All Natural DIY Facial Exfoliator with Coconut Oil and Baking Soda

The Facial

Years and years ago my husband treated me to a massage and spa facial for Mother’s Day. I had never had a facial before. I told the lady doing the facial, “I have really, really sensitive skin” and she said, “Good to know” and then proceeded to slather what I can only assume was battery acid on my face. (Later the Skin Sadist told me it was a “Vitamin C Ampule” which I think was code for “Orange Flavored Battery Acid”.)

Now I want you to picture the scene in Lord of the Rings where Sam puts the Elvish rope around Gollum, who begins to scream “It burns! It burns us!”

Pretty much that was what was going on inside my head during this “relaxing” facial. As a woman, I am of course well trained in the art of not offending people who are chemically burning my face off while I pay for the privilege, so out loud I said, “That’s really quite tingly. In fact it’s even burning a bit. Is it supposed to do that?”

And the Skin Sadist said, “Yes, that means it’s working, but I can wipe it off if you want.”

“Yes, I think that’s a good idea,” I said, panic just mixing with that ridiculous apologetic voice that women use when they are worried that they are inconveniencing someone by suggesting they do the obviously right thing.

So the Skin Sadist took a rough Kleenex and wiped most of the battery acid off my face. (She left it around my eyes, I guess figuring that the tears leaking down my cheeks at that point would rinse that area off eventually.) Then she put on some sort of “Calming balm” on my face – I’m positive it was Mentholatum in a $90 bottle. That overwhemed whatever facial skin nerve endings were still functioning and a painful, numbing cold took over. It was what I imagine frostbitten mountain climbers feel right before their toes turn black and all feeling goes away forever.

At the end of this tortuous 50 minute hour of spa service, the Skin Sadist asked me to buy the Battery Acid Ampule and the $90 Mentholatum.

I declined. I ran to the spa locker rooms and took a shower, truly shocked that my lips and nose did not literally sluff off down the drain of the shower as water ran over my face.

“How was the facial?” asked my sweet, earnest husband.

“Um, I don’t think I’d do it again.” I said.

My face was red for four days.

Fancy Face Goo

I wish I could say I learned my lesson from that facial, but the truth is that as I cruised into my late twenties I because convinced I needed The Goo That Would Turn Back Time. So I bought a lot of Fancy Face Goo. None of it did anything quite as bad as the Battery Acid Ampule, unless you count pointlessly parting me from hundreds of dollars over the years.

One day I had my Hope In A Bottle revelation and I just Stopped Buying Goo. I stopped all Undereye Serum Miracle Cream Rejuvenating Acid Peel Plumping Anti-Aging Toner Regimens.

The less Goo I used, the better my skin looked. Eventually I got rid of all Goo and all regimens. I don’t think faces should be on regimens.

Now, in my mid-30s, I think my skin looks pretty good. I get the occasional zit and I have those little crinkles around my eyes, but now that I’ve stopped doing most everything, it’s good enough for someone who spends most of her day chasing kids and chickens, that’s for sure.

These days I have only a few “products” that I use, and they are all very simple DIY type things. I’ve already written about my Lard Moisturizer, which I still think is the best for super dry, very sensitive skin.

But my current favorite product is a two-ingredient exfoliator using coconut oil and baking soda. It does an amazing but gentle job of removing dirt and rough skin from the face and lips (I stay away from my eyes and recommend you do to) and leaves skin super soft. And though my facial skin doesn’t do well with coconut oil as a straight moisturizer that you leave on, I’ve never had a problem with this exfoliator, because everything is gently rinsed off.

Facial Exfoliator Using Coconut Oil and Baking Soda



1/2 cup organic coconut oil, melted or very soft
1/4 cup baking soda

I use these:


Mix ingredients well, until thoroughly blended and creamy to frosting-like in appearance depending on how cold your coconut oil is. Coconut oil should be solidified.


Store at room temperature in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. I like these little 4 ounce mason jars for stuff like this. The exfoliator will keep for weeks at cool room temp.


