Free Seminar: Year Round Vegetable Gardening – Sky Nursery

Hey local peeps! Two important (and related) announcements!

First, I am a featured farmer in the new book Backyard Roots by photographer/author Lori Eanes. My little backyard homestead is one of thirty-five West Coast gardens and backyards farms in the book, each well described and gorgeously photographed.

If you have plenty of “How To Grow It” type books but could really use some visual inspiration for growing your garden, this is the book for you. Truly, Lori did a great job.

Check out some of these pictures from Backyard Roots. There’s something for everyone: bees, chickens, goats and lots and lots of gardening.

The YWCA rooftop garden in downtown Vancouver.


This one is my kid! She’s in a book! Wowza!

Erica Strauss 's daughter Bella, 7, loves having chickens.

Me in the garden:Erica Strauss and her very productive Edmonds backyard in Washington.


Kitty Sharkey walks her Nigerian dwarf goats in her East Oakland neighborhood.

Free Year Round Gardening Seminar

Second thing – Lori and I are joining forces on Monday, June 17th at 5 PM at Sky Nursery in Shoreline, WA, just north of Seattle. She’ll be presenting slides from her book and talking about the many different ways people can be backyard farmers.

Then I’ll take the podium and talk about How To Grow Vegetables Year Round – this is the time of year when serious year round veggie gardeners are starting their fall and winter crops, and I’ll give you some specific steps for this area to help make sure you are still eating homegrown when everyone else is battling crowds at the supermarket.

Full Details:

Sky Nursery
18528 Aurora Avenue North
Shoreline, WA 98133

Monday, June 17th, 2013
5 – 6:30 PM

How Much:
Free! Did I mention? Backyard Roots will be available for sale for $21.95. Sky Nursery is fully stocked with all kinds of awesome gardening stuff, seeds and quality starts that tend to separate me from my money. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Sky3Are you coming? I’d love to see lots of readers there! Hope you can make it!


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  1. Love it! I must say, seeing your sturdy raised beds makes me want to rush to the lumber yard.

  2. Darn, I will have a house full of guests from a college graduation. Are you speaking any other time anywhere else this summer? What do you do to keep birds out of your garden area? That is my biggest problem this year… They seem to eat all the tender sprouts. I keep trying to replant, but am getting very discouraged.

  3. Hey Erica,
    thanks for posting!
    I look forward to seeing you soon!

  4. Rats. It’s on a Monday. The traffic from the south to north end will be a little bit like the end of the world, so I won’t be there. But congratulations on being in the book – your daughter is too cute!

  5. Richard says:

    Is be there as a great follow up to the MEN Fair talk, but I get off at 5 downtown so no dice. Drat. Enjoy! Thanks for putting this on.

  6. Hi Erica!
    This is a great event! Sad I wont be able to make it. Any way you could live stream it? Use Ustream, its free!!

    Hope it works out either way!

  7. Congratulations – I’ll be straight out to order that book. And what a lovely shot of your daughter. Well done!

  8. Iforonwy says:

    I just love the photo of the goats being taken for a walk! Can it be over 30 years since I used to take my one for a foraging walk? I lost track of the number of folk who would ask me what breed of dog she was!

  9. I am going to the signing and slideshow here in Portland at Naomi’s tomorrow night! Glad you are in the book Erica, thanks for sharing all that you do.

  10. Alfirineth says:

    Those are awesome pictures. I am going to have to check out that book. :)

    Sooo…since I am not going to make the four hour trek to Seattle area with a 3 month old, out of curiosity, what are the crops to start right now for winter?

  11. Lots of really cool pictures!

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