No Spend Month: Week 2 Review

Updated tally for this week:

Last Week’s Total: $95.76
Yet more strawberries (I’m done, I swear): $26

Birthday present for a kid’s party: $6.25*
Pitcher of beer at a company farewell party for a coworker (Nick): $13
TOTAL: $141.01
REMAINING: $108.99
*Actually the present for the kid-friend was more than this but I had a $14 credit with Amazon, so six bucks was my out of pocket expense. Normally I don’t allow myself “freebie spending” via gift cards during our No Spend Month because I don’t think it’s in keeping with the spirit of the thing. In this case, though, as a present for a child’s birthday party, I’m making an exception. Do you think that’s legit?
I gotta say, I’m not feeling good about this. A tank of gas looms on the horizon, and I think my capably walking 10 month old needs me to buy cabinet safety locks pretty much right now. There’s sticking to a budget, and then there’s child safety issues…I’m going to do the best I can but it’s going to be hard.
I’m not worried at all about groceries. Thank you, garden!
How are you doing? Is this month going to be as tight for you as it is for me?


  1. says

    Last week's total: $60.19
    7/8 99cents – mints :(
    7/10 $3.91 after $2 coupon – fresh fruit
    7/10 $17 gas cans for lawn mower
    7/11 $57.59 gas fill up for car
    7/13 $2 fast food :(
    7/15 $61.35 gas fillup for truck
    7/15 50 cents – used hula hoe at garage sale

    Total to date: $203.43
    Gas total: $136.94 Other total: $66.49

    Except for the $2.99 for mints and fast food, I am happy with my progress so far. Nothing much I can do about the gas – and as I always fill them completely up when needed, I wasn't going to change that practice just for this month :)

    Just need fresh fruit/veggies and catfood. Won't need more gas. Should be ok I hope.

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    Though I couldn't commit to a no-spend month just now, I love your posts…you remind me to spend LESS at least. And thanks to our garden, I am spending 99cents less per pound on zucchini/yellow squash these days!

  3. says

    I was planning on eating out of my dad's garden and getting pounds of peaches and plums from my step-mom. Then my husband told my dad about my blog and ruined the whole thing. I think if you torture your child by wearing a Speedo, you deserve what you get, but it makes no spending impossible. It's fun to see how much cheaper my life could be if I didn't live in an apartment. A yard is a beautiful thing! Congrats!

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