Biweekly Menu Planning Form (Free Downloadable)

This year, with my son in preschool, mornings are spent shooing two kids along and getting everyone out the door on time. The AM has to be far more regimented, and fast breakfasts and easy, (often make-ahead) lunches are essential. We are also doing a lot more freezer-meal cooking to streamline dinner these days and my old menu planners just didn’t feel optimized any more.

So, I’ve created a new, Biweekly Menu Planner and I wanted to share it. Never be afraid to change your organizational tools to suit what works for your life as it is now. The whole point with organizational stuff is, it’s supposed to make your life simpler, not be a straight-jacket.

This menu planner has space for lunches and breakfast options in list form, with more detail spaces for dinner. This format seems to suit my life with two-kids-in-school at the moment.

Biweekly Menu Planner

Here’s an example of how I use this planner:

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.32.01 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.33.07 PM

I wasn’t sure if people would want the “starch/veg” designation or the more versatile “side/side” option down the side, so I made versions with both. When you download in PDF, just print out the page that works for your menu planning style.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 7.00.37 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 7.00.48 PM


You can download this free Biweekly Menu Planner in PDF on the Downloadables Page. I hope you find it helpful!


  1. Sara B says

    It’s been a while since I did solid menu planning (maybe five years ago when gestational diabetes made me really think about what and when I ate?) and almost as long since I did half hearted planning. These days I can’t even seem to dig something out of the freezer in time. I may be inpired to start planning again.

  2. Lindsay says

    I would love to have your egg cup recipe – none of the ones I’ve tried have worked well, certainly not well enough to freeze.

  3. Lisa C. says

    Thank you for sharing your planning menu. We are moving in 1 week to the farm and I hope to become more organized with our food planning. I love that you are willing to share your designs as well as all your ideas and recipes. I’ve learned and become inspired from reading your blog.

  4. says

    This was a great post… love your FB posts and now your blog too!
    If you don’t mind, I’d like to share this link in an upcoming blog post of mine. I am doing an all new organizational series on my blog and menu planning happens to be one of them. This is great info, and I’d love to share it.

  5. Rachel says

    This would be perfect to laminate! We’ve been doing one week of menus at a time on a dry erase board but we’re always running out of space and can’t remember what days we had our meals on the week before. This looks so much more organized. Just what I needed, thank you!

  6. says

    awesome. i just started menu panning for the first time ever. only because i’m so fucking bored with cooking dinner. 4:00 comes, i run through the options in my mind and just want to vomit instead.
    did you change your email? do you not like me anymore? or are you just too famous now to chat with us commoners?

  7. says

    I’m really big on bi-weekly meal planning. I grocery shop every other week so it’s nice to find a meal planning printable that plans around that. I love that you incorporated sides and veggies too! Thanks for sharing this.

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