Giveaway: Farm Curious Wide Mouth reCAP Fermenting Kit

Update: Contest is now closed. Congratulations to contest winner Sarah Z, and thank you to FarmCurious for sponsoring this giveaway. Thank you to all who entered!

You know what we haven’t done in a while? A kick-ass giveaway.

Some time ago, I suggested that you could make a really inexpensive fermenting crock with a Mason jar, a reCAP mason jar lid and an airlock from your local brewery supply store.

There was really only one drawback to my DIY lacto-fermentation converter lid. At the time I invented it, the reCAP lids were only available in regular width. Many fermentation junkies like myself observed that the largest commonly available regular-mouth mason jar is the quart size. What if you want to ferment more? What if you want to ferment things that are bigger than a regular-mouth opening? What then, hmmm?

Well, the reCAP people solved this problem by (finally!) releasing a wide-mouth reCAP lid. And as soon as they did, Nicole from FarmCurious, the urban homesteader’s supply store, paired the wide mouth reCAP with the correct size bung (go ahead, snicker…I understand) and an airlock to create an all-in-one reCAP Fermentation Converter Kit you can use with any wide-mouth mason jar.

Note the wide mouth jar:

As far as I know, FarmCurious is the only place selling reCAP fermenting sets ready to go like this, so if you love this idea but don’t already have reCAP lids you can hack, or don’t want to track down the components on your own, FarmCurious is your source. Nicole sells this three-piece kit (reCAP wide mouth lid, bung and airlock) for $10 at the FarmCurious store, but is giving away three (three!) complete reCAP Fermenting Kits to one lucky NW Edible reader.

As every canning dork knows, you can get wide mouth, half-gallon Mason jars. (Around $12 for a pack of 6 online – avoid shipping if you are near an Ace Hardware.) Pair one of these big ol’ Mason jars with a FarmCurious Wide Mouth reCAP Fermentation Kit and you’ll be up to your elbows in big-batch sauerkraut in no time.

You can enter to win three reCAP Fermentation Kits (total retail value: $30) from FarmCurious by getting your social on.

Pinter-social? Here’s what you need to do:

Create a Pinterest board; call it what you like.

Pin at least three things from the FARMcurious product line that you love/covet/want someone to buy you for the holidays. Tag them with #ediblecurious.

Post a link to your board as a comment on this blog post.

Twitter-social? Click here to tweet about this post, then come back and comment that you’ve done so on this blog post.

Facebook-social? Like the FarmCurious Facebook page, then come back and comment that you’ve done so (or that you already like FarmCurious) on this blog post.

Only-in-person-social? Well, who could blame you? Just leave a comment telling me that you are a social media conscientious objector and name your favorite fermented food and we’ll call it good. (This option reserved for people who really don’t do that other stuff, so don’t try to sneak four entries in, ok?)

Enter to win by tickling whatever social media outlets you prefer. Up to three entries per person, corresponding to the above social media entry methods, will be accepted. Contest closes on Tuesday, December 4th at 6 pm PT.

Good luck, and happy fermenting!

*The Federal Trade Commission is concerned you might misunderstand what a giveaway is, and wants you to know that this thing you are entering to win for free on this blog is being given away on this blog for free. You know, just so we’re all on the same page. More info here.

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  1. I’m a social media conscientious objector :-) but I LOVE getting your email updates! My favorite fermented food is saurkraut.

  2. The FarmCurious people are geniuses. I liked them on Facebook for this post :) thanks! please oh please ship to Canada!

  3. I liked FarmCurious on FB! I think this is a great fermentation set up and I really want to try it out.

  4. My favorite fermented food is definitely sauerkraut. If I could make my own sauerkraut, my boyfriend and I could rule the world with our vegetarian Reuben sandwich, completely from scratch (bread, dressing, seitan, etc!)!

  5. I guess I qualify as a social media conscientious objector, since I don’t do any of those things and love plain old e-mail. (I still like writing letters on paper too.) I’ve got some souring raw milk on my counter I plan on using the whey from to make a batch of sauerkraut- my favorite fermented food so far.

  6. I liked FarmCurious on FB. I would love to win this set. Fermenting is on my 2013 list of things to learn.

  7. I also tweeted about this giveaway.

  8. Andrea Broderick says:

    I “liked” FarmCurious on Facebook. This would be an interesting setup to try. I like the idea of fermenting in a smaller sized container.

