Mother Earth News Fair Meetup, New Book, High Mowing Organic Seed Discount

You know how sometimes you have a nice romantic dinner with your partner and you languidly discuss the topics of the day? And then sometimes you both set your calendar in front of you and you shovel spaghetti into your mouth while coordinating your To Do lists and appointments?

Yeah, this post is the blog equivalent of a calendar-sync spaghetti-feed working dinner. I have a bunch of info I need to convey to you, my lovely and talented readers, and I need to do it as efficiently as possible.

Mother Earth News Fair Meetup

If you live around the greater Seattle-to-Portland corridor, I hope you will come to the Mother Earth News Fair this weekend, May 31 to June 1. I will be there both Saturday and Sunday. I go every year to learn lots of homesteading and greenie-independent living stuff and remind myself that I’m not the only weirdo freak with dirt in her veins and a canning jar obsession. (I’m not alone!)

There will be an NW Edible Meetup! I will be available to say hi and attempt to answer your super-hard gardening questions. You can find me at the High Mowing Organic Seeds booth – booth  819 – from 11:00-11:30 on both Saturday and Sunday.

High Mowing Organic Seed Discount

Not only are the folks at High Mowing Organic Seeds generously allowing NW Edible readers to totally block traffic around their booth during our meetup, they’re also offering a great discount on seed purchases at the Mother Earth News Fair just for you guys. If you buy two High Mowing seed packets at the fair, and tell them you are an NW Edible reader, you get a third seed packet free. That’s a great discount, and it’s available all weekend long at the Mother Earth News Fair, not just during the meetup.

Did you know High Mowing just became the first seed company to become certified GMO free? Which means both sponsors of this blog are independently verified, GMO-free companies. So by extension this might be the only certified GMO-Free blog in the world. (Maybe?)

Holy Crap, I’m Writing A Book

Friends, it looks like I’m writing a book. Yesterday I dropped a signed book contract in the mail to a local, independent publishing house called Sasquatch Books.

For years now, many of you guys have been encouraging me to write a book, and several publishers have approached me to pitch my ideas. I’ve always known that if I was going to commit to the substantial effort of creating a book, it needed to offer something beyond the blog. I’ve never wanted to write just another collection of recipes or just another collection of gardening basics. I want any book with my name on it to deliver real value to you guys. I also needed to be confident I was working with people who were ethical, excited and exacting. Finally, I needed the financials and the timing to work out. The reality is, there isn’t a lot of money to be made in traditional publishing, but I was unwilling to lose money just for the ego-gratification of being a “real” author.

I’m very pleased to say that the stars seemed to align to make Book Project 2014 a reality. I’ve been talking with Sasquatch for months now, and met the key players who will be converting my words into a full package of (hopefully) fun and useful reading.

I’m excited and terrified, thrilled and nervous. And I’m gonna need a lot of help. We’ll get into details later, but that’s where you guys come in.  Team Recipe Test will be taking volunteers soon!

More Spaghetti, Dear?

I spent all Memorial Day weekend converting my garden shed into a home office. (Now that I have a book to write, I feel strongly that I need a home office – I believe this is what they call productive procrastination.) I did roofing, painting, patching, tiling, more painting, trim work, sanding and more. As I should have expected, the project ran long but I think it’s gonna look great once I do just a bit more painting.

Ok, those are all the big announcements I have.

Please do come to the Mother Earth News Fair this weekend and say hi if you are in the area. It’d be great to meet!


  1. Janet says

    Congratulations on the book deal. My wooden spoon and ancient Kitchen-Aide mixer are at the ready for testing, just as long as it will be easier than making my own bacon…

    Unfortunately I moved from Seattle nearly 30 years ago, so I won’t be making the ME meet-up. Have a wonderful time and I’ll look forward to future posts of all the wisdom gleaned and shared there this year.

  2. Joan Blurton says

    Congratulations on the book deal and the home office! Wish I was close enough to attend the fair and visit the H.M. booth. Oh wells, I have their catalog. ;-)

  3. Kelly O'Keefe says

    What great news for you and for the readers! I really enjoy the tone of your writing and look forward to having a whole book to dive into.

