Grown In The City Meets Northwest Edible

I love any opportunity to throw my opinions around, so I’m beyond thrilled to be interviewed by John Reinhardt, Editor of Grown In The City as part of the Five Questions With… series. Check out my thoughts here on everything from how to get started with urban homesteading to the trademark controversy surrounding that term.
Grown In The City is an urban gardening, DIY and food policy blog with tons of great projects and ideas for the urban and small-scale food grower. 
Go check out my interview, then browse around Grown In The City for inspiration. I am particularly fond of the post on the Anatomy of a Self-Watering Container, which makes it easy to understand how to build your own self watering pot on just about any scale. I’ll be building about 40 self-watering tomato planters this weekend, so I’ve been studying the cutaway diagram like it’s finals week.
Big thanks to Grown In The City for the interview, I had a blast doing it!
If you could interview anyone in the gardening or homesteading world, who would you pick and why? I’m putting dibs on Steve Soloman, because he literally wrote the book on gardening in my bioregion. Also, I think he’d be cranky and opinionated in a very charming and compelling way.


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