Free Seeds! Free Seeds! Free Seeds!

Was that post title a little overboard? Sorry about that…I’m a sucker for free, organic, high-quality seeds, and (be honest) most of you, my wonderful readers, are too.

Part Two of our awesome giveaway week is here, and it rocks. (If you missed Part One of giveaway week, there is still time to go enter to win a copy of Food Grown Right, In Your Backyard from the guys of Seattle Urban Farm Company.)

High Mowing Organic Seeds emailed the other day and offered to send some free seeds to one of my readers. Yes, please!

This is High Mowing:

They sell organic vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.  Don’t they look friendly, and pretty much exactly how you’d picture organic seed farmers from Vermont to look?

Why Organic Seeds?

All of High Mowing’s seeds are 100% certified organic. You probably grow your vegetables organically and we’ve all heard about the various ways organic food is better for you, the environment, farmers, etc. But you may not have thought about seeking out certified organic seeds.

There are a couple good reasons you might want to buy and use organic seed whenever possible.

1.  Plants raised organically over several generations for seed tend make future plants that do better under organic culture. This is straight up adaptation at work. It’s like how heirlooms grown in one area over generations will become more and more adapted to the climate in that area. A plant raised successfully over time without the protection of chemical fungicides, insecticides and whatnot will tend to pass on genetics that make continued organic culture easier. A plant requiring more chemical help to get it to the reproductive finish-line (making seed) in one piece is going to tend to pass on more genetics for plants that do best with that same kind of chemical supplement.

2. Seed crops get hit with a lot of pesticides and fungicides (far more than typical food crops) which is pretty bad for the land and people involved in growing seed crops. In Oregon, for example, most vegetables grown for seed qualify for “nonfood/nonfeed site” status, which diminishes the labeling and pesticide residue test requirements for those crops. Further, since applications of pesticide and fungicide can be applied throughout the growing and seed development stages, minuscule amounts of these chemicals could remain on the seeds you plant in your garden. For someone very diligent about avoiding chemical inputs in their garden, that possibility alone might make the higher cost of organic seeds very worthwhile.

Thankfully, more and more growers are popping up to supply seed to organic home and small market growers, and so a broad range of organic seeds is now available from seedhouses like High Mowing.

So, About Those Free Seeds?

High Mowing Organic Seeds has put together several beautiful Seed Collections filled with up to 10 seed packets and worth up to $27.50, including this Heirloom Vegetable Garden Collection…

…and this Garden Starter Collection.

There are a lot more collections to choose from (Container Garden? Kids Garden?), and High Mowing is giving one of these collections away to one lucky NW Edible reader. The winner of this  giveaway can pick the collection of seeds that is most appealing to them. Some kits contain more seed packets and are therefore worth more. Just so you know when you are thinking about which you’d want.

How To Enter

To enter to win this giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling us which one the new 2013 High Mowing seed varieties you’d most like to try out. You can see all their 2013 introductions on one page here. The Iko Iko Pepper and the Prinz Celeriac look great to me.

While you are poking around the High Mowing site, check out the Seed Collections and tell us which one you’ll pick if you win.

Contest details: entries accepted until Thursday December 20th at 6 pm PT. Contest open to residents of the US and Canada due to seed shipping regulations.

Good luck!

Update: Contest now closed. Congratulations to Aibrean, the winner of the seed giveaway. Aibrean, please check your email for details on how to claim your prize!

High Mowing is sending me some free seeds too, and I’m going to trial them against established Pac NW seedhouse varieties! Yippie – I’ll report results sometime next fall. High Mowing has sponsored the giveaway item for this contest. No additional sponsorship has taken place. Full financial disclosure stuff here.


  1. Mary Hall says

    Which seeds don’t I want to try?!?! I’d love to try nearly every single one, but if I had to choose, it’s a toss up between Rhazes Lettuce (how pretty!) and Blue Coco Bean (does it taste like coco???). I also like the Summer of Sunflowers Organic Seed Collection–the year before last, I planted several different varieties of sunflowers on a whim and was surprised at how much I loved them. For whatever reason, I didn’t plant them last year, but they’ll be in the garden next summer for sure!

