A Brief History of Monsanto and Seed Houses Who Got Screwed

Territorial Seed Catalog

The following is adapted from a note I published on Facebook in February 2012. Since I’m still getting questions about Territorial Seed and Monsanto, I’m publishing it here to make it more widely available. It’s seed catalog time! The dripping seed lust of gardeners at this time of year, flipping through pages filled with new [Continue Reading…]

Merry Mellow Christmas

Gingerbread House

Dear Friends, Merry Christmas! Twenty-twelve is drawing to a close. The clock struck midnight not too long ago, and Homebrew Husband and I donned our Santa hats and crept down the stairs to place a decidedly modest stack of presents under the tree. This has been the most mellow holiday season on record at our house. My [Continue Reading…]

Being The Gatekeeper

Heart Shaped Potato

Something evil happened last week. I don’t need to tell you what it is. You know. You’ve seen the reports, and read the headlines and wept for strangers and clutched your children to your breast because of it. This thing, this tragedy, maybe it’s entered your heart and your head. It’s entered mine. I have [Continue Reading…]

From Russia, With Vegetable Love

Part 1 Sometimes I go to the grocery store and get mad and start ranting about vegetables. Homebrew Husband thinks I’m silly when I do this, and pokes me if people start looking at me funny. The thing is, the cost of vegetables at the market is often far out of proportion to the difficulty [Continue Reading…]

Free Seeds! Free Seeds! Free Seeds!


Was that post title a little overboard? Sorry about that…I’m a sucker for free, organic, high-quality seeds, and (be honest) most of you, my wonderful readers, are too. Part Two of our awesome giveaway week is here, and it rocks. (If you missed Part One of giveaway week, there is still time to go enter [Continue Reading…]

Giveaway: Food Grown Right, In Your Backyard + Year Round Gardening Like The Pros


The season of giving is upon us! And friends, do I have some giving for you. This week I’m doing a couple of great giveaways just in time for you to show some holiday love to your favorite gardener. If you win and decide your favorite gardener is you and you’re keeping the loot, no [Continue Reading…]

The Taco Formula

Taco Formula (3)

The cuisine of Mexico is complex, diverse, by turns subtle and bold. And I am a total gringo with only a cursory, Rick Bayless cookbook-skimming understanding of Mexican cuisine. Which is my way of saying, I make no claim to authenticity here, but in my house, this taco formula works. My kids come back for more, my [Continue Reading…]

Infographic: How Hard Is It To Grow That Brassica?


Broccoli, kale, cauliflower, turnips, cabbage, mustard greens, oh my! I get asked, “so, how hard is that to grow?” a lot. I made this infographic to answer that question, as I see it, with regards to my favorite winter vegetable family, brassicas. This is based on my experience in a maritime climate that is generally [Continue Reading…]

And Then The Ugly Happened

Ugly Garden Early Winter 2012 (11)

You haven’t read much about gardening on this site for almost three months. That’s because I haven’t been doing any of it. My garden is really ugly right now. It is inadvisable to leave your garden completely unattended for almost three months because if you do then the Ugly happens. I have done almost nothing [Continue Reading…]