1. Hi Erica,

    I only recently discovered your site and I love it. I have two questions about this cake, if you ave time to answer.

    1. Is this maybe a Northern Italien recipe made originally with chestnut flour (Luckily readibly available and affordable here in Berlin.) I have seen Italian recipes for chocolate cakes that uses many eggs and the same technique with no baking powder and I was just curious.

    2. What would happen if I made this cake sugar-free, or with a syrup like agave or apple concentrate? Does one need the powdered sugar to give the cake stiffness?

    • This recipe is very much in the tradition of Italian nut flour cakes, and if you have easy access to chestnut flour you are lucky! Feel free to swap out – I love chestnut flour but it’s very expensive here.

      I can’t predict what would happen if you left out the sugar. I don’t think the cake would be particularly tasty. The added moisture from something like agave would change the texture of the yolk mix from “nougety” to more like soupy, I think, and might make the egg white portion deflate more easily when incorporated. Still, if cutting out the powdered sugar is important for you, it’d be worth playing around with. You will probably have to increase the amount of chestnut flour to compensate for the added liquid. Good luck!

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