Autumn Decor, On Accident

Several weeks ago, I took the kids to the pumpkin farm, where I loaded up on edible squash to supplement to lackluster harvest I managed to home-grow this year.

A bit after that, I asked my rural-living sister to pick me up a few bales of straw at non-urban prices when she came into town.

The squash was still piled up under the covered porch by my front door, and after my sister came by, the straw ended up there as well.

My daughter looked at the straw, and looked at the squash, and without really intending it, an Autumnal Harvest Farm Scene was born.

The ornamental kale in pots at the front of the house adds to the fall feeling, I think. Up until this year I hated ornamental kale. Then, something just changed and now I love it.

Some years I have gone out of my way to decorate for fall or for Halloween. This year I’ve done nothing but utilize my front porch as a storage area because I’m behind on moving all the functional stuff to where it really goes.
But I guess functional can be beautiful, and laziness has paid off quite well for the home decor this year. If only I grew corn…I really think some drying cornstalks would complete the look.
Do you decorate for the seasons or for holidays with functional homestead stuff?
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  1. Your unintentional display is gorgeous. You and your daughter are very talented.

  2. I had intended to have a pretty autumn display of kale and mums in pots, but the summer annuals just kept going strong The carved pumpkins will have to do. Luv your unintentional display!

  3. Very charming! I have a big blue pot full of orange cue ball squash that got too big. They look like pumpkins.

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