Giveaway: ReCAP Mason Jar Pour-Spout Lids

I freaking love my reCAP lids. I have 10, a thank-you gift for supporting the initial Kickstarter fund-raising campaign that helped turn reCAPs from a really great idea into a really great reality.

Image from reCAP Mason Jar Lids

The BPA-free plastic, pour-spout lids transform any regular mouth mason jar into a leak-proof, easy-to-use pourable container. I have my Mason Jar Stir-Fry Sauce stored in a jar topped with one, I whip up shake-and-go vinaigrettes that are easy to use because of the lids, and I moved my Frank’s Red Hot out of it’s plastic container and into glass after I received my lids.

Other folks are using their lids to turn mason jars into sippy cups, or to store milk, tea, honey, maple syrup and more.

Stir Fry Sauce with reCAP lid

The Giveaway

Karen – the genius behind these lids – is sponsoring a giveaway of reCAP lids, and it’s a good one – there will be five winners!

Five different NW Edible readers will each win a reCAP Mason Jar lid. Here’s what you need to do to enter: like reCAPs Facebook Page so you can keep up with the great things they are doing (wide mouth lids are a top priority, I understand.) Then, come back here and leave a comment telling us:

  1. That you’ve liked the reCAP Facebook page (or that you are a dyed-in-the-wool conscientious Facebook objector), and
  2. How you will use your reCAP Mason Jar Lid if you win.

reCAP Facebook Page: so you know when the wide mouth caps come out.

Contest is open open until 8 pm Pacific Time Thursday, May 17th. Winner will be announced May 18th. One entry per person, please. Open to United States residents only (sorry, international friends, it’s just because of shipping expense).

Update: Comments now closed so winners can be determined. Thank you and good luck!


  1. says

    Oh I’ve been eying these up for a while, I’m thinking homemade salad dressings, water bottles, really it’s endless.

  2. ShellsBells says

    FB page liked! =)

    I think they would make great jars for taking tea with me to work…or storing the honey I get from the bulk section at the market (or the tamari I get from the same section) instead of the plastic bottles they provide…or for storing home made salad dressing…the possibilities are endless!

  3. says

    I would probably use them to store my coconut milk and flour. And dressings is probably the best idea.

  4. says

    what a great giveaway! I would love to win some because I use my widemouth jars for almost everything, but I’m always short on lids! plus, the jars as is, don’t always pour cleanly :/

  5. Joan Blurton says

    These are great. I hadn’t seen them before today. I would LOVE this lid on my honey jar. It will also be great on my jar of sun tea, for drinking anywhere I go. For pouring homemade cleaners, how easy to use. I liked them on FB. Thanks for sharing this product.

  6. says

    Liked on FB! And really what would you NOT use this thing for? I’m actually thinking usable amount of dry goods. Sugar, quinoa, rice. Things where I just want a 1/2 cup or less without pulling out the whole freaking sack.

  7. Paula Morhardt says

    Facebook page liked, and oh! I would so love one of these. I am learning all over again how to cook, using fresh foods and dry foods and such, and this would be fantastic to have on my counter, with dried beans or such in it, so I remember I have them and use them rather than have them sitting in my closed cupboard!

  8. says

    Like on FB!! I would use this for my favorite summer tea…homemade mint peach iced tea. I’d also use it for the homemade dressings I already make. Its be super awesome to have the spout to make pouring easier.

  9. rroseperry says

    I just liked them on FB. This is a perfect solution to the sun tea jar spill problem and some homemade vinegar dispensing.

    A spout, what could be better on a Mason Jar?

  10. Cindy says

    Dressings, drinks to go… I make a balsamic honey mustard dressing that would be great in them.

  11. says

    Liked twice: once for me and once as my CheapCooking page. ;) I’ve been storing nearly all things in glass these days and use my canning jars for many things. Pourable lids would definitely come in handy for homemade dressings, sugar syrup (a staple around here in the summer with 2 bursting lemon trees!), and I wanted to try your stir fry sauce!

  12. julieako says

    I loved this on Facebook! I am so excited to hear about these-they will be perfect for the infused vodkas I make in mason jars!

  13. says

    I’m a fan of theirs on Facebook. I love these lids. I want one to try out on my mason jar (with handle) chai to-go mugs. It it works well my customers would be all over it! I use mason jars for everything and my aim when pouring is.. well, POOR! These lids would be perfect. Why didn’t I think of that?!

  14. Maria Martinez says

    I will love to use them to dispense the home made shampoo and body cream , the big mouth bottles pour too much, are messy and it is a waste of product. For the honey too, hate to leave it in the plastic bottle.