  4. says

    I’m sure it makes perfect sense in your situation … but really, giving up your gardening shed for a home office? I wish I could do the opposite and have my gardening tools where I need them instead of cluttering up the basement. Where are you going to keep all your gardening stuff now?

  5. Ginger says

    My tiny Brooklyn kitchen with no counter space, nice set of Lodge cast-iron pans, and semi-competent home cooking skills are at your service!

  6. says

    WOW! Congrats, Erica! I have several Sasquatch books that I love and will be so thrilled to add yours to the collection. So excited to hear more.

    Pat yourself on the back, lady! Preferably while holding one of your cocktails in the other hand. Cheers to you!

  7. Kristi says

    Congratulations! I can’t wait for the book. In the meantime, I’d love to be on Team Recipe Test….

  8. Jocelyn says

    Erica, congratulations on the book contract and new office! Here at wheaton labs we would love to be on Team Recipe Test! Our cook Oliver is game to learn new things, and our crew of 8 to 15 who will be dining with us this summer, would be a roomful of feedback for each dish. (You’re not alone as a productive procrastinator, either!)

  9. says

    Love how you slipped the big announcement in between Mother Earth Meetup and seeds. Oh don’t mind me, I’ve just achieved what 1000s of people only dream of. Congratulations!

    Put me on the beta tester team, esp the adult beverage department :-)

  10. Maiya says

    That is all very exciting! Congratulations and I look forward to hearing all about the book like crazy!

  11. Alana says

    Awesome! I was looking at your site (specifically the downloadable year round planting guide) yesterday (no really, yesterday!) and wondered why you haven’t written a book yet. I’m excited to see what you will come up with.

  12. Erin M says

    I cannot wait to read your book. You are a wonderful writer and I love the way you just ‘callz it the way you seez it’. I have totally adopted your phrase Half Assed Hugelkulture!!
    Congratulations Erica.

  13. Anne Figge says

    Congrats! Please post pictures of the new home office (as long as doing so doesn’t involve book-writing procrastination!) Hope Book Project 2014 os financially rewarding *and* a fun learning experience, too.

  14. carol says

    Congratulations Erica!. As I’ve said before, you have so much good information to share, why not in a book?

  15. says

    Hurray for the the book deal,and I’d love to try out for for ‘team recipe’!
    Congrats! Now just put a lock on the inside of your office door so you’ll actually get something done.

  16. Christina says

    Huge Congrats on the book deal! Your blog is so wonderful, I look forward to your book with great anticipation. I am so sorry I am too far away, here in the Rocky Mountain West to attend your meetup, I would LOVE to meet you and your other readers. Oh and congrats on the new office. I, like others, wonder where your gardening tools will now go, but I celebrate your own space for your new endeavors.

  17. says

    Congrats on the book deal! This sounds like such a fun opportunity for you. (*slurp spaghetti is delicious*) I would love to test recipes for you! I’d also love to see pictures of the garden shed whenever you have a free moment (ha!).

  18. Pat M says

    Semi-skilled home cook here in Canyon Park/Bothell, ready to test recipes! My theory’s that if I can make it successfully, any of your readers can. :-) Wish I could make the Fair this weekend — maybe next year.

  19. janet says

    Hi Erica, It was fun to meet and chat with you today at the fair. I love following your blog and I’m excited about your book deal.
    You commented about a salad that you are loving right now with beef and farao cabbage with a red curry paste, lime, olive oil dressing. Please do post the recipe!! I’d love to try it.
    Thanks again, you made driving to Puyallup worth it!!
    Janet in Woodway

  20. Barbara Davidge says

    You and your blog has quickly evolved into one of my favorites. I always am excited to learn from you and see what is going on in your world. I would be truly honored to assist with any recipe testing, do keep me in mind. All the best and a very warm congratulations!

  21. Kathy Karch says

    Off topic to this post, but what zone are you in for gardening. I’m in Massachusetts and it seems like our growing seasons are very similar.

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