{Giveaway} Mother Earth News Fair Weekend Tickets

I’m heading to the Mother Earth News Fair in a few weeks. This is a four-year-long tradition now – I think I’ve attended every Seattle-area Mother Earth News Fair since it started. I always come away from the Fair re-energized and re-inspired about what we’re trying to do here on our own one-third acre.

Mother Earth News Fair Logo

I wrote a post last year called Practical v. Political: People Who Give A Damn after attending the 2013 Fair. I think it captures what I love most about the Fair. When you put a fair together with topics like raw milk and mortgage-free DIY homes and sustainable gardening, a group of people shows up that represents the full spectrum of political viewpoints. And yet, we find this common ground in practical strategies for creating a life on our own terms.

This strange-bedfellows, hippie/prepper aspect is my favorite thing about attending the Fair. It makes me deeply reassured that, if push came to shove, those of us who care enough to just show up and get our hands dirty would be able to put the fear-mongering aside and get to work.

That said, you don’t have to get all misty-eyed like me about this philosophical community crap to get a ton from attending your local Mother Earth News Fair.

The amount of info the Mother Earth News team manages to cram into two days, and the talent they get to speak, is staggering.

What do you want to learn more about? Beekeeping, craft distilling, marketing your farm, picking out a tractor, growing nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, making raw milk goat cheese, heritage breed livestock from rabbits to hogs, poultry slaughter and processing, gluten free breads, herbal healing, straw bale homes, basic seed starting? Something else?

All those topics and many, many more are covered. And if you just want to look at cute baby animals, well, the MEN Fair has that too.

Joel Salatin, Toby Hemingway and Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill will be there, being all famous and stuff. Jessi Bloom (Free Range Chicken Gardens), Sherri Brooks Vinton (Put ‘Em Up), Lisa Kivirist (Farmstead Chef), Matt Reed of Bee Thinking, and a ton of other experts in sustainability will be giving talks and leading demonstrations.

There are also hundreds of exhibitor booths where you can check out everything from composting toilets to tiny home kits to permaculture and rare fruit nurseries like Raintree.

My friends and sponsors, High Mowing Organic Seeds, will be showing off their 100% organic seeds at Booth 819 (tell ‘em Erica sent you!), and if there’s any interest I’m happy to set aside an hour on Saturday or Sunday for a NW Edible reader meet-up. Just let me know!

Bottom Line, if you are within a few hours drive of Puyallup, WA (or any of the other sites), the Mother Earth News Fair is totally worth the trip. And at $20 for one day or $25 for both Saturday and Sunday – kids 17 and under get in free – it’s very reasonably priced. Last year I ate at least $25 worth of Theo’s Chocolate samples (Coconut Curry forever!) if that helps in your decision making.

Info At A Glance


The Mother Earth News Fair – A giant weekend of modern homesteading and sustainable living awesomeness!


Puyallup, WA at the Puyallup Fair Ground
110 9th Avenue Southwest
Puyallup, Wash. 98371


Saturday May 31st, 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
Sunday June 1st, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM


One day (Saturday or Sunday) tickets are $20 if you pre-order and $25 at the gate.
Weekend tickets (both Saturday and Sunday) are $25 if you pre-order and $30 at the gate.
Youth 17 and under free. Like, totally free, so bring the kids!

Everything Else

More info on the Mother Earth News Fair website.


I’d really like you to come to the Mother Earth News Fair, and so would the folks at Mother Earth News! In fact, they want you to come so much they’ve set aside five pairs of full weekend tickets to the 2014 Puyallup, WA Mother Earth News Fair for you guys!

Each winner will have two passes left at the will-call pick up window of the Puyallup Fairgrounds under their name. I ask that you only enter if you think you are actually able to attend the Fair. It would be a shame for these free tickets to not get used, so if you live in New Zealand and know you aren’t flying out for this, please refrain from entering.

To enter to win one pair of free tickets to the Puyallup, WA, 2014 Mother Earth News Fair, leave a comment below telling me which presentation you are most excited to see . I’d also love to know if you are interested in a meet-up type thing at all.