To Use

Rinse face with warm water. Rub a tablespoon or so of the exfoliator between your hands to warm, then gently rub your face and lips with the exfoliator. Rinse skin well with warm water, and pat dry. I use this exfoliator several times a week, or as needed. I wouldn’t use it daily, but as I’ve established, I have pretty sensitive skin.

This exfoliator does a lovely job anywhere on the body, though it isn’t quite rough enough for my nasty gardener hands. You can even use it in lieu of toothpaste, if you want. It’s very versatile.

I’m not super knowledgable about medicinal herbs or essential oils, but I know this basic formula can be tweaked to include chamomile and lavender and calendula and other soothing, calming things. Perhaps some of the herbalists in the audience will comment about the best way to customize with herbs and essential oils if you want.

Be honest! Are you still buying a lot of Fancy Face Goo? Or are you more likely to DIY your personal care products?


  1. says

    I make homemade lavender and calendula oil by steeping the herb of choice in olive oil for a couple of weeks and then straining it out. It’s not as pungent or intense as the store bought essential oils, but then I also have really sensitive skin and these are better for me to use since I have to dilute the heck out of the others anyway. I could see a dozen drops or so of those mixing in really well with this but not largely changing the texture.

    You could probably mix in regular essential oils too, but I like mine better :p

    I’m going to make some of this today, thanks!

    • Patricia Erickson says

      Yes! Me to, I grow both of those on my farm and make enough to last the winter.. They are so good!!!

  2. says

    I use all natural ingredients now. I subscribe to the thinking that if I can’t pronounce the name of an ingredient, I don’t want to use it on my skin.

  3. says

    I use coconut oil and baking soda as toothpaste and love it. On my face, I rarely use more than just plain water. Most other things dry my skin or make it oily.

  4. rhapsody98 says

    When I was a teenager, this was a battle that my mother and I had at least weekly. She wanted me to be a girly girl, and I just am not. I can count the times on both hands that I’ve let someone put make up on me, and I’ve never had a facial. I don’t even really wash my face seperately from my time in the shower. I’ve been told I have great skin. Cool. Not a priority. But watched all the women around me dealing with skin problems, and it never once occured to them NOT to put all kinds of gunk on their face! Seriously, with some of the things that go in makeup, is anyone really suprised that it’s healthier not to wear it?

    • says

      YES! If you put a bunch of chemicals on your face that you cannot pronounce and are not tested, thoroughly, together, then how do you know you are not creating a chemistry lab on your face!?!

      I bought into the makeup stuff until I had my own girls. I do not want them thinking that their face needs a little of this and that for “enhancement.” They are perfect just the way they are!

    • lucy45617 says

      It’s true that you should’nt put make up on your face, or if you do never leave it over night and alway wash the make up away with DIY products that doesn’t irratae the skin, but please at least wash your face once a day beside the time you shower.

    • says

      YES! definitely try the Oil Cleansing Method! I was super skeptical at first, but now I’m hooked. My skin has never looked better. I DIY all of my skincare products now. If you’re curious, you can peruse my Etsy shop. But still give it a try, even if you don’t try mine. You’ll be so happy with how much healthier your skin looks and feels even after just one use.

  5. Linda McHenry says

    Planning to whip some of this up…….question though:
    I too purchased a the big Costco jug of Nutiva Coconut Oil. I’ve always been wary of oils going rancid…….do you know how long this oil keeps and do you have any recommendations for storage??


    • TAnk says

      unrefined coconut oil will keep at room temp for a minimum of three years; I’ve found at least one study that had a sample that lasted 7. But really, even with the Costco sized jug, if it lasts more than a few months you might not be using enough coconut oil.

      All of the coconut oil all of the time!

  6. says

    Oh boy did I need a laugh this morning – and the tears are still running down my face! From laughter, not a peel.
    Off to make some – did you know some make-up – the stuff that slides on oh sooooooo smoothly – has what is basically WD40 in it? My skin may be getting old but it’s not rusty yet! and I can still smile without lubrication (does wine count as lubrication?)

