Last Minute Stocking Stuffer: "Get Out Of A Chore Free" Santa Cards – Free Download

We do chores around here, kids included. So the gift of not having to do those tedious chores is always appreciated.

I’m trying to get the last of the holiday gift stuff together today – wrapping presents, stuffing stockings, etc. – and I put together some “Santa Slips to slip in my daughter’s stocking. These are cards that allow the bearer to get out of one standard household chore. They are cartoony, and designed to be given to kids, but I suppose you could slip a few in your spouse’s stocking too.

These cards will print out on standard Avery business card sheets, or just print them out on a regular piece of paper and cut at the obvious places. Get the PDF here. I think my daughter is going to love them, but I’m going to limit how many I give so I’m not stuck on dishwasher duty for the next three months.

Merry Christmas, and thanks as always for being the best blog readers ever.



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