Giveaway: Farm Curious Wide Mouth reCAP Fermenting Kit

Update: Contest is now closed. Congratulations to contest winner Sarah Z, and thank you to FarmCurious for sponsoring this giveaway. Thank you to all who entered!

You know what we haven’t done in a while? A kick-ass giveaway.

Some time ago, I suggested that you could make a really inexpensive fermenting crock with a Mason jar, a reCAP mason jar lid and an airlock from your local brewery supply store.

There was really only one drawback to my DIY lacto-fermentation converter lid. At the time I invented it, the reCAP lids were only available in regular width. Many fermentation junkies like myself observed that the largest commonly available regular-mouth mason jar is the quart size. What if you want to ferment more? What if you want to ferment things that are bigger than a regular-mouth opening? What then, hmmm?

Well, the reCAP people solved this problem by (finally!) releasing a wide-mouth reCAP lid. And as soon as they did, Nicole from FarmCurious, the urban homesteader’s supply store, paired the wide mouth reCAP with the correct size bung (go ahead, snicker…I understand) and an airlock to create an all-in-one reCAP Fermentation Converter Kit you can use with any wide-mouth mason jar.

Note the wide mouth jar:

As far as I know, FarmCurious is the only place selling reCAP fermenting sets ready to go like this, so if you love this idea but don’t already have reCAP lids you can hack, or don’t want to track down the components on your own, FarmCurious is your source. Nicole sells this three-piece kit (reCAP wide mouth lid, bung and airlock) for $10 at the FarmCurious store, but is giving away three (three!) complete reCAP Fermenting Kits to one lucky NW Edible reader.

As every canning dork knows, you can get wide mouth, half-gallon Mason jars. (Around $12 for a pack of 6 online – avoid shipping if you are near an Ace Hardware.) Pair one of these big ol’ Mason jars with a FarmCurious Wide Mouth reCAP Fermentation Kit and you’ll be up to your elbows in big-batch sauerkraut in no time.

You can enter to win three reCAP Fermentation Kits (total retail value: $30) from FarmCurious by getting your social on.

Pinter-social? Here’s what you need to do:

Create a Pinterest board; call it what you like.

Pin at least three things from the FARMcurious product line that you love/covet/want someone to buy you for the holidays. Tag them with #ediblecurious.

Post a link to your board as a comment on this blog post.

Twitter-social? Click here to tweet about this post, then come back and comment that you’ve done so on this blog post.

Facebook-social? Like the FarmCurious Facebook page, then come back and comment that you’ve done so (or that you already like FarmCurious) on this blog post.

Only-in-person-social? Well, who could blame you? Just leave a comment telling me that you are a social media conscientious objector and name your favorite fermented food and we’ll call it good. (This option reserved for people who really don’t do that other stuff, so don’t try to sneak four entries in, ok?)

Enter to win by tickling whatever social media outlets you prefer. Up to three entries per person, corresponding to the above social media entry methods, will be accepted. Contest closes on Tuesday, December 4th at 6 pm PT.

Good luck, and happy fermenting!

*The Federal Trade Commission is concerned you might misunderstand what a giveaway is, and wants you to know that this thing you are entering to win for free on this blog is being given away on this blog for free. You know, just so we’re all on the same page. More info here.

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  1. I just “liked” the FarmCurious Facebook page!

  2. I liked Farmcurious on facebook! I love pickles!

  3. I ‘liked’ them and want to be fermented

  4. I liked Farm Curious on Facebook. Can’t wait to make everyone I know eat sauerkraut!

  5. liked on farmcurious facebook page!:)

  6. I liked (and still like) farmcurious on facebook. woot! I want to get my fermentation on :)

  7. I liked FarmCurious page on Facebook.

  8. Nell Powell says:

    I liked Farmcurious on FB and wrote a note there, I like the fun named saurkrauts from the Brinery in Ann Arbor, Michigan, check them out on FB too! reCaps look interesting.