  9. I liked them on Facebook! And I would love to give lacto-fermentation a try.

  10. I was a busy pinner this morning!

  11. Lady Banksia says:

    My feelings towards my ReCap (smaller sized ones, of which I bought three at full price, thank you very much) have changed from love, love, love to aw, dammit!

    For some reason, even though the seals look good and are seated in the lid properly, they leak. All three. Mostly around the jar threads, not through the trap-door top. Doesn’t matter which brand of jar I try – I wind up with liquid-de-jour all over my lunch container or my countertop. I’ve got traditional Mason jars, Ball jars, Kerr jars, Golden Harvest jars….no chips or nicks in the jar collars… what gives?

    • I have heard this from a couple people. When the second person told me they were having leaking issues, and therefore questioned the airtight nature of my fermenter idea, I actually tested my seals with some super vigorous shaking and upside-down holding and had no troubles – my jars remained leak free. My theory is that a batch of seals wasn’t perfect somehow – maybe too thin? I dunno exactly, but if it were me, I would contact reCAP and say your lids are leaking and ask if you can get some new seals. I know you can buy new seals at the reCAP website, but perhaps the company will just send you some new ones if the original ones didn’t last a fair durration. Never hurts to ask, I say.

  12. I liked FarmCurious on Facebook. And I would so love to win this.

  13. I’m a social media conscientious objector – so much so that I rarely comment on blog posts. :) My favorite fermented food is saurkraut. Thanks for introducing me to many things, including the reCap. I shared the love with a friend yesterday and think she is going to buy a few for her MIL this Christmas.

  14. I have already “liked” FarmCurious on Facebook, so I guess I am good to go! Thanks so much for the opportunity Erica!

  15. This is a great giveaway – and a great product! Farm Curious liked on FB!

  16. Facebook – liked.

    Pinterest board – created.

    Easier time fermenting foods in wide-mouth mason jars – Bueller?

  17. Tweeted, too!

  18. Rebecca Dare says:

    I “liked” Farm Curious and am happy to know about them.

  19. And for my 3rd entry, I have to say I am a Pinterest holdout. I cannot bring myself to make an account there. I have enough trouble keeping my bookmarks straight as it is, LOL. Favorite fermented food is a toss-up between sauerkraut and sour pickles. These kits will be most helpful to me for the pickles, though, because I often don’t have enough cucumbers ready at one time to justify using a crock.

  20. Tammie Haley says:

    I liked them on Facebook.

  21. Fiona McAuliffe says:

    I liked farm curious and please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks!

  22. I liked you on Facebook. I really liked you!

  23. I broke up with twitter or I would tweet.

  24. I “liked” Farm Curious and am eager to learn more about them. I have been telling my husband for the last couple months that I am going to try fermenting. The whole cap package is an awesome idea and a really easy way for a newbie to get started.

  25. Scott Senkeresty says:
  26. “liked” them on facebook! Thank you so much for offering this!

  27. Thanks for giving me a new list of presents to give myself this year! I was wondering what to get me. I made a pin board at and liked Farm Curious on FB. I wanted to twitter to gain an extra entry… but I object to tweeting. Does that count as another entry… tee hee. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I’m a facebook-only kind of girl, so liked them there!

  29. I am also a social-media conscientious objector (I like that moniker, and will try to remember it…): I don’t twit, or tweet, or what-have you…

    There is currently a batch of sourkraut on my counter, and I’ve been trying to hold the cabbage down with ziploc bags filled with water. With limited success. I’d love some super-fancy caps that will do the job without either needing to be topped off every couple of days, or overflowing onto my counters. Both of which have happened in this experimental batch.

    Love the blog!

  30. I don’t tweet or pin, can I use this as a 2nd entry? In any case, I’ve sent this to several people for the cleverness of a micro-scale fermentation idea.

  31. I hadn’t heard of FarmCurious! I liked them on FB. Great discovery for me this morning. :)

    We’ve been loving saurkraut – even my daughter loves it, (a vegetable!) Would love to make our own, been a little nervous, the airlock makes it very accessible to me! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  32. Sue Beaman says:

    Saw your post today – ‘liked’ Farm Curious. Into gardening – decorative and food, cooking and raising four very spoiled/healthy hens!