Five winners will be picked. One entry per person, please. Additional entries will be disqualified.

Contest is open until Friday, May 23rd at 8:00 pm. Winners will be notified by email and have 48 hours to claim their prize. Good luck! Tell your Seattle and Portland friends, and I hope to see you at the Fair!


  1. says

    Well, I’m dying to know to grow more nutrient dense foods!

    As for my, I think I’d like the Busy Bee presentation the best. Gotta love those bees! They always create quite a buzz =)

    Would love a meet up, have friends in Seattle, think that’s close enough?

  2. Debbie says

    Fearless Pressure Cooking: The new fast food – I am just discovering the joys of my pressure cooker and need inspiration. Just one of a dozen workshops I’d love to attend. A few of us hold a small Homesteading Fair in the Gorge once a year (this will be our third) and I am in awe of everyone who shares their skill and knowledge. Thanks for the chance to win tickets, Erica.

  3. Diana says

    I can’t decide between the bee keeping (I’ve been wanting to start a hive) or the essential homemade beauty products. Those and the other topics are going to be great! I can’t wait.

  4. Michelle Justice says

    Hi Erica! This will be the first fair we have planned on attending. Of course the big draw for us would be Mr. Salatin & his fanatical fabulousness. We live on a 1/4 acre urban homestead in Port Orchard, Washington with chickens & veggies, would love to learn to expand into bees? goats? A meet-up would be great, we will definitely be attending Sunday (early for the poultry processing demo). If you have time to plan a meet please e-mail us & let us know. My husband & I both enjoy your blog very much, it’s comforting to know of other urban homesteaders trying to make a go of it!

  5. Tiffany says

    Hey Erica! I have never been to the big show and am looking forward to being able to go this year. I’m wanting to become more confident in canning, and veggie growing. :)

  6. Vy says

    I already got my tickets, so excited! My thing is organic and permaculture, though I want to sneak into a couple of the “make your own alcohol” talks. See you there!

  7. Krisha says

    THANK YOU for sharing this post – well all your posts are awesome, but I had no idea there was a MEN fair – and to have it so close to home in Topeka KS this fall. My goodness, I wonder how I did not know this. Probably b/c I don’t have time to read my mags that come -idk, but thank you again for posting this today!!!

  8. Becky S says

    I would love to learn more about the straw bale homes. Anytime I can get a look at better free range chicken care, organic gardens and sustainable living, count me in!!! Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Fair. Smiling!!!!

  9. Woody says

    My daughter and i will be there at the fair on Sunday.
    You gonna be somewhere in particular that day?
    I simply wish to thank you for the great blog you run.

    In case i don’t see you — Thanks for the great blog !

  10. Kristina Cool says

    That is hard to choose! I had no idea there were so many classes offered! I can’t believe I’ve never gone to this before. I am really interested in the Craft Distillary class, many of the chicken classes, the soil building for nutrient dense food class, and about a zillion more.

  11. Nancy Sutton says

    OK… I just saw the duck workshop…. and that cinched it ;) I’m debating between chickens and ducks, and this might be just where I need to get info and ask my questions, so I’ll
    ‘take a ticket’. And the distilling… been contemplating how useful that info might be in ‘the future’……plus, I’d love to say ‘hi’ and give/get a hug from one of my favorite yet-unmet people;)

    In case I don’t see you, THANKS A BUNCH… you are a treasure, and local, yet! ;)


  12. Deb Porter says

    I’m so excited to hear about this. We are building a home on five acres in Arlington with the intention of running a small family farm. There are many presentations that I’m excited about. I’m learning to be gluten free, hoping to have a farm business, wanting to raise ducks and interested in brewing honey mead. My favorite, however, is Solar Power Basics and Washington State Incentives for Solar. I’m certain solar power is in our future and learning to do it the smart way will be a big relief. Thanks for drawing my attention to this. Meeting up would be wonderful.