  2. Elizabeth says

    You had me at “free seeds”, lady. :)

    (Of course, now I’ve got a shopping cart full of stuff in that window. My VISA may not be thanking you all that much right now. Ahem.)

    The three new things in my cart: the garlic (spanish roja), the Klondike Blue Ribbon watermelon, and the Black Trifele tomato (despite the fact that I have roughly four billion saved tomato seeds from a bunch of heirloom varieties right now in my fridge. One can’t have too many tomatoes, right? Say yes, please. Please.)

    Thanks for the chance to feed my growing plant addiction!

  3. says

    Heirloom Vegetable Lovers is the collection for me~! OMG everything I love & want to try. A juicers heaven~! I long for the taste of a “real” tomato & I KNOW that I will deny myself that pleasure until next Summer when I pick my own. Also I can just picture the ruby red juice (after roasting) from those gorgeous beets. Hold me back~!!!!

  4. Mary Hall says

    AGGGHHHH! You’ve discovered my weakness–SEEDS! I’ve found more varieties of seeds in a few minutes than I’ve seen for the past few years. My garden next year will be VERY different! Aren’t the Dragon Langerie Bush Bean the most beautiful beans you’ve ever seen?

    The High Mowing Organic Seed website is going to cause some serious damage to my wallet. If I buy half the stuff I’ve already pinned, I’m going to have to sacrifice even MORE of my yard to expand my garden. Oh, well.

  5. says

    The Iko Iko bell peppers looks fabulous, although I must admit that I would also love to see the painted lady sweet peas.

    As for the organic seed collections, I’d started with the garden starter kit. What a terrific selection!!

  6. Karen says

    That’s where I bought my seeds last year! I’ll be going back there for the spring. My garden is a 10×10 ft concrete porch in the back of my condo so I would pick the container garden pack if I won. I also really like the looks of the Ocate lettuce. The picture looks so appetizing.

  7. says

    Not to sound rude or anything, but I WANT I WANT I WANT! GIMME GIMME GIMME! (OK, I think I’ve recovered now.) Erica, you make a compelling case for organic seeds. I hadn’t thought about the whole adaptation thing before, but it makes good sense. I would love the Summer of Sunflowers collection. It just exudes “happy” doesn’t it? :)

  8. Blair says

    All of them?!? I’m specifically eyeballing the Cocozelle Zucchini, Winter Luxury Pumpkin, Prinz Celeriac, Blue Coco Bean, and the Red Swan Bean.

    Now if only I had more space…

  9. says

    I would love to surprise my husband with the shishito peppers. He absolutely love them; grew up eating them, and we’re only just starting to see them in Chicago. He’d be thrilled.

    However, as a collection, I’d have to go with the container collection. Wherever I move, I know I’ll be able to have containers. I don’t know if I will have beds too.

    Of course, this all assumes I can make plants happen via seed, which I haven’t tried since I was in biology in high school…

  10. Melanie says

    I would love to try the Topepo Rosso peppers. We grow a few varieties of hot and mild peppers but I’ve been looking for a good variety to try my hand at making my own paprika and these look to be perfect! If I won, I’d definitely want the heirloom vegetable lovers collection. We’ve been slowly adding heirloom varieties to our garden every year and these would speed us up a great deal.

  11. Chris says

    How exciting! Planning next year’s garden with FREE seeds is something to really look forward to. I just received the High Mowing Seed Catalog in the mail …..coincidence? I think not. I would be requesting the Heirloom Seed Collection (it was a toss up between this and the Garden Starter Collection). The most tempting “new” item to try would be the German Butterball Potato. Thank you to Erica and High Mowing Seeds for this offer!

  12. mary says

    all of them! but really, the Australe Lettuce and Garnet Giant Mustard are calling to me. My wish is to never have to buy greens from a grocery store again. Currently we’re growing kale and chard but have yet to find the perfect lettuces and spinach. Thank you for all your excellent posts, Erica, and for this wonderful opportunity!