  33. I like the Farm Curious FB page, I really do like them.

  34. I liked them on Facebook, I tweeted and I created a board on Pinterest but for some reason it’s not working for me even after I recreated it.

  35. Here is my already exsisting pinterest board called Homestead Ahoy! definitely fits Farm Curious!

  36. Liked on FB! Ohhh, all of this fun DIY goodness gets me so distracted from homework: I’d rather be wild fermenting!

  37. Greybeard D'Agostini says:

    I liked FarmCurious on the Facecrack. Grapes are my favorite fermented food.

  38. Saw Sandor Katz recently and have been fermenting like crazy! His Art of Fermentation book is incredible – I highly recommend. In the meantime, I want that fermenting kit so I pinned here: and liked on Facebook. I am a only a Twitter conscientious objector so a third entry would be lovely if you are so inclined… Thanks!

  39. I liked them on Facebook. They have a lot of great products I’d like to try out, but definitely the lacto-fermentation

  40. i blog and added them to my blog list. i dont “do” facebook or tweets tho. my fav fermented food is pickles.

  41. Liked FarmCurious on FB. I would love these airlock/lids. Right now I use landscaping rocks to weigh down my ferments.

  42. Annie Rae Huston says:

    I liked Farm Curious on FB. Would love to try the ReCAP system to make saurkraut or the the fermented red onions.

  43. Liked farmcurious!

  44. I liked FarmCurious on FB. Not sure if you’d count it as food, but I plan to ferment a half gallon of blackberry juice — have airlock, will make wine!

  45. Liked on FB! This fermenting kit looks like it’ll be tons better than the contraption I’ve cobbled together!

  46. It’s really good to know that these devices are all available now, and thank you even more for letting us know about FarmCurious! I had not heard of them and will explore their site!

  47. I liked farmCurious on facebook. Just recently ordered some reCap lids and love them – the fermentation adaptation is genius!

  48. I Liked FarmCurious on FB.

  49. Mary Ann Baclawski says:

    I do use Facebook, but I hate my page being cluttered with posts sent by friends who like commercial ventures for personal reward. Yet I’d love one of these gadgets. I have lots of quart canning jars and already make sauerkraut that I use in a sauerkraut rye bread that I make. But this looks like a better way to make it. Please enter me in the drawing.

  50. I liked FarmCurious on FB!

  51. Liked them on Facebook! My partner has been wanting some of these, but is reluctant to pay the shipping fees, so winning them would be great!

  52. I think my favorite fermented food would be a toss-up between saurkraut and kim chee, although I’ve yet to try making either myself (I just have fermentally skilled friends). But I keep receiving cabbages from my farm share, and am running out of ways to use them up, so saurkraut is on my list of things to learn how to make. I’ve liked FarmCurious on FB, and will likely end up purchasing some of these lids and converters, even if I don’t win the drawing.

  53. I just like your FarmCurious Facebook page. Looking forward to learning more from you. We are doing the GAPs diet and eating a lot of sauerkraut. Would like to make some new concoctions with the ReCap system. :^D

  54. My favorite fermented food is Kombucha! Ok, so it is a beverage, but still :D I would like to learn to make sauerkraut!

    I liked and shared the page on Facebook

    Also tweeted on Twitter.

  55. I liked farm curious on facebook. This looks like a handy little contraption!

  56. I liked FarmCurious on Facebook! And the thing is, I really do like them!! They have stuff even for people like me, who farm in the boonies and not in the city.

  57. Liked on FB! I’m just learning this whole fermenting thing–bought Wild Fermentation at your suggestion, and am enjoying the results!

  58. Barbara Rowland says:

    I already LIKE you folks on Facebook! I hope I’m eligible to win! I’m fairly new at the fermented food making world, and need more ideas, instruction AND equipment! :)

  59. I just liked Farm Curious on FB, and now I’m off to see if I can find a holiday present on their web site/store. :-)

  60. My wife says she’ll make the sauerkraut if I am so lucky to win this giveaway. And yes, I’ll have to promise to plant some cabbages when the garden bed is made up properly! FarmCurious is terrific! [I’m a dyed-in-da-wool social media CO, too].

  61. Liked on Facebook. My favorite fermented food is sauerkraut!

  62. Liked on FB, tweeted on Twitter, and posted on Pinterest:

  63. I tweeted!

  64. Michelle logan says:

    I didn’t just like farmcurious, I love farmcurious :)

  65. I’d love love love to have all these goodies. Instead of buying them for myself I’m giving them to my sister for the holidays!

