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Tomato Canning Quick Reference Guide

One page print out with processing times, acidulation guidelines and altitude adjustments at-a-glance for basic canned tomato products. Read the post about this Tomato Canning Quick Reference Guide here.

Tomato Canning Quick Reference Quide

Download in: PDF


Biweekly Menu Planning Sheet

Sheet to help plan menus two weeks at a time. Read the post about this menu planning sheet here.

Download in: PDF

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 7.10.52 PM

Homemade DIY Waffle Mix Gift Tags

The only thing better than homemade waffles is a homemade waffle mix that makes the process even easier. These tags go with the Whole Wheat Yogurt Waffles described in this post.

Download in: PDF

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Succession Planting and Year Round Gardening Planning Spreadsheet 

Spreadsheet demonstrating the four major planting windows, and how to maximize your garden space and time with succession planting and year round gardening. View the post on succession planning where this spreadsheet first appeared here.

Download in: Excel  |  PDF

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Garden Succession Planting


How Hard Is That To Grow? Brassica Edition (Infographic) 

Infographic chart ranking the relative difficulty in growing various members of the brassica family, including cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. along with tips on how to be successful with each. View post where this infographic first appeared here.

Download in: PDF

What I Really Want From My Purchases Chart - This chart helps you work through the steps necessary to determine why you want to purchase desired items. If you are just getting started in values-based spending it can help you identify what spending would really move you towards your long term goals and what spending is more reactionary. Read about how to use this chart here.

Download in: PDF

Signature Jam Flavor Maker Chart – This chart details Dry Zings (herbs, spices, etc.) and Wet Zings (alcohols, vinegars, etc.) that pair well with different fruits used for high-acid preserves. Using the info on this chart and the Pectin-Free Jam Making method (post on this to follow) can help inspire new and creative Signature Jams. Read the post where this downloadable first appeared here.

Download in: PDF

Canning Planning Sheets – Organize your canning plan for the year by category so you aren’t overwhelmed by jam but low on pickles down the road! These sheets have categories for pickles and sour things, all things tomato, salsas and savory sides and jams and sweet bites. Feedback welcome for future variants in the comments section of the original post. Read the original post where this downloadable first appeared here.

Download in: PDF

Pressure Canning Planning Sheets – By Popular Demand! – This downloadable includes both the water bath canner-oriented sheet described above and a pressure-canner planning sheet for those low-acid and mixed foods you put by.

Download in: PDF.

Larder Assessment Sheets – late spring is a good time to walk through your home food storage stash and see what you are low on and what you didn’t eat at all. This helps you plan for the preserving season to come. These simple sheets help you do that. Read the original post where this downloadable first appeared here.

Download in: PDF

Do It Yourself or Hire A Pro Flowchart – a fun way to sort through the confusion surrounding what projects we should take on and which are best left to the professionals. There’s enough pixels in this graphic for printing, should you need to tape this flowchart to the fridge. Read the original post where this downloadable first appeared here.

Download in: PDF

Year Round Planting Guide – This database will help you get the most out of your year-round garden. Includes varietal suggestions for vegetables that are grown in multiple seasons (e.g., cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower) as well as suggested starting, sowing, transplant and harvest dates for the Maritime Northwest. Customize based on what you grow and your bioregion and microclimate. Read the original post where this downloadable first appeared here.

Download in: Excel | Numbers (Mac OS)

Seed Inventory Organizer Database – This spreadsheet will help you keep track of your ever-growing collection of seeds. Keep this database up to date and you’ll have the organization in place to bypass seeds you really, truly don’t need (duplicates, etc.) and the freedom to add great finds to your collection without worry that you are wasting money. Read the original post where this downloadable first appeared here.

Download in: Excel | Numbers (Mac OS) | PDF (Blank)

Eight Acres Customized Seed Inventory Organizer Database -Farmer Liz, an NW Edible reader who blogs about her Australian homestead and self-sufficient farming at Eight Acres took the original seed database (above) and made it her own. She added some cool features like auto-lookup of nominal seed life and auto-highlighting of out-of-date seeds so you know what to use up first. Liz has kindly made her version available for all to download and use, too. Thanks so much, Liz! Awesome work!

Download The Eight Acres Version in: Excel

Annual Produce Planner – This spreadsheet will calculate quarterly and annual produce harvest goals based on what your family eats weekly. A fantastic way to plan what you grow, this  spreadsheet was inspired by one of the many fantastic planning tools in The Urban Farm Handbook. The co-author of that book, Annette Cottrell, has made her original spreadsheet and more available at her blog, Sustainable Eats.

Download in: Excel  |  Numbers

“Santa Slip” Free Chore Stocking Stuffer Card – A cute, free stocking stuffer for kids, these “Santa Slips” will print out on standard print-your-own business card sheets and tell the recipient they can get out of a chore, free. Read the original post here.
Download in: PDF

Customizable No-Stick Canning Jar Labels – Look ma, no stickers! An easy way to dress up your jars without breaking the bank on branded labeling stickers. Open and customize with the name of your preserve, the date and your name. Adjust the font and colors too, if you want. Prints out on 8.5″ x 11″ paper (print on heavy duty paper for best results). Cut out the circles and screw the ring on over the label. A circle cutter will make the cutting-out process a snap. Tension holds the label in place.
Regular Mouth – Download in: Word  |  Pages  |  PDF (PDF is blank circles)
Wide Mouth – Download in: Word  |  Pages  |  PDF (PDF is blank circles)

Year Round Planting Spreadsheet - I have used all kinds of methods to organize my planting, and a simple grid showing what’s growing in each bed month-by-month has been the most useful.

Download in: Excel  |  Numbers  |  PDF

Simple Monthly Menu Planner – I use this in conjunction with the Freezer Inventory Sheet to rough out what protein components I’ll be using through the month.

Download in: Word  |  Pages  |  PDF

Simple Weekly Menu Planner - Sometimes I like to go into more menu planning detail. This weekly form has space for planned lunches as well as dinners.

Download in: Word  |  Pages  |  PDF

Freezer Inventory Sheet – We keep this magneted to the freezer and cross things off when we pull them to defrost for the week.

Download in: Word  |  Pages  |  PDF

Monthly Budget Fun Card – Essential to staying on top of the day to day spending. Read more about how we use the Fun Card here and here.
Download in: Word  |  Pages

Some pseudo-legal stuff: I put these tools out into the world wide web for free. Even though I’m not selling them, they remain my intellectual property. Use them, share them (be a dear and link back here if you do!), enjoy them, modify them as you need and make them work for you. But don’t try to actually make them work for you. In other words, if you turn around and try to sell these free tools to people, you deserve to get eaten by a Jabberwocky.