Ads, Affiliate Links & Financial Disclosure Stuff

The Federal Trade Commission, in an effort to protect consumers from unscrupulous advertising practices, requires bloggers to disclose monetary or goods-in-kind relationships they have with companies.

This is a good thing: way too many mommy bloggers were recommending amazing hair straightening products that didn’t really work because they got a free sample in the mail, and whole swaths of readers were taken in.

Oh, the humanity!

So, my darling FTC, here’s how the compensation scheme works around here:

Ways I Get Compensated For My Work On This Blog

Compensation The FTC Doesn’t Care About But I Really Do:

  • Your comments – it’s like paying your blogger in EgoBucks. We love that.
  • Your emails – can’t always return every one but value and appreciate you for reaching out. Thank you.
  • You sharing my posts all the hell over every social media site you participate in – this is like EgoBucks with Compound Interest. We love that more.
  • Meeting other bloggers. Sometimes even in person – actual offline friends happen through an online community! Modern miracle.

Compensation the FTC Really Cares About and Requires I Disclose To You:

  • Graphic Ads

In January 2014, I started cautiously accepting outside advertising on this site. I partner with companies I really, truly believe in.

As of this update, one company is sponsoring me – High Mowing Organic Seeds. High Mowing is the most ethical seed house I’ve ever had the pleasure of ordering from: 100% organic, GMO free and massively involved in community outreach. They are doing extremely important work in developing a wider variety of organically grown seeds for the serious gardener and small market grower community. And their seed grows – the care they take in ensuring very high germination rates shows and their seed grows out high-vigor, handsome seedlings. It is my great honor to work with, support and recommend High Mowing. Highly recommended seed house.

  • Affiliate Links

Some of the links out from this site are affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link to a company or product and then end up buying something, I get a small percentage of the sale for referring you. Your price is unchanged, and buying stuff you were going to get anyway through affiliate links is a great way to support this blog.

I am an affiliate, and an affiliate of an amazing ebook called Simple Blogging. Amazon is the big one, so I’ll tell you how that works. Affiliate links are tagged with a special code that lets Amazon know you heard about the product from me. If you go on to buy something (almost anything, not just stuff I recommend) from Amazon after clicking through an affiliate link from NW Edible, between 4% and 6% of the cost of whatever you buy will go to support this blog and my raging kale habit at no additional cost to you.

I link to things I genuinely like and use (unless I’m being ironic and linking to $2500 sunglasses). No one has any influence over the items I link to but me, and affiliate links do not impact the editorial content of this blog.

  • Garden Journal and Other Digital Products

Digital download of my original and comprehensive Garden Journal and Planner. I think this is a great tool to help gardeners become even better gardeners. Sales from the Garden Journal pay for hosting fees and flats of peaches and canning tomatoes and pickling cucumbers. Thank you!

  • Free Stuff

People send bloggers free stuff. It’s actually one of the greatest things about being a blogger. I get mostly books and magazine subscriptions. I am particularly partial to my free subscription to Grit Magazine. When I talk about something I got for free, I’ll tell you who sent it to me, and that I didn’t pay for it. Because that’s important, don’t you think?

Sometimes publishers or authors sponsor giveaways of their books here to get the word out about their product. I think these giveaways are great! Who wouldn’t want a chance to win free books? Sometimes, on my own dime, I self-sponsor giveaways, usually to commemorate big deal moments on the blog, like that time when I hit 1000 Facebook Fans. When a giveaway happens, it is always clear who is sponsoring it.

  • Inline Text Ads, Paid Backlinks and other Sneaky Shit

There are currently no text ads on this site. People want to pay me to sneak text link ads into my posts without you knowing they are ads, and they want to pay me to write crap fake blog posts that “just happen to talk about” the product they want me to sell to you. They also want to pay me to publish the fake crap blog post they wrote to promote their artificial turf company…or whatever. These requests happen all…the…time. Consider that your inside look at the underbelly of blog monetization in the real world. Gross, huh? I tell these people to go straight to spam hell, or don’t get back to them, which is basically the same thing.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time debating how to monetize and with whom to partner because I take my responsibility as your friendly local blogger very seriously. So if you have any questions about any of this, you can ask.  To the great chagrin of the sneaky text ad placement people, there’s nothing to hide here.