  66. Today I’m a social media conscientious objector … there’s too much noise out there right now trying to get people to buy crap. I love me some sauerkraut!

  67. Hi, I’m a fan on FB. My favorite fermented food is tepache. Thank you for the giveaway!

  68. I prefer to conscientiously object to social media, so thanks for giving me an out. My favorite fermented food is kashk (, a fermented whey that brings fantastic flavors to many Persian dishes.

  69. I’m a SMCO who LOVES pickles!
    though when I win I am going to try fermenting jalepenos

  70. First entry: I liked them on fb!

  71. Second entry: I don’t do twitter or Pinterest, so I will tell you my favorite fermented food: kimchi. I also loooove sauerkraut, and currently have some Ligurian fermented green tomatoes going that I’m curious to try!

  72. I tweeted. Kimchi is my fav

  73. I have no social media outlets; in fact, I don’t have that many in-person outlets, my husband and I being hermit types. However, I love sauerkraut and trying various pickle recipes so I can finally find one that tastes like the ones we used to get when I was a kid, in a kosher deli in Connecticut. So, please enter me in the drawing so I can ferment to my heart’s content.

  74. I have opted out of all social media, when I discovered that for me (having no self-control) they were a major time suck. But please do enter me in the contest so I can try a kimchi recipe my Korean neighbor gave me when she dispaired of how poorly I did with the “watch me and learn” method she spent hours teaching me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  75. I liked the FarmCurious Faebook page

  76. Liked on FB and love their ideas. Thanks for the giveaway.

  77. Liked on facebook! Love fermenting foods, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  78. Liked on facebook.

  79. Totally liked on FB, and thank you for bringing this awesome resource to my attention. I’m a newbie fermenter so this is super helpful!

  80. No social media. Thanks for an alternative way to enter. I intend to use it to make saurkraut, should I be lucky enough to win.

  81. I liked them on facebook.

  82. Tweeted, FB them, and pinned. I’m a social media whore. Just like I’m a cheese and beer whore. Add some kraut to that, and I’ve got 3 of the 4 food groups here in Wisconsin.

    But I have to admit, my favorite fermented food is pickled mushrooms and onions!!!

  83. Kelli Ball says:

    I tweeted about this awesome giveaway – love some fermentation. I am auwareagle90 on twitter.

  84. Very cool–I’d love to try making sauerkraut. And thanks for giving us social media conscientious objector types the opportunity to win. :)

  85. Kelli Ball says:

    I also liked farmCurious on FB.

  86. Kelli Ball says:

    I pinned (and I am not done yet!). Here is my board:

  87. Definitely a social media conscientious objector – deleted my facebook account years ago after hearing the founder talk about social media in terms of putting consumers in touch with producers. Yuck.

    We LOVE using your salsa recipe to flavor taco and black beans. Love it. Wish I did 2 or 3 gallons instead of the one last year.

    • Thanks Nicole! That’s great to hear. We broke all records of fermented salsa this year – 4 gallons! Ridiculous, but we’ve already eaten a gallon since early Sept, so maybe not…

  88. I’m a ‘social media conscientious objector ‘ but this is very much to my liking. Count me in..

    By the way, my turkey was very good. Did the heritage bird, brine and all. Thanks!

  89. OK, I ‘tweeted’. I really like sauerkraut.

  90. OK, OK, now I’ve ‘liked’ on Facebook. I should just go and order this : )…

  91. Thanks for the giveaway! Strangely enough, I just bought some reCaps today (from a Canadian distributor). But I’d love to win the fermenting kit! I “liked” on FB.

  92. Denise in Milwaukee says:

    I “liked” Farm Curious on FB. I would love to start fermenting and this looks like a great way to do it!

  93. I “liked Farm Curious” Have just started to ferment, got my first saurkraut in a small crock.

  94. I liked farmcurious on facebook! The recap fermenter set sounds awesome!

  95. I liked on facebook and added Farm Curious to my blogroll. I am so keen to make all kinds of fermented things but it seemed rather daunting until now! Saurkraut, pickles, kimchi…wine…who needs to decide on a favorite fermented food??

  96. I “liked” Farm Curious on Facebook!