  13. Brian says

    So many choices even in the area of bees. I’ve really gotten into the Mason Bee bug this year and see Italian honey bees working my raspberries and another wonderfully colored bee making residence in my wood pile. I have to learn more about beekeeping and about mead. Since Matt Reed will be dealing with a hive I’d like to make I’m really looking forward to taking his course as well as as many of the other bee courses that don’t conflict.

  14. Elizabeth archodomin says

    Honestly, there is something of great interest to me every hour of every day. From solar, to mud, hay bales, nutrient density, aquaponics- I would dedicate my entire weekend!

  15. Elizabeth archodomin says

    Honestly, there is something of great interest to me every hour of every day. From solar, to mud, hay bales, nutrient density, aquaponics- all value lable information to apply to what I already have going.

  16. Cynthia Friend says

    May I put in a plug for an amazing fair on the opposite side of the country? The Common Ground Country Fair, in Unity, Maine, September 19-21. It’s sponsored by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, and has been growing and developing for many years. It sounds a lot like this fair in dynamic and direction. If you’re ever in Maine in September, this is the place to be.

  17. Debbie Jennings says

    Beekeeping, Pressure Canning, Organic Seeds…..the list is endless. :) Am thinking of driving up from Southern Oregon – more than a few hours out but I think well worth it.

  18. Alexa says

    Wow, I had no idea this existed! What a great lineup of speakers and topics. I like the ones on natural medicines, especially the one on how to avoid antibiotics.

  19. says

    I would definitely want to see Brewing Honey Mead and Kombucha because I just tasted Kombucha for the first time a few weeks ago and loved it. Really curious to see how it is made.

    Also, would love to see Financial, Emotional, and Environmental Benefits of Living Tiny!

  20. Dina says

    I feel a week long instead of a weekend long would work best for me!
    Picking just one is impossible! I am trying my hand at fermenting, perennial gardening, chickens, bees, and bio intensive gardening and seed saving as well as preserving wild foraged foods for year round enjoyment.

    I would LOVE a meet up… If I won tickets I would be coming from Southeast Idaho… so winning would help offset the cost of the travel (not a lot, but every little bit helps) and it would be my plea to my husband… ‘but I won! I have to go!’ LOL!!!

  21. Angie W says

    I want to learn about brewing honey mead and kombucha! I’ve considered going in past years since I’m only 20 minutes from the fairgrounds, but I never did for some reason. Your article has helped push me to go. I would love the free tickets!

  22. says

    Gosh…this is a hard list to choose from! I think we’d most like to see Matt Rees speak abut Bees. We are looking to add bee-keeping to our little homestead and more information is definitely needed! I love the canning book Put em Up- in fact in using it today- so there’s some fan excitement around that one too!

    If it works to meet up, I think that would be fun. Thanks for the opportunity, and enjoy it and learn lots and lots!

  23. says

    Since I have 14 fruit trees, 2 figs, raspberries, strawberries, 6 blueberries, 6 chickens,(in greenwood of all places), and a yen for progressive politics, I will find this event all interesting. I often have coffee in the morning with your blog, it would be nice talk in person. I am always open to a seasoned gardener visit. Forgot to mention we have 27 solar panels, solar hot water preheater,and an electric car. Carry on.

  24. Katelyn Randall says

    I’d love to attend the fair, the Beginning Beekeeping and Solar presentations. Thanks!

  25. Mari says

    We’ve been meaning to go for the last couple years but life has gotten in the way. No more!! This is the year we go, kids in tow. Well knowing about the Theo samples is motivation but I want to learn more about fermentation and also bee keeping.
    Thanks for writing such a helpful blog.

  26. Amy H says

    Ducks and permaculture, creating great soil, and solar classes are among the many that interest me.

  27. Jean says

    I would love to learn more about keeping chickens including the processing afterwards. I would also like to visit your sponsor for seeds. A meet up would be AWESOME!!!!! I would love to meet you and trade gardener ideas and ask a question about my new apple trees.

  28. Rachel says

    I would love to learn about keeping chickens, permaculture, and solar panels. Besides everything else! I also live in Port Orchard on almost two acres and have just begun my sustainable journey. If you do meet up, tell us the time and I will probably be the person in the back, lurking but listening avidly.

