All Cooped Up! (Almost)

This weekend has been a total whirlwind. We’ve been building a coop for our new chickens and planting fruit trees like crazy. I had hoped that I’d have a nice, wrapped-up project to write about for Monday morning, but the truth is, as I write this post at Sunday at 10 pm, none of our projects are complete.

The coop is almost finished. The chicken run is almost done. The fruit trees are mostly in the ground. Ever bite off more than you can chew?

So here’s where everything does stand:

The chicken coop we were given my by sister and brother-in-law has gone from this:

To this:
To this:
It’s not done, but it has a nesting box, ventilation, a clean-out door and a roosting area. Small, but cozy and functional. Still need to attach the roof over the roost and nesting box areas and attach hardware, locks and roosting poles. We also need to trim it out and make it cute. The story of how we went from (A) to (B) to (C) is a blog post in itself.
We built a chicken run that will protect our girls from raccoons and the coyote my neighbor swears lives in the green belt behind us. Here Nick getting ready to assemble the 2x4s to build the run:
Assembled and ready for me to paint it:
Which I did:

Then I wrapped the whole thing, including the bottom, in heavy duty 1/2-inch hardware cloth. No raccoons will be bothering our chickens in here.

While Nick was hard at work building and modifying the coop, I planted 17 of the 20 fruit trees that arrived Friday afternoon (well, technically 19 arrived bareroot from Raintree on Friday, and one had been purchased potted-up earlier).

Here’s a clump of European Plums planted Backyard Orchard Style, 4 trees to one hole.

Nick is taking Monday off work and it is our sincere hope to wrap all these projects up and get our chickens moved into their new home as soon as possible.

I’d better get some sleep so I have a shot at wrapping it all up!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. says

    I love the simplicity of the chicken coop! I harvested the rest of winter veges to make room for spring veges. We have 3 growing seasons here in Texas. July and August are down months unless you grow under shade cloth, some do.

  2. says

    Love your coop colors. A little color makes everything fun again. We went to the local Eat Local and Organic expo that was hosted this weekend in KC. Then the rest of our plans were canceled due to snow. =)

  3. Sharon Miro says

    Can't wait to read about A,B & C. Our chicks won't be here until May and not ready for outside for 7 weeks, but we are starting on their housing now.

  4. Saskia says

    Very pretty little coop and run! We took advantage of the break in a 10-day run of rainy days to do some major weed extraction, compost pile tidying, ground clearing for the greenhouse that's supposed to arrive in boxes today, and to finally shovel 20 wheelbarrows full of dirt off the driveway (I won't say how long it's been there, but it's sure nice to see pavement there again.) Hurray for spring!

  5. says

    I built a chicken run (the hen house was built weeks ago), planted ten azaleas, built three chickadee birdhouses, planted a bed of wildflowers next to the chicken run, built two self-watering containers and cleaned my workshop. I'd rather do anything than paint.

  6. says

    Awesome work! What did I do this weekend? Not much due to a nasty cold drizzle all weekend.

    I did manage to have an anxiety attack over money because in two months I got from full to part-time. This anxiety did allow me to fully clean the other house we have on the market.

    The god-forsaken rain finally stopped this evening so I continued double digging the garden beds until it was well past dark.

    I can not wait to see how the fruit trees turn out!

  7. says

    Looking pretty great! I really can't wait to see how the fruit trees work out. They look gorgeous in their beds!
    This weekend we gathered up the supplies to enlarge/retrofit our current coop to make room for the 8 new chicks(have 4 currently). We got paint to freshen the whole thing up. Trying to figure out what is the easiest way to make a run large enough for 12 chickens!

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