  13. Doug says

    I like the looks of the red roaster peppers, but I have never had good results growing anything but small hot peppers. The Topepo might work for me. I am also looking for a new bean for a trellis we have, so my eye is on the Blue Cocos.

    For a seed package, I would go with the Garden Starter.

  14. Ellen Peavey says

    From the 2013 High Mowing Seed Varieties I would like to try the Iko Iko peppers. I had so many hot peppers this year I want all sweet peppers next year in my pepper patch. Free Seeds that really got my attention right away!!! I also like the Heirloom Vegetable lovers Seed collection every thing is in this one bunch to have a really good garden. Of course I would like to try the Three Sisters love squash and corn. Ellen from Georgia

  15. says

    I am a sucker for tomatoes, so I would really love to try out the yellow hybrid cherry tomatoes, the green tiger tomatoes and the annalise variety (which look like they’d be good for canning). I love cucumbers and never seem to have enough, but the Iko Iko peppers instead, would be fun to try as well.

  16. Sh says

    I’d have to go with the Topepo Rosso Pepper & the Kitchen Herbs Organic Seed Collection I think :)

  17. Sarah says

    I would love to try the Prinz Celeriac. I was hoping to grow some this year, but had to cut out a couple things to keep my seed costs from being too ridiculous. :-)

  18. says

    Yay! High mowing seeds! They’re out east just south of us and I know their stuff grows well here. I’m looking at the blue coco bean, just because we’re low on space and the kids would love the colour. Oh my, I just found the artichokes in their regular seed collection, I think they would would look just fantastic as potted plants! thanks!

  19. Rachel says

    Makes me wish for spring now!! I would love to try the blue coco bean and baron mache. And as for the seed collections, I would love the winter garden collection. I have been trying to keep gardening all winter for two years now, and this would motivate me to be more organized!

  20. says

    The Blue Coco Bean caught my eye, as did the Heirloom Vegetable Lover’s Seed Collection.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  21. Richard Wyman says

    Blue Coco Beans and the Des Vertus Mareau Slad Turnips look wonderful. I would love to try them both. The kitchen herb collection would really help round out my garden this coming spring.

  22. Rose says

    Klondike Blue Watermelon looks particularly yummy. And the Bee’s Garden collection would be perfect for our second colony of little ladies planned for the spring!

  23. Sarah says

    Cocozelle zucchini! And the container garden collection; we’re trying some containers this year.

  24. Sofie says

    Oooh, I’ve never tried growing sprouts before, so the Fenugreek and Broccoli both look interesting to me. Then again, how could you possibly lose when something called the Klondike Blue Ribbon Watermelon is an option.

  25. Katie says

    Oh man looking at this website is putting me in the mood for gardening again! It will be our first spring with a real backyard and I’m just itching to get out there and turn all that space into something wonderful. I would love to try the Giant Corral Zinnia seeds and the green or pink tiger tomatoes.
    The Kids Garden seed collection would be a great gift for my 2yo little boy. He loved helping me in the container garden I had at our old apartment and I want him to be excited about it here at our new house too!

  26. says

    Growing onions have been high on my list to try, so their new hybrid onion.

    I’ve been curious about this company ever since I read the book “The Town That Food Saved.”

  27. Linda McHenry says

    I like to try out a new tomato every year and the Black Trifele looks like a winner……the Iko Iko peppers too. I’d probably choose the Heirloom collection, but we are running out of “in the ground” garden space, so the the Container collection is in the running too.

  28. Mari says

    The cocozelle zucchini looks good to me. I am always looking for a more interesting zicchini to bring a little interest. As for the seed collections I like the heirloom one. Looks like a no e mix of things I’ve grown and things I haven’t.

  29. Vallie says

    Everything looks so fresh and delicious! I would love to try the German Butterball potato. Yellow fleshed potatoes are so beautiful and mmmm….butter.
    The Heirloom variety seed collection looks very interesting to me.

  30. says

    I would love to try the red ciopinno onions! I would choose the garden starter pack, although the heirloom seeds pack also looks great! Thanks!