  29. says

    We moved last summer to Washington State, and have been working on getting settled into our new homestead property. I really wanted to attend the TMEN Fair last summer, but we were still in the process of moving, so that didn’t work out. We are really looking forward to attending this year, though! (By the way, the blog site linked above desperately needs updating, but we have been so busy getting our homestead up and running that I haven’t had much time to blog.)

    The presentations we are most interested in seeing are:

    Live Poultry Processing Demo: We started our heritage breed Silver Grey Dorking chicken flock last year, and will attempt to raise our first pastured Dorkings this summer. We are starting a Midget White turkey flock this year.

    At least one of the Solar presentations and the MicroHydro presentation: We have plans to eventually go partially off-grid with micro hydro and solar, so I think attending a couple of these presentations would be an excellent way for us to learn more about our options here.

    Raising Goats Naturally: We are considering Kinder goats at some point, this would help us to decide whether the extra workload would fit into our lifestyle or not.

    Livestock Guard Dogs: We have a coyote pack on the property, as well as raccoons, bobcats, stray cats and dogs, and various forms of Death From Above (raptors – including bald eagles, owls and hawks…) so we have definitely considered whether a guard dog might not be a good addition to our homestead. Plus, we like dogs. :-)

    There are quite a few more I wish we could attend, but maybe next year! We might be interested in a Meetup, depending on timing and location.

  30. Sandie Miller says

    I’d like to attend the pressure cooking workshop as well as a bee keeping workshop. there are so many choices!!

  31. Jim Hardy says

    I echo Teresa’s post. I’m most interested in MicroHydro, Guard Dogs, and Beekeeping presentations. There’s so much to choose from, and so much to do. Would love to do a meetup if timing works out.

  32. Jenny Moreland says

    Joel Salatin! Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to meet you :) I’m in Vancouver, so easy drive for us.

  33. Denise says

    My partner and I went last year for the first time and loved it. This year I’d reeeeely like to see Joel Salatin – I think he’s an inspiration! Oh, and the straw-bale construction, and bee-keeping, and ducks, and free-range chickening, and……

  34. Carolyne Thrasher says

    I would love to sit in on Bee Thinking and/or Puttin Up. We have a goal of bee keeping in 2 years or less. We live smack in the middle of town but our lot is very secluded, .42 acres, all our neighbors are great landscapers and our very next door neighbor has 2 acres and she is putting in a huge berry garden this fall! Lots of food for the bees. I also want to learn how to can with pressure so I can can salmon, beans, etc. Thanks for posting Erica!

  35. Karen says

    I’m hoping to learn more about solar energy. The idea of becoming more independent of our electrical company thrills me.

  36. Laura says

    My husband and I are trying to swing things to take all of our kids. We are super interested in adding ducks to our “backyard barnyard” (as my family calls it) so we are looking forward to the Raising Ducks presentation. A meet up would be awesome, I’m constantly quoting you to my hubby as “my favorite blogger person says…”

    • says

      Awe, thanks! Our kids have done pretty well the past three years. My son loves the tractors and my daughter spends most of the time with the lifestock and poultry exhibition. I recommend packing lunches and snacks because the Fair Food, while of a higher quality than typical fair food, is pretty expensive.

  37. Rina says

    Sooooo hard to pick just one…..I think I would really like to see How to Grow Tasty, Nutrient-Dense Fruits and Vegetables, to learn how to really pack the nutrients into my veggies, as I have neither the energy or space to do a huge garden.

  38. Roanne says

    Wow, thanks so much for putting us on to this fair! My family is from Vancouver but we are coming down, free tickets or not! I’m really excited to see Joel Salatin but also Hendrikus Schraven. We thought we were expert veggie gardeners until I read Organic Manifesto – so much to learn about soil!!