  7. says

    Oh ho ho, thank you for the great a.m. belly laugh! Why do we do these things to ourselves!? My husband isn’t as polite as yours, usually simply rolling his eyes and saying, “you’re crazy.” Just another dis-ease of the affluent I guess. I’ve lately been trying my luck with a natural source of glycolic acid (only slightly less irritating than battery acid.) Thank you for the post, your mixture sounds much nicer than my current masochistic regimen. I do think I shall try it : )

  8. Edie says

    My mom never used anything on her face except soap (Ivory) and I haven’t either. At 72, I have VERY FEW wrinkles. Kaiser Permanente Healthcare recommends just water,’unless your face is actually dirty’.
    Think of the money you save–we can spend it in our gardens!

  9. Patricia Erickson says

    I use coconut oil and organic sugar (fine coarse) on my body and face every two or three days in the bath. After you scrub down you let the nice coconut oil soak in with the warm water. You feel silky smooth everywhere! I never buy creams, after my bath I put straight coconut oil on my face and body.. It is so nice. And coconut oil and baking soda make a nice deoderant.

  10. DD says

    I love all the great skin care recipes using coconut oil…..but how on earth does anyone use these without turning their tub into a 4ft slip’n’slide!? Not to mention drain clogging issues with fats in the drain… Help me. What am I just not getting here?

    • Heather says

      Exactly what I’d like to know! I liked the sugar and oil based exfoliator I made, but it made the tub soooo slippery I didn’t make another batch.

      • Liz says

        I have not tried it but I would sprinkle baking soda on and then rinse with hot water followed by vinegar, but I would prob just do this at the sink with a wash cloth rather then make my tub slippery. I will use Dawn dishwashing liquid my one non homemade cleaning product

      • Melissa says

        Clean it! I use either Charlie’s all-purpose soap or vinegar and baking soda. I keep the cleaning stuff near the tub so I can spray it down after I take a bath with coconut oil. The vinegar and baking soda will also clean the drain.

  11. says

    The deeper I get into DIY beauty products, the more I feel ripped off by all the products I’ve wasted money on over the years. I use straight coconut oil to cleanse my face and I love it. I think I’ll mix up a batch of this exfoliator to use occasionally during the week, it sounds great! Baking soda is already in the bathroom line-up, I use it with a vinegar rinse instead of shampoo/conditioner. I still go in for some expensive “beautifying balm” for my hair after washing it so it doesn’t look poofy or dry. I’ve tried varying amounts and types of straight oils and come out looking crazy greasy. Anyone have a DIY alternative for after washing?

    • Heather says

      I’ve found that bar type alternative shampoos don’t dry out my hair, so I don’t need any conditioning agent after washing. Bar shampoos aren’t cheap but they last a long time; maybe alternating washing with baking soda and washing with one of these would be effective. I find that baking soda is too strong for regular use, myself.

    • TAnk says

      apple cider vinegar as a post washing rinse (or, gasp! on no wash days) is a great conditioner. dilution rate of about 1 tablespoon acv to 1 cup vinegar.

      • Dottie says

        Can you verify the recipe for a post washing rinse? Perhaps it should say 1 Tablespoon ACV to 1 Cup filtered water??

  12. says

    So simple! This is almost the same thing as my homemade deodorant–that just has cornstarch too. I use only the very minimum of fancy face goo–moisturizer with sunscreen every morning–and I definitely think I’m better off for it. Both physically and financially!

  13. says

    I’ve also just started using the coconut oil/baking soda/cornstarch m,ix as a deodorant and it works great. I’ll try it on my face and see how that goes too.
    Those face products with vitamin C are a nightmare for sensitive skins. I remember years ago when my regular moisturizer brand added vitamin C to the recipe. I came up in the worst rash ever. And then my first ever facial (a gift) years later obviously had vitamin C in as that dried my skin out for months. I gingerly went back for another go a year later (another gift) and asked for a different product and to give them their due it was a whole lot better and my skin felt good after. But home-made coconut oil skin products are a much better investment and I’d never spend my own money on a facial!

  14. says

    Ha! I love this post. At the moment I have all these bottles of fancy pantsy lotions that I received as gifts to finish first (soon I hope). My secret face scrub (and dry shampoo): baking soda and cocoa powder. In the bath, I add water to make a paste – then I smell like dessert AND have super soft skin!