  15. Toña says

    Liked ‘em on FB.
    I will use them at work. (I’m a lunch lady at a rockin’ elementary school that serves made from scratch meals using mostly organic and local ingredients.)

  16. Karen Kerschen says

    Take along drinks without having to use plastic bottles. Store left over liquids.

  17. Andrea says

    Liked on FB :)

    I could use these in so many ways! From pouring salad dressing made right in the mason jar, to pouring quinoa or millet into measuring cups, to dispense homemade laundry detergent. Thank you for the giveaway!

  18. says

    I have liked the page on fb. I will look forward to using my reCap lids for pouring whole grains and pastas. Trying to repurpose mason jars for just about everything in my house – laundry, kitchen, compost. Love this product!

  19. Lea M says

    I “like” reCap’s fb page! And I would use these lids for salad dressing, water bottles, to store bulk honey…I’m sure I can think of tons more uses!

  20. Jill says

    I “liked” the reCap facebook page! I would use my first! reCap for my daughter’s energy drink to mix and shake it up! After that, I’ll use more (I’m ordering!!!!!) for my homemade BBQ sauce and to mix up homemade Ranch Dressing! I have told so many people about these, I love the idea!

  21. Judith says

    I liked ReCap at FB. Had not seen them before. Would use them for honey, teas, dressings, smoothies and juices, possibly even my homemade bug repellant. They look so practical! I think they might work for kvass, too. And batter.

  22. Anita says

    I would use them for storing bulk goods in smaller containers. Wish there were another alternative besides plastic though.

  23. Tiff says

    What a COOL idea! I yet again learn something new, from what you share. Ok so I liked them on Facebook,and will be sharing the info with my friends that Can! Like all you other readers “what couldn’t use them for”? But me? My first one would be to store one of my favorite food groups. It’s ‘ Rooster Penicillin’ AKA SRIRACHA sauce’ Why? Because you can never have enough! :)

  24. Tia says

    I liked them on FB. How did I not know about these before. I think I need one for every jar in the pantry and fridge. But right now I’m thinking smoothie transporter.

  25. says

    I totally liked on FB AND retweeted! What a wonderful idea the lids are! Perfect for my half gallon mason jars that hold my fresh goat milk and would work perfectly for my BF’s homemade BBQ sauce. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kathleen Lester says

      I would likely use this for salad dressing, as well! The lids get way too gunky when you are just opening, pouring, and re-screwing them back on :)

  26. says

    I would use these for anything that needs a good shake before I use it. Homemade sauces, dressings, and drinks come to mind first. I have a glass carafe specifically for making homemade salad dressings but it has such a tiny opening that it’s hard to clean. It would be much easier to use a jar that was easy to pour from and easy to clean afterwards!

  27. Amy Sirk says

    I like their page over on Facebook. I plan to use them to turn my canning jars into drinking glasses that I can then take to campus with me. I love drinking out of jars at home but taking them in the car or to class just isn’t working.

  28. says


    I’d probably use it as a water bottle at work. I love the idea of a recloseable spout so that I could take it to meetings & not spill on the way.

  29. says

    I liked the page on FB (what’s NOT to like!) and I would use it for storing my finished kombucha in the frig. We also just got a new pkg of bees installed in our hive and we are looking forward to the honey! I think the lids would be great for capping that off too. I just love the idea of using my mason jars more and the frig full of them! :)

  30. says

    I would use these for storing my home harvested honey and the balsamic dressing I love with just a splash of truffle oil.

    Great idea.

  31. says

    I liked on FB. As for what I would use these for, the possibilities are literally endless as I store EVERYTHING in my pantry in mason jars. I am a mason jar addict I guess ;)

  32. Donnella Looger says

    Liked! Perfect for cream and a hundred other things – well maybe a dozen. Cream first.

  33. Briana says


    And, I’d probably use them at school. I teach ap environmental science, and I see products I bring in slowly make their way to the students, so I’m starting a revolution!

  34. elizabeth fischer says

    I liked it! I would use these for everything! I love using glass jars for storage and spices and…. But I think this summer they would be for drinks, some fruity, icy drinks!

  35. Chelsea Wipf says

    these lids would be fantastic for my honey jar…the rim gets so messy when just using it normally, and would be wonderful for mixing up my salad dressings!

  36. Jackie M says

    I like you on facebook & recap too! As for uses…too many to list. Love the milk pouring, sippy cup style and dressing ideas mentioned before. Would also like to use them for dry foods and sprinkling parmesean cheese. The possibilities are endless. GREAT IDEA! Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. Miranda Smith says

    I liked the Mason jar lids page and would love to turn my jars into water bottles :)

  38. Kate says

    I’m a Facebook resister, but I’m always making salad dressings in jars so I’d love one for that. I store just about everything in jars, so I’m sure I’d find plenty of other uses for them too.

