The Best Books For Every Gardener


As a gardener and big ol’ book-lovin’ nerd, I get asked for book recommendations all the time. Here’re all my favorite and most recommended edible gardening books all in one spot. I own, read, love and consistently refer back to all these books.

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Top 5 Books for Beginning Gardeners

The Vegetable Gardeners BibleOrganic Gardening The Complete Compost Gardening GuideThe Kitchen GardenEdible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist

Just starting out and need a some solid guidance on the basics? These books won’t steer you wrong. They include lots of pictures to explain key concepts and they won’t overwhelm you.

Top 5 Books for Pacific Northwest Gardeners


My home bio-region of the Pacific Northwest is a little quirky. Our winters are as warm as Georgia and our summers are cooler than any other spot in the U.S. save Alaska. This mild climate gives us some unique advantages and some distinct disadvantages. If you’re growing in Cascadia you’ll want these on your bookshelf:

 Top 5 Books for Year-Round Gardeners


Winter, schminter! If nothing, including snow, sleet and hail, can keep you from your beloved garden and the joys of home grown produce, these books are for you:

Top 5 Books for Gardener-Preppers


You know who you are. You like gardening just fine, but in the back of your head it’s not just a nice productive hobby, it’s a form of insurance against tough times. These books are for you. Get ‘em in hard copy, in case the grid fails.

Top 5 Books for Permaculture Gardeners


Permaculture is the best way I know to be a lazy gardener and still get great results. The trick is in how you put the pieces of your garden together. These books show how different permaculturalists have designed their diverse edible landscapes to be naturally sustaining.