  15. Emmanuelle says

    Hi Nicole, thank you for this hilarious post!

    I use raw organic honey as a gentle everyday cleanser and it works, but I was curious to try your recipe – except my skin is both sensitive (reacting to salt to the point that my own tears give me instant rashes if I don’t wash them right away with water) and mostly oily.

    Happily forgetting both of these facts, I found myself trying to rinse the cleanser for about 10 mn with warm then hot water, without being able to take away either the burning feeling or the oily film! In the end the honey worked, fortunately :o)

    So I tried again the next day, with 1/4 of your cleanse recipe to which I added approximately: 1/4 raw organic honey and 2/4 chickpea flour – which is smoothly but very absorbent. Since the mixture was very thick, I also added, progressively, several tablespoons of organic cornflower water (I spray this on my eyelids several times a day to soothe computer itch, which is to say that it is very gentle). And it’s great!

  16. Erin M says

    I use plain old Organic Argan oil. It is expensive to buy initially, but I figure I use about 5.00 per month on skin care. You use VERY little of this and gently towel off the excess.

  17. says

    I’ve been buying cheaper and cheaper skin care products but have noticed that even though I looked really good through my forties, I have some inherited bad genes and my skin texture and appearance is taking a serious nose dive now that I’m solidly in my fifties (and I do mean solidly). I’ve also just started buying coconut oil, and recognized both packages you have of the coconut oil and baking soda as coming from Costco because I have the very same packages, which is a really long and round about way of saying I’m going to try this one.

  18. says

    I bought a special crème to “brighten” my eyes and on the 5th day I awoke to see blood running down my face! My eyelids actually cracked open and bled! I have since discovered the amazing qualities of coconut oil and use it almost exclusively now on my “mature” skin. I love the feel, smell and softness the
    coconut oil provides.

  19. sarah says

    Thank you for the tip! Have been trying it and my skin feels amazing! So good to know the exact ingredients!

  20. Passerby says

    Typo: (I stay away from my eyes and recommend you do to)
    ‘too’, not ‘to’

    Out of curiousity, have you tried oil washing (for the face)? I quite love it.

  21. ms says

    Great for exfoliating rough feet, elbows, knees, etc.: course sea salt mixed to a paste with olive oil and a small bit of lemon juice. Scrub on for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly.

  22. Ardie says

    This is awesome! I’ve read a lot about the wonders of baking soda and coconut oil, and I’m thinking of using it as a replacement to my body soap. But I’ve read that baking soda may dry the skin if used often (like daily), but with the coconut oil as moisturizer…do you think that would be good enough to avoid drying out my skin with baking soda? Thanks!

    • Ardie says

      I forgot to mention I have a dry skin, and my lower legs are starting to have a scaly texture. Do you think this would be good for my skin?

  23. Gail says

    If you are interested in coconut oil, a great website is (please note that you need to spell center the American way. If you enter centre, like I did, you don’t get to the site) It you have a look at info on oil pulling. I do this every morning and the other day when I went to the dentist, I said it is over a year since I’ve had a dental check and clean. He had a look, said my gums look great and my teeth look so clean that he doesn’t need to do a clean. I’ve been oil pulling for over a year now and was happy with this feedback. Look in your local library for books by Bruce Fife (ND) I found them imformative. also suggest I live in NZ and it is winter now. After showering I rub coconut oil on my feet, before putting on socks. I have been rubing coconut oil on my arms and the skin has become a lot softer. Eating coconut oil has many health benefits, including reducing appetite and it kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. I have tried many brands, and I like Nutiva brand. It is organic, cold pressed and has a mild taste and smell. I buy it from If you enter the code MOD573 you will receive US$10, if you spend over US$40, and small orders receive US$5 off your first purchase. iHerb have a reward system and I give the rewards I receive to an orphanage in Manilla. A couple of years ago, I met a New Zealand nun that works there and I decided to support the work she does. When you start eating coconut oil, please INCREASE THE AMOUNT SLOWLY. The coconut oil kills off things in your body (eg bacteris etc) You can get a rash, loose bowels or vomit. I did get a rash, but it was only slightly itchy after showering and it took months before the rash went. I found this site when I want to make a homemade exfoliator and appreciate finding something simple to make. I’m looking forward to trying it. Coconut oil is not processed by the liver and is immediately available as energy. Dr Oz recommends to start your day with eating some coconut oil. I look forward to reading more amazing recipes. PS if you put coconut oil in your snoothies, it is better to heat the oil to avoid having lumps. Blessings to everyone. thanks to whoever set up this site