  39. Bonnie Young says

    What a terrific idea! I definitely ‘like’ the reCap product and Facebook page and can see myself storing saved seeds and dried herbs, as well as using the jars for water bottles, smoothies, coffee, hot chocolate and soup to go, refrigerated leftovers and opened home-canned items (just place a reCap to seal) . Could also use them as mini terrariums, fish bowls, or piggy banks! (: We organize many things in reused glass jars but the BPA-free lids make reCaps safe for foodstuff, a huge plus for me. Thank you for creating such a useful item!

  40. says

    If I win, I would use them to store my Ice tea in, and easily pour into my glass. Or just take the whole jar and drink it (ala sippy cup)

  41. Paula says

    liked from moment one…now I have liked them on facebook. I an in a Whole Living class and we are making herbal tinctures and other herbal based medicines. These are going to be a gift to our wonderful teacher.

  42. says

    I liked reCap on facebook. I think it’d be great for fermented beverages! They’d be great for kefir & broth, too. I could also use them to drink out of pint jars when I’m traveling. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. says

    I liked the reCaps page on FB – and what I would use it for — water, for one, storing my fave poppyseed salad dressing – and tea – Thanks for the great blog!

  44. Jackie says

    Just liked their FB page. These would make giving homemade gifts extra special. I know I would use them for salad dressings. The shaker top looks really handy too.

  45. elizabeth says

    1) Liked reCap on FB, also browsed the page. 2) I would probably use for my homemade salad dressings as the 2 ancient Good Season cruets I have been using for the last 30 years always leak. I make my own Italian and French using the same recipes my mother did when I was growing up. Always had to make sure you shook them real good and don’t let the garlic cloves out into your salad.

  46. Cece says

    I would definitely use these for taking my homemade soymilk to work with me! A resealable, pourable spout = awesome! Though I could probably find a bazillion more uses too :) (no FB here…)

  47. Vicki says

    I Liked on fb. I would love this for my fresh cream for pouring in my coffee cup without having it drizzle down my jar :)

  48. says

    okay, I just went and did the “like” thing. (me and 5000 other folks!) I’ve been coveting these ever since I saw them on your blog. They’re on my list of “things to buy when I get a real job”. I could use at least five of them! Maple syrup and salad dressing come to mind right away. Thanks!

  49. Toni says

    I liked them on FB and I can not wait until they make the wide mouth. We get raw milk from a local farm in mason jars and it would make pouring the milk so much easier! But for now I would use for kombucha and salad dressing.

  50. wolfie says

    I liked the FB page, and I would definitely use it for homemade salad dressing. And a hundred other things!

  51. says

    I follow ReCap on Facebook.

    I’d use them for honey, iced coffee and my favorite idea; shaking up pancake batter up inside and having the perfect spout to pour perfectly shaped pancakes on the griddle.

  52. Jacquelyn Baker says

    The possibilities are endless…for salad dressing or pancake syrup in the kitchen, but I’m also seeing this as a great container for my countless buttons that I love to collect…and the pour top is great to pour them out.

  53. Jen Teal says

    I want one! I’ve posted my like and I’ll use my top to decide how many more I need to buy!!

  54. Brittany Cahill says

    Liked them on FB! I currently have all my oats, pastas, and rices in mason jars right now anyways, so having a pour-able lid would make it about 10000 x’s easier to handle (i.e. less spilled oats on the stove top ha ha)

  55. says

    Ummm..I’m one of those weirdos that am staunchly against facebook. But am NOT against those awesome lids! We use Mason/Ball/whatever jars daily as drinking glasses in our home and would put those lids to good use as a sippy cup at home and on the go, refrigerator storing, maybe out in the garden for fertilizer sprinkling!

  56. Kathy Stetson says

    This is a great idea. I just ordered 6 as fun gifts for a few specific friends who I know will get a kick out of using them. I currently use mason jars for some food storage and will anxiously await the “wide-mouth” version so that I can make my storage jars pourable! In the meantime, I’ll use these for salad dressing and whatever else comes to mind.

  57. Theresa F. says

    Liked the reCAP Facebook page. I’ll be using my reCAP for iced tea. Can’t wait! :)

  58. says

    I liked the facebook page. I think I would use them for many different things, dressing, storing, drinking water out of.

  59. Linda McHenry says

    I “liked” recap on FB and plan on transferring all my food products stored in plastic containers into mason jars using the the caps.

