figure out what it meant when someone “wrote on my wall” or to find out who my comments and replies were going to so I unsubscribed. I don’t like to use things that don’t make good sense to me, like the stock market and facebook. Anyway I love the idea of the Recap. After I went to their website (no facebook involved) I wanted several.
    Last summer I had an enormous tomato crop in my Portland raised beds. I did not want to take the time to can them as I was working full time so I came up with a plan. I pureed them skins and all. Lined the dehydrator shelves with parchment paper and poured the pureed tomatoes into big puddles on the paper. I dried the puddles, usually overnight then peeled them off of the paper. They are crunchy sheets great for sandwiches and roll ups. Some of the sheets have gotten smashed in the bag so I crunched them to bits and put the bits in a jar and I shake tomatoes in and on all kinds of things. The Recap would be perfect for my tomato bits.

  6. Liked on facebook. I think I’d use my first one for the batch of rhubeena I plan to make this weekend!

  7. Janet Butts says:

    Easy–It’ll be my car mug. Recently dripped coffee all over myself because–duh–the mason jar without rubber washer DRIPS.

  8. MrsWJAA says:

    I liked them on fb.

    I could definately see keeping one of these on the jar of fresh goat milk that is ready to be used, then I wouldn’t have to keep telling people which jar is which, just tell them to use the one with the pourable lid. So much easier. (We rotate so that the oldest is used first.)

  9. ShellsBells says:

    I’m loving stealing ideas from everyones comments! =)

  10. I liked the reCAP Facebook page, & I think I would use it to store this mint julep syrup that I make.

  11. I like reCAP on FB! And if I win, I’ll use the caps for lots of things. Homemade flavored coffee creamer, strawberry-rhubarb syrup, and Ranch dressing all come to mind.

  12. First of all…genius! Second of all, the question isn’t what WILL I use these for, but what WON’T I use these for…okay, maybe not everything, but I have a feeling my reCAP-to-wide-mouth-jar ratio is going to be pretty close to even. Thanks for hosting this contest & an opportunity to win one!

  13. Facebook liked :) I would use my reCaps for salad dressing, fresh milk, oh the possibilities!

  14. I “liked” them on FB! I so want some of these lids….uses are endless…but I have some homemade syrup that is screaming for one right now from my fridge! I recently obtained some of the Cappow lids that I use to turn my mason jars into to go mugs.

  15. I liked them long ago on Facebook. Even bought my own 5 last week. They are fantastic! I have them on vinegars and dressings right now, but the uses are endless.

  16. Katie B. says:

    Though I would love to be a conscientious Facebook objector I did like the reCAP Facebook page!

    I would like to use it for countless things (salad dressing, tea, juice, etc) but recently i have been thinking of using it for herb oils. Spring is bringing gorgeous chives and other things to my yard so i would love to make some oils and these seem like a good way to utilize re purposed mason jars in a cute and easy way!

  17. Danyelle says:

    I think this would be awesome for popcorn kernels! No more messy, spill-inevitable, bags. It would be so easy to store them this way and easier to measure out! Really these are so versatile and handy there really is no end to the possibilities. Who says they even have to stay in the kitchen? Button jars in the sewing room maybe.*
    *Facebook page liked

  18. Erin Anderson says:

    These are so cool! Liked them on Facebook. I would use mine for salad dressings, and to-go drinks!

  19. Kimberly says:

    I liked reCap on Facebook! I would love to use a reCap for my opened jars of pear butter, for serving on oatmeal and toast and yogurt.

  20. Laura Gibney-Brewster says:

    Facebook liked!
    I have several old mason jars and some very pale blue Atlas jars as well! The ReCAP lids would turn them into pretty, yet functional additions to my table! I can see them holding honey, maple syrup, sugar, cream or milk, sauces and dressing! Love them!!

  21. LIKED on fb. I would love to use this for salad dressings, home-made chocolate syrup, and probably honey. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. elizabeth f. says:

    1), I liked it on FB, browsed the page too.

    2) I would use to make homemade French and Italian dressings. I use the same recipes my mother did. My 30+ years old Good Seasons cruets always leak when we shake them up.

  23. these are fantastic! i quickly jotted over to FB and liked them, also went to pintrest and following them there as well.
    i would use these for so many reasons; simple syrup, marinade sauces, and salad dressing just to name a few. i am so going to put these on my “must get” shopping list for the summer.

    thanks so much for sharing this great product!

  24. I’ll probably use mine this summer for various syrups…chai syrup for adding to iced tea, rose and/or pincherry syrup for adding to lemonade…

  25. Liked! My first thought was salad dressing, but then I thought about how annoying it is when bugs get in my margaritas or g&ts, so protecting summer drinks moved to the top of the list.