  39. says

    Oh this would be incredible! I’ve always wanted to go, but never have been able to make it. Now that we live in the PNW this is achievable for me- thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Amber M. says

    Wow, so many choices!! I identified at least 9 classes I’d like to attend…how to choose?!
    I guess the biggest priority would be the Fearless Pressure Cooking: The New Fast Food…as I am in the process of completely changing my and my families’ way of eating. Thank you for this opportunity- I had no idea that this was a thing and so close to me– really want to check it out! :)

  41. says

    I want to attend EVERYTHING but really I see Pressure Cooking to be.incredibly useful right this instant I would love.to pressure cook rabbit especially since I have heard rave.reviews of it cooked that way. Also straw bale building, my husband just got back.from looking at 20+ acres we will be buying in the next 2 years and we know straw bale building may be a great option for us but need to know more about it.

  42. Julia B. says

    I think my choice would be somewhere between Chickens and Kids together, Beginning Beekeeping, and oh, about a dozen others. Wow – time to plan that weekend! I have a big backyard with plans for chickens, and kinda hugelkultur beds in two random spots, and no idea what I’m doing – but that’s most of the fun! Would love to join a meet-up if one happens.

  43. Sanj says

    I’m so excited! As a disabled, permaculture-conscious artist living frugally on a small circle of wooded land, I want to do everything I can to live a healthy, ecologically responsible life. I’m interested in wall gardens, roof gardens, rainwater, bees, nutritionally dense foods, plant genetics as family trees, chicken/compost and worm/compost partnerships, herbs … and, well, just about everything . Thanks for telling us about the fair!

  44. says

    I went last year for the first time (with my 9 month old – that was interesting!) and really enjoyed a lot of talks. This year I’d like to hear Jessi Bloom’s Easy Peasy Edibles talk as I look at adding more of that type of thing into my yard as well as a few chicken classes and the Sustainable Living Simplified talk. I’m tempted to sit though Lisa Kivirist’s Farmstead Chef talk again too, just because I enjoyed it a lot last year and I think I might absorb more of it this time without the distraction of a baby. :)

  45. Jenn Hebert says

    I don’t think I can pick just ONE presentation–I want to see them all! Since we’re apartment dwellers, though, and many of them aren’t going to be applicable for a while, I’d have to say I’m pretty excited about Herbal Medicine Making Basics and Artisans Supporting Agrarians.

    I’m still working on convincing my partner to come with me. She’s not all that interested in “that hippie fair” lol! (Maybe if I mention the chocolate?)

  46. Michelle says

    There are so many options to choose from! Maybe something about chickens, or permaculture, or canning…

  47. Caroline says

    I went for the first time last year and had a blast! I’d like to see Chicken Whispering and Gardening for Life Made Easy. I would also totally be interested in a meetup !

  48. Ray says

    Wow, you want us to pick one!?! I’d have to say, “From Hobby to Business: How to transform your farming hobby into a right livelihood”. Looked like it was right up my alley.

  49. Sue V says

    I would to hear Bob of Bob’s Red Mill talk about whole grains. I have enjoyed his products for years and would love to meet him! A meet up would be fun depending on the day/time. Thanks for your informative blog. I live in Edmonds also!

  50. Laura says

    I’m a big Joel Salatin groupie, so getting to hear him talk again would be my favorite! so excited for this event. Would love to participate in a meetup if timing works for me (er, for the baby).

  51. Katie says

    I have been wanting to go to this fair and I want to actually do it this year! I’m most excited about the Food Hub workshop. Looks like a great solution for small farms to work together to bring fresh food to more people!

  52. Jodi says

    I live in the Portland area and have never attended the fair. Free tickets would certainly get me up there, though!

    I’d be excited to learn more about butchering or beekeeping, both are on my list of interests.

    Not sure if I would be into a meet-up. With 4 little ones, that might be a challenge!

  53. Jason Sinclair says

    Geez… I want to got to all of them. However, as I can’t teleport or make duplicates of myself, I really want to know more about DIY projects for kids, preserving foods, improving my soil, and growing industrial hemp. No, really! I have a pipe dream (ha) of becoming a small-time organic industrial hemp farmer…

  54. Saundra says

    I haven’t decided which day I’m going, so I think that will affect what I go see. I did see Jessi Bloom at the garden show a couple of years ago & loved her presentation on gardening with chickens. I’d like to learn about energy sources and tiny houses. I love living in a small space!