  9. Liked on Facebook! And Farmcurious items were a perfect fit for my exiting “Urban Homesteading Inspiration” board
    Plus I tweeted, too!

  10. I hope to start trying fermentation as a means to healing my husband from Lyme Disease which has plagued our family for over 5 years. Digestion is way off and fermented products seem to hold much promise. The store-bought sauerkraut is good but very very pricy! Here is the link to my pinterest page…most FB things I pinned under cooking/food:

    Thanks for this giveaway!


  11. social media conscientious objector who loves kimchee!

  12. Darla Shannon says:

    i like farm curious on fb

  13. i liked farmcurious on facebook

  14. Erica, I created a twitter account recently just so I could follow you, but frankly, I’m scared of that place. Count me as one of the conscientious objectors,please (I’m having flash backs to filling that card out at the post office many years ago . . .) 3 cheers for sauer kraut!

    • Between you and me, I’m scared of Twitter too. :) It moves faster than my brain most days, though it is unrivaled at allowing connections between people. I only have the time and energy to “do” one social media thing, so I focus on Facebook. Almost all of my Tweets are actually truncated, auto-propagated conversions from Facebook. So I’ll post and “run” a conversation on FB but whatever my original post there was is also send out as a Tweet. Isn’t this a strange modern world we live in?

      • Thanks for the info, Erica. I’m trying to dip my toes into the social media thing, but man, that water is chilly! DH is vehemently anti-facebook, unfortunately, we think a deeper connection with our customers is crucial for our business to succeed in the future-so, what to do? I’m thankful you are here, doling out advice. I’ve been spreading the word of nwedible all summer, and know of several new can’t-live-without-Erica’s out there. Your blog is the answer to the questions I don’t have answers for. Please keep it up!

  15. I liked farm curious on fb

  16. I tweeted! Thanks for the connection with Farm Curious- never knew they existed until now!

  17. Thanks for the intro to Farmcurious! Love that they’re just across the bay. I’ve “liked them”

  18. I need to get the FB, Twitter and Pinterest thing going once of these days but for now, I’m a CO I guess. Would love to have something like this and learn something new on our path to self sufficiency. And sometime, when I’m active on FB and those other places, I’ll give a big shout out to FarmCurious and NW Edible as always! Oh, love me some sauerkraut and have never actually had homemade. Maybe this will make me have a first, ha.

  19. Wow farmCurious has so many things for my holiday wish list! Buy two cheese making kits get one free! I liked them on facebook! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  20. I already like Farm Curious on facebook!

  21. Liked on Facebook :)

  22. Liked Farm Curious on Facebook! =D

  23. I tweeted the link to this great idea. Love it!

  24. hey I’ve already put together my own recap + airlock + half gallon mason jar – so I don’t need to be in the drawing but thanks — HOWEVER I do have a question for you recap fermenters —

    how do you keep the food that is being fermented reliably under the liquid. I purchased a different system a while ago & it came with a smaller lid you turn upside down and set inside the main jar lid – keeps the solids down, liquid comes around the side & into the top of the cap – fill up the airlock & everything works well.

    with the recap lid – do you just fill with liquid all the way up to the airlock & hope the ferment doesn’t float up & block the bottom of the airlock? am I missing something – or making a big deal out of nothing – I’m still pretty new to fermenting perhaps I’m over thinking this??

    thanks for putting this idea all together for us – was in the early queue to get the wide mouth lids from recap – it’s a great idea – appreciate you all!

  25. Pinned and FB-liked!

  26. Great give away:) Difficult to choose my favorite, but i think red beets.. because we eat them with raclette cheese and homegrown potatoes when winter is coming :) I’m a social media conscientious objector from belgium :)
    Salutations Christelle

  27. Patricia S says:

    Just “liked” FarmCurious. I made sauerkraut this year in an enamel stockpot, but the reCap jar idea looks interesting.

  28. Meredith Thomas says:

    I like any manner of fermented vegetables, but one of my favorites is cauliflower with lots of crushed red peppers! I’m a social media conscientious objector!

