An 18 Month Old’s Ode To Broccoli

On Things That Make You Feel Big

Broccoli, my broccoli:

Nothing brings me more joy

I love you more than all my toys.

With you I can pretend to be

A big ol’ giant, eating trees.

On Showing Your True Feelings

Broccoli, my broccoli:

When I know I get to eat you

- and what a treat it is to -

My grin exceeds all known bounds.

My happy squeal dwarfs all sounds.

On Protecting An Asset

Broccoli, my broccoli:

I know your worth, and keep a look,

For any broccoli-stealing crook.

You cannot take too much care,

There might be vegan toddlers near.

A huge amount of broccoli was harmed in the making of this blog post.


  1. says

    Your kid is a veggie rock star.

    This post puts a smile on my face.

    Sarah C, I hear you! We spent 2 years growing some veggies in a friend’s garden, and it did not convince my son to like vegetables. He is stubborn, and after about 8 months of persistence, we are finally at a point where he will oscillate between eating one type of veggie every few days to finally trying something new and liking it (yes, your kid’s skin will start to look orange from eating carrots). Thankfully, Broccoli is one of his favorites…

    Our daughter is the opposite, and will try anything. She’s the one who requests Kale for a snack:)

  2. says

    Very cute! I love this side effect of gardening with kids. Last year Charlie learned how to harvest cherry tomatoes himself at will, which made for interesting diapers and very few cherry tomatoes for the rest of us.

  3. Deon says

    Molly at first only liked broccoli if I mixed it with strawberries, sounds odd but isn’t bad. As soon as I started calling it trees it has been her second favorite vegetable. I love hearing “More trees please.”

  4. says

    My 18mth old ate broccoli too…then somehow she turned a couple of more years over and shunned it so completely it was a personal devastation (so over-used this word don’t you think) to me. Now she is 22 and slowly coming back to the fold.

  5. says

    What a cute child! It’s so lovely to watch a child eating green vegetable that way. I out smile of my face once I saw the pictures :)

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