  26. I’ve done the FB ‘Like’ and will be ordering some of these. What a fantastic idea. The first thing I will be using this for is my homemade salad dressing.
    Thought I’d share a simple vinaigrette recipe here as I’m reading all these comments for reCAP ideas and feel like I should donate to the village :)

    Whisk or fork-stir…
    1 Tbsp Dijon mustard,
    3 Tbsp Vineagar (balsamic or white or whatever you like), then whisk in
    4 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive oil (or canola or whatever you like)
    Add one flattened garlic clove or mince 1/2 shallot or do nothing at all.
    Salt & Pepper.
    Let sit for a little while to let the garlic or shallot flavour the dressing.
    Throw everything in your mason jar and shake. Don’t worry about all the fussy explanations about finely drizzling in the oil, it’s all trying to make it like a fine science. Just make the stuff like a kid would make it…with enthusiasm.
    Easy peasy and you can add any dried or fresh chopped herbs that feel right…or not.

  27. Heather Hoffman says:

    Liked these on facebook! Can’t wait to try these. We have dairy goats and store the milk in mason jars. Only downfall is the milk is always spilling and dripping down the side and bottom of the jar. These are the perfect solution!

  28. I totally love mine (I also funded at the 10-cap level)! So far I’ve got them on jars containing homemade kefir, vanilla extract, almond milk, and fresh lemon juice.
    I think my only minor complaint is that I wish they had not attempted to make them look like the “vintage” galvanized metal lids. It’s plastic and no amount of careful coloring is going to make it look otherwise. I’d just as soon have white or several colors to choose from (that would be nice for color-coding contents).

  29. I like them LOTS! Hope I get to try one. Maybe green smoothies when we’re out homeschoolin’ , or keeping my sauces easy and ready to go, or ?

  30. Britannia Balyint says:

    These are absolutely awesome! Can’t think of much I wouldn’t use them for…but I can vegetables every year and as I empty the Mason Jars the end up living in a tote unused, if nothing else they’d be great for trips in the car with my kids and for workout session water!

  31. Didi Miller says:

    I liked your FB page! And will share with others as well. I’ll use these to make drinks to take to the garden with us! Thanks for sharing this wonderful product with us!

  32. Arrianne says:

    Die-hard Facebook objector! Sorry I can’t like the page. I use mason jars all year round! The fridge and the pantry is filled with them performing various tasks (mostly holding things within their durable glass bodies). I do have lots of those white plastic lids for mason jars but they don’t work so well in the freezer or with hot liquids and of course they’re completely useless to help you pour things. So a couple of these would surely be an awesome upgrade!

    I’ll be pouring dressings, marinades and sauces of all sorts. I can get some of my huge 2-quart jars and make some sun tea. I could mix up some scrambled eggs to pack in the cooler when we go camping. I also have some very old, vintage jars I’m scarred to can in. I love the idea of giving them a new life with these lids.

  33. Becky N says:

    I “liked” on Facebook. What a great idea. I will use mine for taking my smoothie to work. Great ideas too.

  34. I LIKED on facebook. I will use my mason jar to store jam that is homemade. I want to thank you for all these wonderful giveaways! I hope I win! GOOD LUCK ALL!

  35. I like reCAP on Facebook. What a wonderful idea! I always have empty Mason jars around.

  36. I will use my reCAP for salad dressing. I never have a jar big enough but with a reCAP I can use a quart Mason jar for homemade salad dressing.

  37. Lindsey says:

    I am a Luddite. I realized I was spending too much time on meaningless tweets and Facebook notes, often sent to people I did not care about in high school, let alone now. I was reading less and I realized it was because I was participating in a time suck of tweets and Facebook. I also got rid of my cell phone because I realized it annoyed me to be bothered when I was out—I am not a brain surgeon, nor do I ply one on TV, so there was really no need to be at everyone’s disposal 24 hours a day. And if someone died, then they will be dead even if I am not notified right away—nor do I care to hear in Safeway or Vons that a parent or friend died; I’d rather be in private for that. All of which is to say, I cannot like anyone on Facebook.

    However, I would love, love, love a reCap for my syrup or salad dressing. THank you for the chance to win.

  38. For pancake syrup.

  39. Tonia Mason says:

    FB needs a “Loved it” button cuz I loved it on FB and my first thought was to use as Iced Tea, (sweet tea of course) glasses. Then I thought of all the bowls on the counter containing all the treats, people and pooches. What a perfect, colorful, and germ free way to store the treats for everyone! M&M’s, JellyBeans, Almonds, Cashews, and the bite size, home-made pooch treats too! So many uses!! You are so smart!!

