No Spend Month: Week 3 Review

I had a dream last night that I went out shopping. I don’t remember what I bought, I just remember the dream sensation of handing over a big chunk of money. No Spend Month must be in full effect!

Updated tally for this week:

Last Week’s Total: $141.01
$9 – Two large pickling crocks my friend found at the thrift store and picked up for me.
$2 – Packet of peanuts and a soda from the vending machine where my son had an appointment. What can I say? It was a rough morning and that was breakfast.
$6 – Parking (for Nick’s second job)
$44.46 – Gas
$13.56 – 2 dozen eggs and 1.5 gallons organic milk, with coupon, and YuppieHippie Market. This is the only grocery purchase we’ve made this month.

TOTAL: $216.03

Ok, 9 days and $34 left.  Nick thinks it’s doable. We’re definitely in the home stretch. But what I know that he doesn’t is we have three kids parties to attend in those next 9 days. Three kid presents are going to send us over our limit. Damn. But really, if something’s gotta blow your budget – a book for a kid is as good as it gets.

Other than that, I think we’ve done great. My $2 vending machine and $9 pickle crock purchase notwithstanding, the money we’ve spent has gone to good stuff. We haven’t spent on anything thoughtless, which is the whole point of this exercise.

We’ve walked more to avoid taking the car when possible and have gotten creative to avoid spending. We improvised baby latches from giant plant rubber bands and that, combined with diligence, seems to be keeping our son out of the off-limit cabinets. And, as always durring our no spend months, we’ve become even more devoted to the local library. Where would we be without libraries, really?

How are you doing?


  1. says

    A not entirely unexpected side effect of No Spend Month comes from all that walking (that $6 parking fee notwithstanding) and the denial of stopping by the deli market downstairs for $1.75 giant chocolate chip cookie as a mid-afternoon snack: I've lost at least three pounds this month, going some way towards getting rid of the baby fat I'd put on since Oliver was born.

  2. says

    This has been a good exercise :) I do need to change where I buy my fresh fruits tho – I see now that they really add up and I could be getting them for 1/2 to 1/3 less if I'd just go a different route home to the produce market – same mileage.

    Should end up with 1/2 tank gas left in both the truck and car, and 3/4 of the lawn mower gas left over – so I am happy with the outcome. I knew I was spending more for gas than for food, and this just confirms it in black and white! lol!

  3. Anonymous says

    I posted on your fb page, but I'll do it here just to make sure! Some present ideas for you: Plants, veggie plants, or soil and a small pot with some seeds. Kids LOVE this present – their own plant, how cool is that?! Plus you are teaching them about growing their own plants and veggies, so it's educational as well. Another cheap gift that goes a long way, (depending on the age), is coloring books and crayons. If you sew you could make a little book bag, simple piece of clothing, etc. I've had to think outside of the box for birthday parties and I'm usually able to come up with something for between $5-$10 that is decent and that the kids actually like. :) There have been times I haven't brought a gift, and people are fine with it. I have my kids do a hand made card, it's the thought that counts, right? I've noticed most of the parties we're invited to have the "gifts are optional" note attached to the invitation. I think this is the way to go, especially since there are times that you get 3 parties in a matter of one week! Good luck, and let us know what you come up with. April

  4. says

    I agree with April, don't buy presents! My kids would LOVE their own plant, in a painted pot with their name on it. And you can make a custom colouring book for them easily too – I find pictures of their family (on facebook or whatever), change them to black and white in photoshop and then put a charcoal filter on it to turn them into line drawings. Voila – colouring book of their family! Or, depending on the kids' ages, take one one of your eggs and blow it out, and draw or decorate something simple on it – my kids love that. or a homemade science kit! a raw egg, a jam jar of vinegar and homemade instructions for how to dissolve the shell off the egg.

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