    • Gail says

      Today while placing an order on I came across macadamia oil. Here is the link I have posted this as a number of the reviews comment that they use it for their hair. From memory all comments were positive except one.
      I also buy a product for washing our clothes. It comes in a tin, which I love and the scoop is very small, yet I am happy with the quality of the washing. Today I am buying a tin for my neighbour
      I just had a look on the oil bottles that I have purchased in New Zealand, from, and I see that macadamia oil is suggested for the face at night and Rosehip oil suggested to use as a day oil. I expect that it would not be cost effective to purchase products from NZ, but might be worth looking at the site to get some ideas.
      a personal comment- some years ago I was given information from an american man that works with people that are at hospice stage with cancer. He recommended to put castor oil (make sure it is hexan free) on your organs. apparently it transdermally goes in through the skin and gentle stimulates your organs to work. I put it from my neck down to my navel most evenings and wear an old tee shirt. I have asked my acupuncturist, who is also a qualified GP and heart surgeon. I didn’t used to put the oil around the nipple area, as I was concerned there are ducts whether it was a good idea. His response was to put it over the whole breast. When I remember I also put it under my arms, in the hope that it aids lymphatics. For those of you that have health issues, I’ve come to believe there are always things out there that help. About 16 years ago I was diagnosed, from an MRI scan, as having 3 major areas of damage to my brain and I was in a wheel chair for just under a year. I’ve come to understand it is not the challenges that come, but the strength of our immune system. My GP, at the time, explained it was like a war – if the virus is stronger it knocks you over, if your immune system is stronger you feel wrotten for a few weeks and bounce back again. I was a workaholic, a perfectionist and also spent 9 years studying part time. Amazing looking back and seeing that I treated myself as a machine, with little time out for my system to have true rest, or time to day dream. I few years ago I discovered hay house radio, which is free. I have learned such a lot from listening and sometimes by the books to learn more. I am now at peace with where I am at and have let go of trying to live as wonder woman. Looking back, i was tired and wired. Why would I want to return to that. It is a long time since I’ve shared my story and trust that someone reading this may feel inspired to keep looking. It took some years, before I came to a place where I would follow what felt right for me, rather than use my thinking capacity. Sensing allows the inner part of us to be part of the decisions we make. Today is our third fine day in a row. what a blessing in the midst of winter. reading the posts on here encourages me to take better care of my skin and appearance. My thanks PS) when I told my neighbour that I was going to make the exfoliator, she mentioned organic baking powder, which I had not even thought of, so I have had a look. Hadn’t realsed that baking soda can have aluminium in it, Here is the link for an aluminium free baking soda.

  24. Jessica B. says

    Can this Exfoliator be kept in the fridge??? It is too hot in my apartment for me to keep this out in the open!

  25. says

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  26. Lyndsey says

    I too have wasted hundreds of dollars on products that promise “clear, beautiful, perfectly toned skin.” No matter how much money or time I spent with these products, my skin never looked clear, beautiful, or toned. I can actually think of numerous times my face got WORSE; much worse, and I’d be told, it gets worse before it gets better, and I BELIEVED THAT! Thank goodness that one day I just said NO MORE! No more wasting money on things that just make my face (and wallet) feel worse. I found some articles online about DIY products and decided to give them a try. Now I make a Coconut Oil sugar scrub with Cocoa Powder that I use on my body and face, and it is heavenly! Not only does it smell amazing but it really makes my skin radiant. I could not believe how quickly my skin started clearing up as soon as I stopped using store bought products and started using what I made at home. My acne showed up less and less until it really just STOPPED showing up all together. The redness in my face is very minimal now and I don’t get dry patches like I use too. I love DIY yourself face scrubs, and most importantly I love coconut oil! Thank you for this wonderful article! I look forward to trying this facial scrub! While you have baking soda on hand you can also put a little on your toothbrush once a week and brush with it, it’s the best teeth whitener out there :)