  31. Sara says

    The Red Swan Beans are gorgeous! I can’t wait to start seeds this year. I am rebuilding my garden area to increases its size quite a bit.

  32. Amy says

    It is hard to narrow it down to just one. I’d love to try both the Blue Coco Bean and the Baron Mache.

  33. RC says

    I would try the red ripollini onions. I might choose the winter garden pack or the container garden pack. Everything looks good right now.

  34. Amy says

    “Was that post title a little overboard?” Definitely not, for free seeds I’d expect a happy dance as well. I think I’d pick Organic Blue Coco Bean if I have to pick one. If I win, I’ll have to decide between the kitchen herb and winter garden collections.

  35. Judith says

    I would love to try the new Rhazes Lettuce, because the color is so deep and beautiful! For seed collections, I would love the Container Garden collection, because my space is limited, and I may have to move pots around at times to get enough sun. Looks like a wonderful collection.

  36. Kimball says

    Wow, what fun! I am a sucker for tomatoes and finding ones that produce well even during our wet summers would be fabulous…I would take a look at their winter growing seed kit as well. I always say I am going to garden year round…maybe that would give me a good small starting point.

  37. queenofstring says

    I didnt know they shipped to Canada, so that’s good to know. I’d grow the salad turnips. Turnips did uber well for us this year, but we dont eat many cooked, so salad varieties seem like the way to go. Seed collection wise, I’d like the new winter collection. I sucked at winter gardening this year and want to do better next.

  38. Brandi D. says

    The vivid choi looks amaaaazing! For me, I think the Kids’ Garden seed collection would be best. My four little ones love to get their hands (and feet and noses and bottoms and…) dirty, for sure. :)

  39. Scott Senkeresty says

    Topepo Rosso Pepper look beautiful! When I win ;-) … I am totally getting the Heirloom Vegetable Lover’s Seed Collection!

  40. says

    Wow! So hard to choose! I am a sucker for unusual tomatoes, so I would try the Black Trifele. And I absolutely love sunflowers, so I would go for the Summer of Sunflowers collection.

  41. Amy says

    Black Trifele tomato and Orange Chard…..(surely you didn’t say just pick one..I’m not going to verify, that would be too hard of a decision!)
    For the collections – the container garden or the bee garden kits look grand!
    Thanks for throwing a big gifting week Erica!

  42. Leslie Ross says

    Oh my gosh – that new seeds page is unbelievable! What WOULDN’T I want to try??? The Black Trifele Tomato is beautiful, as are the Red Swan Beans. Both of the corn hybrids sound delicious, and I am always a sucker for tasty new lettuces! Plus the Gabriella Hybrid Onion – I’d need to try that just to see if I could get one as big!

    As for the collections, probably the Garden Starter collection would be a good place to start, although the Heirloom Vegetable one looks fabulous as well!

  43. Matt Jarvis says

    Sounds great! I’d love to try some new seeds to go along with the ones I never got around to planting last year…

    I think I’d go with the new “Silver Cloud Cannellini Bean” variety, and pick the “Organic Container Garden Organic Seed Collection” if I got the chance..

    Matt Jarvis
    Eugene, Oregon

  44. Laura says

    I would love some Butterball potatoes. Our CSA grew them this summer and they made the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had! If I won I would pick the salad greens collection. Greens grow best here in my neck of the woods and we can never get enough!

  45. kai says

    I love heirloom seeds but the do.t always do as well in our one climate. I am hoping to start seeds for the first time this year.

  46. Shoshie says

    Mmmm…the Black Trifele Tomatoes and Topepo Rosso Peppers look amazing. And the Organic Winter Luxury Pumpkins sound yummy!

  47. Celeste says

    Oooh, that Prinz Celeriac looks awesome. I tried celery for the first time this year and would love to try this next year. If I were to win I would love the Heirloom Vegetable Lovers collection.