  55. Julia says

    I saw Joel Salatin and Toby Hemenway (**note** he has an unusual spelling of his name) at the Permaculture Voices conference, and they were both great! (You can read my notes at permies.com) I live in Portland, and for free tickets I would certainly make the drive up! I think if I picked one talk it would be about ducks, because I’ve kept hens for over a dozen years, but now that I’m in the damp PNW I’m thinking about also having ducks. . .

  56. Catherine says

    I was fortunate enough to go to the first two Mother Earth News Fairs and was overwhelmed with the numerous classes, attending as many as I could. Unfortunately, I missed out last year and it looks like, unless I win your tickets, I will miss out again this year. I would LOVE to attend the “Down and dirty ways to amend your soil” workshop as I’m sure it would be a fabulous addition to my knowledge base. Of course there are so many other workshops from Bioshelters: Design and Management of Solar Greenhouses to Brewing Honey Mead and Kombucha and the list just keeps going on. Having our own little 2 acre farm has afforded us the ability to raise chickens for egg production, have a large garden and orchard and the variety of fruits increases each year, kiwi and figs this year alone. We added honeybees in 2011 and their pollination of our fruit trees has been phenominally successful and their honey more delicious than any we’ve tasted. I have been following you on Facebook for a few years now and would LOVE to meet up with you during the show if I’m able to attend. Being able to attend the Mother Earth News Fair is like being a little kid in a candy store and no one to supervise or tell you “no”, it is pure heaven!

  57. says

    I want to see raw milk goat cheese making, and dairy goats, and fiber goats, and goats, and free range chickens hanging out with goats, and goats installing solar panels, and permiculture using goat waste byproducts, and baby goats, and funny goats, and goat rescue farms, and did I say goats? This is going to be so much goat-a-licious fun!

  58. Gale says

    I would Definently like a meet up. It would be a lot of fun to meet you and fellow readers. As for the talks, I am most interested in getting into beekeeping now.

  59. says

    No question: Toby Hemenway – “Agriculture, Horticulture, Permaculture: How a society based on gardens rather than farms offers a sustainable future.” This man has changed my life. I would feel very privileged to see him in person and hear him speak.

  60. Beth says

    We would love to go to the weekend! I am very interested in the workshop on Brewing Honey Mead + Kombucha. Also, the talk on Herbal Remedies for Pain Relief by Stephanie Tourles would be amazing. Oh and I really want to learn how to use a pressure cooker/canner. All of the talks given by Mt Rose Herbs from Eugene, Oregon will be on my list. They are such a great company. You know, there are so many talks to choose from that, in the end, any that we’re able to attend will be a blessing. The Mother Earth News Fair is an incredible opportunity to learn, glean and connect. If we get free tickets, it will be a huge blessing for us! Thank you!

  61. Elaine says

    I am interested in all information on vegetable gardening and how to grow more in a smaller space.

  62. Margo says

    My husband and I are excited to go to the Basic Beekeeping and The Busy Bee presentations. We are hoping to start our own hive at our home within the next year or two, so we’ll take all the information we can get! We’ve gone the past three years and seen all the bigwigs (Joel Salatin, etc.) speak, which was fun, but this year we’re hoping to go in and glean very specific, targeted info on only the projects we already know we’re going to do. If we let our gaze wander, our eyes get too big for our budget sometimes, if you know what I mean. ;)

    We would definitely be interested in a meetup if such a thing happened!

    -Margo Carroll

  63. says

    so many presentations, so little time! we love the MEN fair. if I had to pick just one workshop it would be the Building With Mud as we are starting up a small farm from scratch, have lots of clay soil and need to build a home. We are also going off grid with solar and micro-hydro so definitely want to attend those workshops. oooooh, pick me! pick me!

  64. Bonne says

    Hi Erica. We’ve already got our weekend passes. We went last year and had a blast and learned a lot. Discovered Theo chocolates too…yum. BTW, Theo’s factory tour is also well worth the small fee… Any chance that you’ll be a presenter someday? I’d love to come to one of your salad sessions! Love your blog…you’re one of our Wise Ones!