  29. Liked you on Facebook – Love that your page was recommended!

  30. jean pierre rousseau says:

    j aime farm curious sur facebook,j espere que vous livrez au québec.i like farm curious on facebook,i hope you deliver in quebec. you have just learned a whole sentence in french,have a verry good day erica,i enjoy reading your posts.

  31. Just liked the FarmCurious page on FaceBook! Can’t wait for the giveaway because I want to be up to my elbows in sauerkraut! :)

  32. I’m afraid I belong to nearly extinct third category; no print, no titter, no facial, hehe. I REFUSE to have FB account just as I REFUSE to own a car.

    My favorite fermented food is sauerkraut

    I do hope you ship overseas; I’ve never won anything; will that make me a favorite :)

    Win or no win, I still love your blog and will visit often.

  33. I liked Farm Curious on Facebook. Perhaps this is what I need to try fermenting again…didn’t do so well the last time I attempted sauerkraut.

  34. Liked Farmcurious on Facebook! :) Love fermented food!

  35. Just happily fulfilled my contest duties and liked Farm Curious on FB.

  36. Tweeted the giveaway!!!

  37. Liked Farm Curious on Facebook! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  38. I liked farmCurious on Facebook!

  39. I just liked FarmCurious on FB. Just started fermenting this fall–this is a great giveaway!

  40. I pinned! Can I have one of everything?

  41. I am a social media conscientious ojector, I apprieciate that you provide a means to enter still. My favorite fermented food (to eat or make) would have to be pickles. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Already a Farm Curious FB fan! :)

  43. loved, ‘Liked’ and Kraut all the way.

  44. I liked FarmCurious on FB! I think this is a great fermentation set up and I really want to try it out.

  45. Liked Farm Curious on Facebook after a great visit with Nicole at Eat Real Oakland!

    I’d love some reCaps for smaller batches and splitting batches (spicy and mild)!

    – A -

  46. I’m a social media objector :)
    Favorite fermentable is sourdough bread (and beer).

  47. Jenny Lisk says:

    I liked farm curious on FB – this looks awesome, would love to win it!!!

  48. I am a social media conscientious objector and I have liked FarmCurious Facebook page….what’s not to like about bread and butter pickles…

  49. Christina B. says:

    Liked on FB! Thanks!

  50. I’m a social media conscientious objector, too. My favorite fermented food is cabbage kimchi. Or dosa, injera, lemon pickle, black bean sauce, or kvass. Or a nice dark coffee stout – it’s so hard to pick just one!

  51. I liked farmcurious on FB. I’m just getting into fermentation, and would love to win this set-up! Thanks!

  52. I liked FarmCurious on FB :) I’m a huge fan of saurkrout, but I’m curious about kimchi..

  53. Liked on facebook! This would be awesome to win!!

  54. Liked FarmCurious!!

  55. Jessica Raav says:

    I like FarmCurious on FB and love this fermentation set-up!! So easy to use and small-batch friendly too!

  56. I am a social media conscientious objector :) and I love sauerkraut (usually spice it up various ways), pickled radishes, carrot sticks, so many different things! Thank you!

  57. Liked on FB!!

  58. Love your blog! I liked FarmCurious on Facebook and entered on Pinterest!

  59. I am a social media conscientious objector. What an awesome giveaway! I love getting your emails, and am learning so many new things. You make it seem doable. I really love kimchi and sauerkraut, but I can never turn down any picked veggie, lemon, onion or eggs. I have got to get some of these lids. I can see my culinary horizons expanding. How exciting!

  60. I would love to win this fermenting kit! Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  61. Liked on Facebook!

  62. I’m a social media conscientious objector but I LOVE following your blog! My favorite fermented food is saurkraut.

  63. Amazing – whoever made that is genius. Here’s a link to my pinterest board:

  64. I am a conscientious objector and a bit of a ludd. I’d rather spend the time making kimchi and not posting pretty pictures of it.

