Grow Your Grub Podcast Interview

Put a little gardening chat on while you wrap those presents or bake those cookies or spin that dreidel. (Or, hey, while you dance in Celtic colors around an ash yule log – I’m not here to judge.)
This time of year is so busy, we all need to multitask. So while you’re attending to those last minute holiday preparations, check out this podcast interview. I talk to Steve of Growing Your Grub and Born To Farm about organic gardening, urban homesteading, season extension, buying vs. rotting down soil for raised bed gardening and more….and Steve has a fantastic tip for keeping your garden plan near to hand in the garden!
A fun experience for me, and I hope for you as well as you listen in.
Any comments or questions about anything Steve and I discussed? Leave then here or over on Growing Your Grub and I’ll be sure to answer them.
Happy holidays!


  1. Anonymous says

    You did such a good job on your interview. And it was nice to connect a voice to your picture.

    In my neighborhood, it wouldn't go over so well to garden in the front yard. Although, a few people have rosemary planted on the sides of their mailboxes. I'd like to have a really tall trellis to block the evening sun from the house, planted with a pole bean or something. It might be worth trying it, just to see what would happen.

    brenda from arkansas

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