  48. says

    I’ve heard a lot of great things about High Mowing Seeds–I’d love to give them a try. Two of the new seeds that interest me are the Silver cloud cannelini beans and the
    My fair lady sweet corn. Of the seed collections I’m still debating over the heirloom veggies, easy salad greens or winter garden organics. Thank you!

  49. Tamara says

    Hi Erica! I would love the heirloom variety pack! Thanks for the opportunity to win free seeds!

    Happy Holidays!

  50. Matt says

    From the new 2013 Seed Varities I would choose the Blue Coco Bean. I’ve just started to learn the art of lacto-fermentation and food preservation, and these would look great as a gifted jar of pickled beans!

    From the 2013 Seed Collection I would choose the Kitchen Herbs. I started a raised bed garden for just my herbs last year and I need to expand to some medicinal and some for kitchen use!!

  51. Sara Thompson says

    Oh – such wonderful choices. I want to try growing onions and garlic from seed but their lettuce and tomato choices look wonderful too. If I had to choose 1 – I’d go for the green tiger tomatoes just because they look like fun.

  52. Carol Shepard says

    Oh the Heirloom Vegetable Lovers seeds please….. I love their seed and try to buy some every year – being on a fixed income is hard but it is so much easier and healthier for me when I grow my garden each year and try to freeze, dehydrate, and can what I might need for the year. Thank you for this opportunity. My family and friends thank you – we share ;>)

  53. Anne F. says

    S-o-o-o-o-o-o hard to pick just one….I’d go with the Silver Cloud Cannellini beans.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  54. Alyssa says

    I would especially love to try two of their new varieties – the Shishito Pepper and the Black Trifele Tomato! They both sound like they’d be good eating!

    Since all of my gardening is being done in containers right now, I’d love to win the Container Garden Organic Seed Collection.

    Thanks for hosting this awesome seed giveaway!

  55. Melissa Logan says

    There isn’t just one that I could EVER pick! If I win though, I would choose the Three Sisters Collection. Those are the ones I am interested in growing other than Tomatoes :) Good Luck everyone!!

  56. Liz J. says

    That black trifele tomato is the prettiest thing I’ve seen all day! And I’d love to get their Container Gardening mix, since we don’t have a yard but DO have a nice balcony. (I’m hoping to win the community garden plot lottery this year, but even so will plan to grow some things in containers at home, too).

  57. Jon G says

    I’m very interested in the Dario F1 Hybrid Cocozelle Zucchini because they are just so good looking.
    The Hierloom collection does seems like a nice mix of seed if I won.

  58. Erin says

    No fair making us choose! :) But if I had to…the iko iko peppers. Or the black trifele tomato. Or the German butterball potato.

  59. Heather says

    I love High Mowing!! I’m really wanting to try the cocozelle zucchini. It’s supposed to be much better tasting than regular zucchini and we love squash here. The Iko Iko peppers look pretty fabulous as well.

  60. Michelle says

    I’m dying to try the Shishito peppers. If I were to win I’d love to have the Kid’s Garden seeds to plant with my daughter.

  61. says

    um, all of them? Wait, I don’t have that much room in my garden you say? Huh. Well, in that case…. ::goes to build more beds::

    Ahem…. anyway…. If I could only pick one to try, it would be the Winter Luxury Pumpkin. We freeze a lot of pumpkin at my house, and those look/sound delicious. If I could pick a second, the orange chard!

    As far as seed collection, I’d want to get my hands on the Container Garden seed collection.

  62. Meredith says

    I would like a Kid’s garden collection. We started one last year with some perennial fruits, a gourd trellis and a pole bean teepee, and haven’t yet bought seeds for this year :)

    • Meredith says

      Oops. Missed the first part :) I’d love to try the Winter Luxury Pumpkin. I LOVE pie pumpkins and that one’s pretty, too!

  63. Liz says

    In the middle of winter I’m always craving fresh greens! We live in Vermont, so even with our cold frames, we don’t get much out of our garden until March or April. Soo…. I’m looking at that beautiful head of Australe lettuce and thinking of what a beautiful salad it would make.