  65. katherine says

    Would love, love the opportunity to go!! I would love to check out the Easy Peasy Edibles class! And would love to do a meet-up — great idea!

  66. Stephanie Roberts says

    Wow! What difficult choice to make! Have to attend the Brewing Honey Mead and Kombucha, Finding and Cooking Wild Edible Foods, and Crafting Homemade Medicinal Mushroom Recipes….but really the list is way longer than that!

  67. Klark says

    Now wouldn’t it be great if the Sounder (train) ran on weekends so we could ride from our “back yards” right to the fair grounds?…sigh.

  68. Cynde LaP says

    Hello from Olympia! It’s hard to pick but my two favorites are Ed Begley and the DIY solar workshop. We are looking for a little bit of land and maybe a small house to use while we build something sustainable. Hubby will have a look at the earth abode w/s.
    A meetup would be wonderful!

  69. Jennifer says

    I want to see them all! Erin Mcintosh from mountain Rose Herbs and Jealous Sakatin will be must sees for me. Thank you so much for posting this I did not know it was going on and it looks amazing. Just recently found your blog and have been avidly reading it over the past few days.

  70. Roger LaP says

    My pick for workshop is the The No-Mortgage Natural Cottage presented by Chris McClellan of the Natural Cottage Project. The idea of living in a house that we have built ourselves out of renewable resources is incredibly appealing. Using Permaculture principles, a small amount of land can easily support two people, so we wouldn’t need much. Looking forward to meeting with people with like interests.

  71. Lilly Williamson says

    Would love to attend the Heritage Breeds Marketing presentation. My husband and I own a feed and garden center in Chapel Hill, NC (right down the road from the Livestock Breeds Conservancy, who is presenting on this) and would love to have more knowledge about selling heritage and rare breed poultry in the store.

  72. says

    90% of them look fascinating, but I think the beekeeping ones would me most immediately useful to us. And I’d totally be down for a meetup!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

  73. Rachel says

    My top three are; Growing Dry Beans and Grains in Your Backyard, Basic Bee Keeping and Easy Peasy Edibles! So many wonderful choices! I would love to have a NW Edible meet-up on Saturday morning, how fun!

  74. Pamela says

    Wow, this would be an awesome event for my family to go to. Only an hour and a half drive too. I am most excited to learn more about butchering, rabbit keeping and bee keeping! How exciting!

  75. Becky Lindsay says

    My husband and I are already downsizing and planning on a tiny house so we would love to attend Andrew Morrison’s workshop on the benefits of tiny living. My husband also thinks alpacas would be enjoyable so maybe that workshop could convince me too.

  76. Janet Clark says

    I would like to catch Jo Robinson’s talk. I heard her interviewed on NPR when her book first came out and all that she had to say rang so true and so mind blowing. I am new to the world of phytonutrients and am hungry to learn more. With the degradation of our food sources through various means, it is so important to be as informed a grower and consumer as possible.

    I would definitely be interested in any gathering…..appreciate your website and am renewed by the sense of. Immunity of like minded folks.

  77. DKolbe says

    It takes a lot to tear me away from my garden on the weekend, this fair is worth it. A gathering of NW Edible Life-ers would be fabulous. My life and little 5 acre plot has been enhanced by Erica’s blog; love a chance to say thanks and check out “Growing a Sustainable Diet”, “Solar Power & WA Incentives”, and “Growing Dry Beans and Grains”.

  78. Sussan says

    Wow, I definitely would attend the permaculture (Easy Peasy Edibles) one, along with the duck class. :) We are closing on our first (quite small!! so we’d probably need to attend the tiny home class as well) home in a few weeks and would love to get rid of *most* of the lawn (grass is good for the dog, ha!) and replace it with productive garden space. The ducks would just be a slug-eating friendly bonus.

  79. Valorie says

    I would love to attend “Raising Happy Healthy Chicks”! My husband and I are new homeowners and are super excited to have a garden space and the possibility of raising chicks for eggs :)

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