  65. I tweeted about this post!

  66. I’m a social media consciencious NONobjecter, and a prepper also.

    My Pinterest board (is it okay that I didn’t make a separate one? This stuff already has a loving home.)

  67. Please ignore the misstyped word above…sheesh!

  68. I liked FarmCurious on facebook.

    (And yes, I mistyped ‘misstyped’ earlier. *sigh*)

  69. I liked Farm Curious on facebook. This is one preserving project I haven’t tried yet.

  70. Carol-Ann says:

    I think the ReCap is cool! liked your blog on Facebook so maybe I will win one! Love all the liks I am finding on your blog also!! Thanks!

  71. Pinning three things was not hard at all :) These look great, and I am a regular fermenter and don’t have any reCAPs! It would be perfect!

  72. Jamie Myxter says:

    Liked on FaceBook.

    The cap plus bung plus airlock is a brilliant combination.
    Brand new to ferment cures, but on my 3rd batch of kraut this winter…learning more as I go, and may have to try pickles next year.

  73. billie gordon says:

    I liked farmCurious on facebook. Love fermenated foods – especially saurkraut.

  74. I like you guys on face book. Love to fermenated foods kimci is my favorite!

  75. Liked you on facebook.

  76. Lisa-Marie Haugmoen says:

    I tweeted about your contest and I love this blog!!

  77. Cynthia Atulya says:

    I just liked Farm Curious on Facebook…. fingers crossed!

  78. Liked you on FB! This would be the absolute perfect Christmas gift for my brother, a sustainable bio-dynamic farmer!

  79. Thank you for hosting! I liked “Farm Curious” on Facebook for my entry for the fermenting set.

  80. Love this idea!! I’ve got 2-quart jars sitting in plastic storage containers to catch drips right now… there is obviously a BETTER WAY! :)

    I just LIKED the FarmCurious page!!

  81. I am an avid reader of NW Edible, and shared the site with my boss who loved the site as well. I have liked Farm Curious on Facebook and can’t wait to see who gets to take home these cool lids!

  82. I am Pinter-social!
    I pinned the products here:

  83. I tweeted about this post!

  84. Brenda Nolen says:

    I liked FarmCurious on Facebook and I love that you are in Oakland! So close (Stockton, here).

  85. Desiree Gabel says:

    I ‘likes’ the farm curious facebook page.

  86. I liked farm curious on facebook!

  87. I grew up eating sauerkraut and when I went to Germany a few years ago I was thrilled to buy home fermented kraut at the market. I made it once in a large jar with Sandor’s recipe, but would love to try this device. And I LIKED your FB site.

  88. Amanda Searle says:

    I liked their facebook page. This is so timely because am reading The Art of Fermentation :)

  89. i like farmcurious on facebook!

  90. I am a Social Media Conscientious Objector! My favorite fermented food is beer.
    What? It can be food, if you make it right!

  91. Well, that’s a better track record than the white plastic I bought at the local Cenex. Looks like remay would be much more affordable and last longer. How does it work with baby tomato plants? I used the plastic for my tomato plants for most of the year, even through the summer. they loved it.

  92. Let’s see…I liked FramCurious on Facebook, created a pinterest board (

    I keep making small batches of sauerkraut and then getting scared to try it. Need to get over that, I guess. :)

  93. I very much like FarmCurious, both in reality and now on facebook, and am happy that they can do international shipping. The Canadian source I found for recap lids did not have wide mouth size, and is now out of stock on the regular ones too, so winning this fermenting kit would solve that problem as well as freeing me from having to rig an awkward and over-sized fermentation vessel using my dutch oven and a vegetable steamer insert.

  94. I “like”d on facebook and I would love a chance to win!

  95. Liked on FB. This would be a perfect solution for our small fermentation needs.

  96. I have been exploring the world of fermentation and love the idea of using the ReCap lids. I have liked FarmCurious on Facebook.

  97. So many things to covet. Where do I begin?

  98. Was just looking at these the other day. Good stuff. LIKED you on fb. cheers.