Dawn In The Garden: Mid-August In Pictures

Mid-August and everything is growing well but my little squirrel heart tells me fall is in the air and just around the corner. I’ve got ripe tomatoes and lots of beans and cukes and zucchini. The fall stuff is mostly in and growing well and the late summer flowers are adding some pretty to the place. 
But, as usual, the race is on to harvest and preserve and ripen as much as possible before, too quickly, shorter days and colder temps bring the garden back around to its fundamentals: chard, kale, lettuce, greens, hearty root crops. All but one of these pictures were taken today at around 6:30 in the early morning harvesting light.
Front Garden

Main Garden



Around and About

Around the Coop

Rooftop Tomato Garden:

How does your garden grow? Do you feel the approach of fall?


  1. lisa says

    BeeYOOtiful photos.

    Yesterday morning I had an atavistic impulse that I was late for the school bus stop. There's a slant of the sunrise, a particular gold to the quality of light, the air is cool and dampish, it triggers old worries that I've neglected to do my math homeork. As sure a sign of impending autumn as the calendar date.

    My garden isn't pitiful, but it isn't a poem of fecundity, either. What I was able to coax through the long,cold spring and salvage from the hideously clever slugs are cool-season crops- kales, potatoes, carrots, snap peas. And my 'wild' strawberries decided it was time to bloom. So, I got that going for me. Starts on lavender seem satisfied. Hopefully they'll overwinter and be satisfied next year, because I've got plans for them. A creeping thyme experiment was wildly successful. And some herby thing turned out to be poppies. (Must be more diligent about tagging seed starts next year.)

  2. says

    Your garden is amazing! I am very envious! This is my first year growing in England and I (possibly stupidly) thought things would grow better than back in Dublin. I was wrong. However summer (or the lack thereof) had a lot to do with that. Out of 20+ tomato plants I have maybe 10 tomatoes, out of 5 courgette plants I got a grand total of 3 courgettes, pattypans were much the same (powdery mildew and blossom end rot took the rest). Beans have done well but finished early (all done now already) and most greens did okay, if a bit leggy. Kolhrabi and beet have failed to fill out. Next year it is plastic frames and cloches the whole way…

  3. says

    Beautiful! I have considerable garden jealousy. Do your tomatoes have a self-watering bucket feature on the roof? I tried self-watering this year with mixed success for tomatoes. Their friends in the earth did much better… But my cucumbers are the size of thumbtacks right now, my onions the size of golf balls. Alas, fall is also in the air. I need MORE SUMMER.

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