  40. Such a neat product! With lots of uses… think of using mason jars for delicious salad dressings.. hmm.. :)

  41. I’ve liked them on fb!

    I would use them for the homemade salad dressings that I make every week. I would probably also use them to store chicken scratch and other treats I like to treat my two backyard city hens with!

  42. Michelle says:

    I have liked them on FB… and as far as what I’d use them for… just about anything and everything. I love to keeps lots of healthy snacks around (nuts, dried fruit, etc) and these would be great for all of those, but they’d be great for storing leftover soups and broths too. I’d love to get away from using so much plastic in the kitchen and these would make mason jars a much easier to use option. Coolio. I will definitely be watching to see when they come out.

  43. Liked the FB page. I can imagine a million ways to use these things, but one that comes to mind right away is for pizza sauce. We make it in big batches and freeze in jars, but then use it in only 1/4-1/2 cup increments. A re-Cap will make it easy to pour as we make each pizza. I’m sure I will end up buying a bunch anyway!

  44. Liked them on Facebook, would LOVE them in real life!
    I’m getting married on June 3rd(holy cow, it’s coming up fast!) and the future-hubby and I have planned an amazing Pacific Northwest camping honeymoon. We’ll be spending a week in the Olympic Rainforest, a week on the San Juan islands, and a week on the Oregon coast. I’m so excited! I would love to have a reCAP lid for the honeymoon, as I can only imagine it would make packing a quickly-made campside soup or sauce for a hiking picnic lunch a snap!
    In fact, I’ll probably pick up a bunch of these lids anyway, but winning one would make it so much easier on this cash-strapped student couple! :D

  45. Stephanie M says:

    oh my gosh!! these are soooo cool!! we use mason jars as drinking glasses, as they are much sturdier than actual glasses. This lid is awesome! I liked the FB page and would LOVE to win one!!

  46. Love the idea of the reCap, we use cuppows around the house now, but having somethign with a easy to remove lid for riding too and from work without the splashes on the potholes would be great.

    I would really like to see a future review about their durability as well, we might invest heavily in these for pantry and refrigerator storage, but I don’t want to buy something that won’t be around for a while :)

  47. Just liked these on FB. I would love these for my homemade salad dressings that I am notorious for spilling all over the fridge!

  48. liked on FB page.
    I can think of several different uses for these, but will probably use them firsy for my bone broths.

  49. Liked on Facebook. I was going to say I’d use them for dry goods and mixing up my honey mustard dip/dressing… but then I saw Kim’s picture on the Facebook page with the drink and the awesome beaded name tag and I’m totally in love. My daughter is trying to start a beading business – I think I NEED a new drink bottle with a beaded MOMMA name tag. :)

  50. Liked it! Sauces and dressings so easy to use!

  51. I have never heard of these! Totally liking the FB page and am envisioning warm syrups and blueberry sauces for pancakes and french toast…mmmm…

  52. Liked on FB!

    I’d definitely use this for salad dressings and maybe even smoothies that need a good shake before drinking.

  53. Jamie W says:

    I would use these for pretty much everything, they would be great to turn mason jars into an even more multifunctional part of the kitchen. they would be perfect for drinks at the table, or on the go, adding parts of mixes already in the jar to smaller containers ect.

    I liked the facebook page.

  54. I liked there page and I would use the cap to take my jar of water to yoga class and in the stroller without sloshing all over everyone!

  55. I “liked” the page on FB (I’m about the farthest thing from a FB objector you could find). I think I would do anything and everything with those lids, but I especially like the sippy cup idea for my water-lovin’ little girl.

  56. Darla Shannon says:

    liked recaps on fb and would use it for water

  57. Rebecca says:

    Ok… FB like done!
    How I will use the five caps…
    ~ For many flavored simple syrups… Ginger, vanilla, cayenne, maple, almond… To whip up summery drinks!
    ~ For hand made hair conditioner…
    ~ For kitty crunchies! I can shake them out to entertain the cats…
    ~ For smoothies-on-the-go, to take on light rail as I zoom downtown!
    ~ For hiding the hooch in my cold brewed summer coffee on weekend afternoons in the garden…
    ~ For the watermelon syrup I’ve been dying to try ever since I read about it a decade ago… Yummm!

    Ok, that’s six ‘”for’s”… Hmm. Will I get to fulfill these Foodie fantasies (and one for the cats…)?
    Thanks! Love this giveaway!!

  58. Carlota says:

    I would use them for jars of salad dressing and for my jars of sugar, and other baking supplies.