  64. Karen D says

    German Butterball Potato, Cocozelle Zucchini, Prinz Celeriac, and for my ‘winter indoor garden’, Crunchy Bean Sprout Mix

    If I won, I’d love to have the Heirloom Collection!

  65. says

    FREE seeds!?! Last year was my first gardening year using High Mowing Organic seeds and I can tell you I reaped everything I sowed and it was all splendidly delicious! Their Lemon Cukes were a massive hit all over my community so if you haven’t already you HAVE to try them!

    I would love to try out their Hybrid Rhonda Beet and Prinz Celeriac because of their versatility, juice, soup, salad oh my! If I won I would certainly choose the container garden package with all those lovely goodies! Second choice would be the kids garden as we were also in love with the Purple Cosmo Carrots from last season and couldn’t get enough!

  66. Greybeard says

    I ONLY use High Mowing. The corn last year tasted like watermelon, it was so sweet and juicy. My tomatoes were outstanding in flavor and texture. I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at the Red Cipollini onion, or the German Butterball potatoes.

  67. Joe Gauthier says

    We would love to try the Integro Hybrid Cabbage and the Iko Iko Peppers look yummy too. It’s hard to decide, really. We would love to get ahold of the German butterball potatoes as well. It is tough to choose. The Container Garden Mix looks fantastic too.

  68. Jennifer says

    I would love to try the Rhazes Lettuce. What a fantastic color, would look great with my plain old greens. The seed collection, I ‘d choose the Starter garden. I didn’t save as many seeds this past year.

  69. Rebecca Dare says

    I’d go for the cylindra beet, the pirat lettuce and the black seeded Simpson lettuce.

    From the collection I’d like the Garden Starter.

    Makes me long for Spring already!

  70. Paul C. says

    If I had to only pick a few I would try Black Trifele Tomato and the Orange Chard. Looks like an amazing salad waiting to happen!

    If I won I would probably select the Heirloom Kit.

  71. Nikki says

    In love with the Giant Coral Zinnias and the Winter Luxury pumpkins. As far as collections go I can’t decide whether I would pick the Garden Starter (all around good collection), The Three Sisters (because I was planning on doing that next summer anyway), or the Kid’s Garden (because I am a kid at heart!).

  72. bunkie says

    i’d like to try some of the new lettuces like Australe Lettuce, and the Des Vertus MarTeau Salad Turnip! greeat giveaway!!!

  73. says

    I’m excited to try out the Iko Iko peppers and the Klondike Blue Ribbon Watermelon! My entire 2012 garden was made up of High Mowing Organic varieties, and I was extremely happy with the results. I also found High Mowing’s YouTube channel to be really helpful in honing my skils this year. Can’t wait for 2013!

  74. Denise says

    Wow the choices! I don’t know if I can pick just one of the new varieties. I like Iko Iko peppers, Black Trifele Tomatoes, German butterball Potatoes, Rhazes & Refugio Lettuce, Blue Coco Bean, and if I had room I would try the winter luxury pumpkin. I will have to go through my existing seeds to see what I can add this year. Of the collections, the Three Sisters appeals to me the most since all of the varieties would be new to my garden. The Heirloom Collection is a close second since I regularly plant several of those.

  75. lucy I says

    From the requests for the hybrid rarities, it sounds like many of your readers have big gardens with lots of room for extras! I, on the other hand, am limited to containers so I’d love the “Container Mix”. What a great selection of seeds!

  76. Sandy S says

    The Fiero F1 Hybrid Radicchio ! This looks like a “healthy” alternative for dip (replacement for potato chips.)

  77. says

    While they all look wonderful, I want the Rhazes lettuce. I love red lettuces, and if all goes well this winter my neighbor’s going to chop down some pesky trees that over-shade my garden, so I’ll get a decent crop!

  78. Polly says

    I’d like to try the Sea Shells Mix Cosmos for the 2013 new varieties and the Garden Starter Organic seed collection. If you ever have a chance come to High Mowing Seeds Trail Gardens event and check out all that they are growing. We always learn so much. The tour of the company is also interesting.