  27. says

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  28. Amber says

    I’ve never laughed so hard. I always thought Napalm was the active ingredient in Pro Active. But my mom said it was expensive so it must work. So I used it. Now I’m a 31 year old with wicked acne. I also had better results with just using water and nothing else on my face.
    I used this last night. It was amazing. My skin feels and looks so great today! Thank you for posting.
    Can I link to (er, from?) my blog?

  29. Jen says

    Wow..after reading so much of skin clearing up…I think it’s time I try to throw mine away…
    I only have one problem… anyone has recipe for natural sunscreen and something for the eyebags and fine lines?

  30. Heidi says

    Hey there. I just made some of this and am looking forward to using it. I did add a bit of vanilla extract to it just for a nice scent. I was wondering though, is there away to infuse mint into this mixture some how? What i am looking for is that nice cool feel that mint can give you but on my skin? Any one have any ideas on the best way to get this effect?

  31. Marquex says

    I just happened on your site looking for info on making jam, and I must say I absolutely LOVE your site. Some things I already do, other things in plan to try- but tons of great things going on!! Thanks for sharing!!

  32. says

    I must admit I find it difficult not to cling to the idea of one day truly finding hope in a jar…but until then, I’m a huge coconut oil fan so I’ll whip some of this up! I bet baking soda makes such a nice fine grain exfoliant.

  33. says

    I’m using baking soda and VCO to make my own handmade deodorant, but I’ve heard that the mix is also good for acne and for skin care, so I found your blog.
    My face has always been very clean, no zits, not even in my teens. I’m in my 40s now and I still don’t use anything on my face except soap. One day I was shopping and at one of the cosmetic isles there was a girl selling (and giving to try) some ‘facial goo’ as you so aptly put it. She stopped me and wanted to sell me some goo to have clean skin. She said, ‘your skin is so soft and nice, how old are you’? I told her my age and after woohing and waahing about how good my skin looks, she wanted to sell me some goo to help my skin.
    I told her – but didn’t you say how nice my skin is’?
    To which she said ‘Yes but you’re in your 40s and you’ll see how soon your skin will age without this cream’

    I looked at her, shook my head and left. I mean the irony…have you seen some girls at 40 without their good and make-up on their face? They look like 50+, I kid you not. Why would I want to submit my skin to something like that?

  34. Joy Bolten says

    I also had the same bad experience with a sadist and vitamin C facial. I went to a ‘nationwide’ massage/facial chain to get a facial done because I received a gift card. I told the ‘sadist’ that since it has been really dry winter and I have had really bad dry, sensitive skin, I needed a moisturizing facial and she was like “I have the perfect thing! Vitamin C and something with caffeine to plump up my eyes”. I thought to myself, yeah I don’t have baggy eyes, but whatever, I will give it a go. Worst mistake of my life. The caffeine stuff got in my eyes (because she obviously knew what she was doing when she got it so close to my eye that it decided to trickle in). I think it burned forever and my eyes were watering so she proceeded to wipe it off but what I wanted to do was use one of those eye washes that you see in a chemistry lab. So back to the vitamin C. It felt like battery acid. I asked if that was normal because I wanted something to moisturize and she assured me that it will help absorb moisture. BS line of the year. My face was dry and stiff and red for the next week and couldn’t smile because I was afraid that something would crack. I could barely go outside in the cold winter air. So I am looking forward to trying this baking soda/oil mixture. I have really bad tzone oiliness (normally) but right now my face is super dry again (probably because it is fall and there is little humidity here in Indiana). :)

  35. Scarla says

    I just love this! I’ve spend hundreds of dollars on wonderful facial/skincare products yet you know what? If we use something all natural out of our own kitchens we know what’s being placed onto our bodies and also….saving animals from cosmetic company testing!! This of of huge importance to me! Thank you~

  36. Liz says

    Hi Nicole!
    I enjoyed your post. I have been using natural diy products for almost 2 years now and they have done wonders on my skin, hair, body, and wallet haha!
    Anyways, recently I moved to the desert and it has done a number on my routine and body. My skin is not liking the harsh, dry cold winter. Coconut oil seems to work great on my skin but not my face and in response to your comment- how you don’t use coconut oil on your face but it works fine in the exfoliant- I was wondering if you could share what you use to stay moisturized, on your face and elsewhere. Thanks!