  60. Amy says

    I FB liked and I would love to win! First of all for the flip top drinking option, 2nd of all for storing all of my pourable dry goods already in mason jars in ones with these nifty lids! Then to my ultimate goal of shopping zero-waste style in the bulk bin aisles and storing even more dry goods in flip-top masons!

  61. Karin says

    This is awesome. I just like your Facebook page and NEED one of these. I would use this for my homemade vanilla extract which I use a wide-mouthed container for but then it will be easy to decant and use the yummy vanilla with this handy spout! This couldn’t be more perfect for my vanilla making and consuming needs! I use A LOT of vanilla.

  62. says

    Oh wow, how neat! Liked her on FB, and I’d totally be using it to store something in the fridge… homemade dressings, maple syrup (I buy it in bulk), homemade chocolate syrup, I know I’d use it a bunch. :)

  63. Jordan Lyons says

    I liked on FB and I will be using these for my kidos, I would so much rather use glass jars as opposed to plastic jars, plus who does not love Ball jars!


  64. Suzanne wenner says

    I am interested in using the lids for my aromatherapy massage oil blends. I have my oil in plastic flip top bottles but suspect I would get a little flash of delight every time I used my oil during a treatment. I am a lover of mason jars and use them for everything. I especially love feeding my bees and watering my chicks with simple but brilliant lid accessories that make the jars do more.

  65. says

    Very Neat! With 8 children, let me count the ways I would use these… sippy cups, to store milk in so the littles could pour it on their cereal and not pour a half gallon out, honey storage, salad dressings, oy I could go on…

  66. Amy Decker says

    I liked the reCAP! facebook page. With a household of eight we could use reCAP! for everything in our busy day! Certainly for some tasty beverage as I round up the kids in the morning, for pouring just the right amount of dressing on my salad, for holding onto those craft supplies until the perfect moment, or decorating my desert with chocolate chips. Thank you for this opportunity to use resources wisely and decrease exposure to BPAs.

  67. Sandy Hulsey says

    I like the reCAP Facebook page. These caps would work great for homemade salad dressings. Also for keeping hot peppers in, I often just use the juice from the peppers in recipes.

  68. AmyM says

    If I win I would flaunt it in my sister’s face…then buy her one! After all she got me hooked on using mason jars for everything!

  69. sooze says

    I love mason jars, so anything that improves them is great in my book! I like the idea of putting honey in one, and using one to drink out of is great because it would keep bugs out while drinking outside. I store lots of stuff in mason jars, and I think these lids would also help with portion control. love ‘em

  70. says

    I liked the reCAP Facebook page. I love to craft and could see reCAP being so useful for everything from small embellishments, like buttons and brads and such, to a drink next to where I stamp! I already have mason jars to hold my friends’ drinks, but reCAPs would keep them from spilling. I’d also love enough reCAPs to hold grains, Stevia, and such. I’d want to display them on my counter.

  71. says

    I have just “liked” the Recaps on FB and I would use them for salad dressing, marinades and fruit syrups, including the fresh batch of dandelion honey we made last week!

  72. says

    I did it! I liked them. There should be a “love” button on facebook. My husband told me about these lids after seeing them on you post about the sauce. We’d use the lids for just about everything! We used Mason jars as drinking glasses at our wedding. So we have tons of them still, and use them for everything from canning, to drinking glasses, to storing batches of cleaning products I make from scratch.

  73. says

    Liked them, and it’s funny I just pinned the caps on my “Things I Want” board yesterday. I’ve been continuing the anti-anflammatory challenge (and extended it into very general primal eating), which means I’ve been making a lot of our convenience items from scratch. The reCap would be super convenient for my jars of home made sauces and salad dressings.

  74. Karie says

    Just liked Recap on FB…What a great idea! I think I would us mine for salad dressings or parmesan cheese….Love it! Thanks for sharing this fun giveaway….

  75. says

    I liked them on Facebook! I haven’t seen any of these in Canada yet, but I plan to pick some up when I’m in Chicago at the end of the month.

    I sometimes make some not-quite-set preserves to use as ice cream topping. This would be a fantastic way to pour straight from the jar without having the mess of spooning it out! And it’d be great for bottled salsa, I can think of SO many uses for these :)

  76. Brenda Nolen says

    I would love one! I make my own sauces all the time and this would make it much easier (and less messy) dispensing them.

  77. Debbie M. says

    FB page liked. I’ll use it as a doggy bag when visiting restaurants. Don’t you hate those styrofoam carry outs? (I have another jar topping brand for drinking but, if the jar falls over in my reusable grocery bag, sauces and liquids spill all over everything else in the bag – wondering how I know that?) Leftovers in and a ready made lunch to grab the next day.