Goals for 2015


I wasn’t going to do a “New Year’s Resolutions” post because, frankly, I’ve reached the age where I know nothing I say after three cocktails on December 31st is going to have any impact on my life or decisions on March 1st. I’ve learned that if something in my life needs improvement or change or more [Continue Reading…]

To Do In The Northwest Edible Garden: January 2015


January means one thing when you are a gardener: a mailbox stuffed to bursting with seed catalogs. With a stack of seed catalogs and well-thumbed gardening books by our side, and ground that’s still too cold and wet to work, the name of the January game is planning and letting your imagination run wild. I [Continue Reading…]

Happy New Year! (Or, Rumors Of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated)


Well, hello, beautiful readers. I started this blog four years ago, and for much of that four years I have written something nearly daily. Much of what I’ve written you’ve seen here. Some has been sold to magazines or other websites as articles on gardening or cooking. Over the last many months, as my presence [Continue Reading…]

Behind The Scenes With Growing A Greener World


Hi friends, I know it’s been a while. I had to do some behind-the-scenes admin stuff on my blog this morning, and realized that if I put up a post today then it wouldn’t be an entire month since I last posted. Talk about sneaking that in. I wish I had the hours in the day [Continue Reading…]

The Ethics of Dinner, Joel Salatin and Genesis 2:23


As a writer, sometimes I pull my words like teeth, one-by-one, each painful and like enough to leave a scar. Other times, I build up an article or a post mechanically, like furniture. There is craft, yes, but also an established structure on which to hang my words. Like a table has four legs and [Continue Reading…]

Solar Power with Reeves Clippard of A&R Solar


In this week’s episode of the Grow Edible Podcast, I talk with Reeves Clippard, the co-founder of A&R Solar, all about going solar. Several months ago, after years of research and deliberation, my husband and I hired A&R Solar to install a solar array on our roof. Since “going solar” we’ve gotten a ton of questions from [Continue Reading…]

How To Peel A Lot Of Tomatoes Fast


If you’re like me, you are in the thick of canning season. Over the past three weeks or so I’ve gotten something like 240 pounds of tomatoes turned into sauce, chopped tomatoes, salsa, various relishes, savory jams, etc. So it’s fair to say I’ve peeled many, many tomatoes. At this point, I think I’ve honed the [Continue Reading…]

Income Resilience (Surviving A 20% Paycut)


Early last week, late in the afternoon just before I, with my farmer’s hours schedule, was ready to sign off from my day job for Anonymous Giant Corporation, I received an email from my boss. It had all the hallmarks of something sent in haste, in response to someone else’s urgent email, also sent in [Continue Reading…]

Discount Code For Permaculture Playing Cards


My friend Paul Wheaton, Permies.com founder, proudly obnoxious Permaculture man-giant and surprisingly nice guy (shhhh, don’t tell – he has a reputation to maintain) helped develop these Permaculture Playing Cards last year: As I’ve said before, they’re stunning. These cards are gorgeous, handheld works of art. My sole complaint is that, when you do play [Continue Reading…]

Urban Goats with Rachel Hoff


In this week’s episode of the Grow Edible Podcast, I talk with Rachel Hoff about keeping backyard dairy goats. Rachel and her husband Tom run Dog Island Farm, an urban homestead in the heart of Vallejo, California. In addition to a big garden and the requisite flock of poultry, Rachel manages a flock of adorable dwarf dairy [Continue Reading…]

Kitchen Tip: 9 By 9 Inch Pan Perfectly Sized For 1 Gallon Freezer Bag

9 by 9 square pan

I bake almost all my quick breads and cakes in square 9 by 9 pans. I’ll admit that this started out as a happy accident. Six years ago, in an effort to earn a little extra holiday cash, I took a seasonal job as the Holiday Food Demo Girl at my local mall’s Williams-Sonoma store. [Continue Reading…]

{Giveaway} Creating A Suburban Food Forest with Michael Judd

Edible Landcaping

In today’s episode of the Grow Edible Podcast, I chat with Michael Judd, the author of Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist about how to create a food forest. Michael has an interesting history; he spent his early adulthood  in rural Latin America, including living with a Mayan community in Guatemala. These experiences gave him a [Continue Reading…]