  37. Desi says

    Hey there! How is your skin supposed to feel afterwards? I just tried it and I got worried because my skin just simply felt oily, which meant I got worried about clogged pores, which then meant I got worried about acne. I know I got the proportion right, and I really want this to work, but the oily feeling just kind of freaked me out. :( Thanks for the recipe! I hope it works out!

  38. Valinda McQueen says

    Regarding hair, if you ever use Miracle II organic moisturizing soap, you will never use anything else. I discovered this during managing healthfood stores, even tho it is from an independent company. Read testimonials what this has done for people around the globe…..for skin, hair, gums, pets, etc. I don’t sell it. I just won’t use anything else.

  39. Swapna says

    Being a South Indian, coconut oil is part of out daily diet. V use coconut oil for cooking. Growing up my mom used to massage warm coconut oil on my head everyday. Once a week a warm coconut oil msg all over the body was a must. Which btw was cleaned off with a chickpea & water paste. Not soap. Never had a pimple in my entire life. My mom is 60 & she has the most amazing skin I’ve ever seen. Except the dark circles, but that’s mostly from the stress of raising 2 v naughty girls. Lol
    Today I’m the mom of 2 kids & follow the tradition. Never tried coconut oil with baking soda thou. So I read ur blog & thot y not. & I looooove it. I used the scrub @ nit, washed it off & pat dry. Didn’t use any soap. AMAZING! Thank u so v much.

  40. jacy says

    I am allergic to PABA and found that out during a facial. People need to be careful, Vitamin C is an acid, just like Vitamin A (which is what Retinol/Retin-A is) is as well. Just because it’s a vitamin and ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it’s not something you should be careful with an plaster all over your face willy nilly. Unfortunately most of the people doing these facials wear lab coats and give the false impression they’re medical professionals who know what they’re doing when all they are is salespeople who may or may not even know what Retinol is.

  41. Leigh Anne says

    I’ve been using this combo on my face for a year now and I’ll never buy face soap again. Ever. I used to get awful breakouts and this is like a miracle in a plastic Tupperware container.

  42. Chrissy says

    Since my daughter was born earlier this year I have been on a quest to cut back on spending so I can stay home with her. This lead me to find out what I can make myself and still get things done. I make my own hair wash out of baking soda and apple cider vinegar, my own toothpaste (though I think coconut oil and baking soda may replace that), my own floor cleaner etc.

    I just bought coconut oil to make a sugar scrub with. So since I was doing that I wanted to know what else I could make with it. This facial cleanser is great! I just whipped some up and man I love how my face smells! LoL I just had my kids sniff my face and they love it too! Thanks for this! I am sure my significant other will enjoy how wonderful I smell when he gets home!

  43. Myra says

    I have been looking for a facial scrub for a very long time. I used to use the apricot stuff back in the day, but it is too harsh. I absolutely LOVE the Shielo Complexion Scrub! I am now a loyal fan. I have oily but relatively sensitive skin and this is just the right amount of exfoliation without drying or irritating my skin. My skin just feels really smooth and clean afterwards.

  44. Leera says

    My skin is a combination of sensitive and dry. I find that most products typically make the dryness worse, which leads to me scrubbing my face, which leads to unappealing redness, and (you guessed it) more dry, flaky skin. I’ve tried Bare Minerals before and really liked the results. The problem being, they’re expensive. I love baking soda and coconut oil for my hair, but I’m afraid it won’t be enough for my face. I’ve heard it can be a great moisturizer, but will it also calm my redness? Is there something extra that anyone has found effective that I could add to the mixture that will calm my skin? :-/


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