  59. I liked you guys!!! And I don’t know all the ways I will use it, of the top take it with me to the garden to store harvested flowers,carry fluids on the go, store my special jerk marinade for barbeques…pickle my fall veggies…or depending on what my needs are can be my compostable worm demonstration bottle, an insect collecting apparatus….uses vary, will know when I play with it, but will surely carry it everywhere :-)

  60. Mary Pendergast says:

    Liked their fb page. I recall when you posted about funding this effort. Glad it worked out. I will use mine, among other things, for my dog’s kibble. It comes in a huge bag that is awkward to use. And I have had a mouse chew in to it. These jars will keep the kibble safe and fresh, plus it will easily pour out.

  61. Judi Kelly says:

    Liked the reCAP FB page. Look forward to following them. Definitely use it for my fresh ground coffee. Thanks

  62. This will be great to use since I already use mason jars all the time for my juicing. Dont have one of your lids yet!

  63. Judi Kelly says:

    Really enjoying your blog. I made the freezer burittos today. Not sure if they will be a hit with the boys. Time will tell. Hopefully they’re all gone at the end of the weekend. Doing the PB&J the weekend. I love them and enjoy grabbing one when I’m working in the garden. Just hate having to stop, wash up, and drag all the stuff out ever time. Love the GRAB and GO. Thanks

  64. Janet McDaniel says:

    Liked the facebook page. These would be perfect for the blackberry syrup I make for my grand daughters for the to use tn there oatmeal and pancakes!

  65. Catherine says:

    I “liked” them. What a great concept. I plan to use my for surgar storage.

  66. April Hamelink says:

    I liked this on FB, and I so hope I win! I’ll use them to take my iced tea EVERYWHERE, and will also use them to store my homemade salad dressings.

  67. nikkhi kast says:

    Oh these would be great for home made dressings and our family favorite pancake syrups made with apples and berries! I liked their page and look forward to trying one of these out (hopefully winning one! haha!)

  68. ‘Liked’ the page and would love these for drinks or other liquid leftovers (our other caps leak).


  69. Mary W. says:

    FB page liked
    I would use them for anything that I currently now have vacuum-sealed. Once it’s open, I’d pop a pour spout on it and move it into my pantry.

  70. LL Abbott says:

    I purchase certain products just for the glass jars and good lids. I would LOVE to use the reCAPS for my sundries and such that I store. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Blessings~

  71. Deborah S says:

    I am going to use this to put my homemade coffee creamer in to help pour easier.

  72. Deborah S says:

    And I Liked the recap facebook page!

  73. New here and this is a great idea, I would like to order some, I am so not using plastic containers. I can, freeze, or dehydrate most of our food, so these look like a great solution to lids. Thanks Mary

  74. I love this idea! I will be using mine for feeding my Humming birds. I also have canned my own grape juice, so these caps will work great .

  75. cecilia says:

    FB page liked.
    I would love to use these with maple syrup and homemade salad dressings.

  76. Mary Kay Barstow says:

    I “liked” ReCap on facebook and I can think of TONS of uses for these! I would make pancake batter and use this to make pancakes first!

  77. Jennifer says:

    I liked recap and I will use one for the yummy stir fry sauce (thanks for the great recipe) and i’m still deciding how to use the other!

  78. I liked reCaps FB and I would use mine to shake and drink my raw milk on the go.

  79. Peg Osborn says:

    I liked re Caps FB and I woudl use mine for maple syrup or any liquid I buy in bulk.What a great idea!

  80. Carla Snook says:

    I’m liking these recap lids. We have so many mason jars in our garage from all of our homemade pickles. It’s about time we put some of the empties to good use. I’m sure we’d use them for dressings and sauces but as other people have said….the possibilities are endless.

  81. i like, i like! this will be great for kombucha (post-brew)! spices, smoothies, flour…endless possibilities and new flexibility! :)

  82. I have liked the reCAP Facebook page. This is the first time I’ve seen these lids and I really do like them. I’d love to be able to try some.

  83. Ooops, I think I was suppose to leave this in my last comment. it’s early and I didn’t see clearly. LOL Anyway, I love making lemonades in teh summer and I really like drinking them out of mason jars. I would definitely use them when we go on our family picnics.

  84. I will use the lid for taking my smoothies and kefirs and coffee drinks with me on the go to catch bees. I love glass so this is a perfect lid. Yesterday I had to unscrew the lid and screw it back for each sip as I was getting a pedicure for all the hard work I do. and dirty work. Woulda been nice to have this lid ;o)

  85. BrandeWjin says:

    I have liked them on fb… would use them for my salad dressings mostly :)

  86. Kaye Lyssy says:

    Liked on Facebook. These are so cool! I have LOTS of things stored in Mason Jars like chia and flax seeds I use every morning in my green monster. It would be so awesome to just pop open the lid and pour a few in the blender. Salad dressings, tea and coffee…the list is endless. Can’t wait to give some as gifts!

  87. scottish lassy says:

    I liked them! I would use it either as a sippy cup or for dressings, etc. :o)