Roasted Spiced Sugar Hubbard Squash Seeds: Bonus Edition!

Inside that tasty, tasty beast of a squash was a whole other garden gift: squash seeds!  Now I don’t bother to pick through and roast the seeds from every squash I harvest, but when you have a big squash you have some big, tasty seeds. So especially on your large winter squashes (squashi?), save the middle goods too. You won’t be sorry.

Here’s the guts of the Sugar Hubbard:

Start by simply pulling the seeds away from the meaty chunks. This isn’t too hard, most of the seeds are in clusters you can pinch off.
Rub the seeds with a towel to wipe away the squash slime that’s coating them (I mean slime in the nicest possible way, obviously).
And you should have reasonably clean little seeds. I don’t worry about the little tails of squash that stick to the seed – that’ll roast up into yumminess.
Put your seeds in a bowl and drizzle them with enough olive oil to generously coat them. Don’t be stingy with the oil. Add in salt – again, this is not the place to be stingy – I use a few big pinches of fluffy kosher salt – and some spices.  Since these seeds are going with our curried squash soup, I opted for curry powder, ginger, cumin and a bit of cayenne.  
Mix well and turn your seeds out onto a sheetpan. Roast at 350 until golden brown and toasty, about 12-15 minutes.  Stir the seeds a few times during roasting to help them brown evenly.
As soon as I snapped a decent picture of the Squash Soup nicely garnished with these, I gobbled the rest of them up like I’d never seen food before. They taste like the best popcorn in the world.
Want to see how to use them with the soup again?
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