Tart Cherry Mint Mojito

Cherry Mint Mojito68

Can we talk for a minute about the amazingness of tart cherries? They make the best jam, the best pie, and the best mojito variation I’ve ever sipped.

Now I know what you are thinking. “It’s months from fresh cherry season!” Too true, but thanks to the modern miracle of the deep freeze, frozen tart cherries are available year-round, and work even better than fresh cherries in an application like this, where you specifically want the cherries to break up into a wonderful, juicy pulp.
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Can You Make Liquid Castile Soap from Bar Soap?


When I was recipe testing for the book I ended up making nine or ten batches of cold process bar soap. That is a lot of soap for a family of four.

Normally, I use Dr. Bronner’s liquid Castile soap in many of my personal and home care products, but faced with a glut of all natural, homemade bar soap, I thought perhaps I could melt down and dilute the bar soap, thereby turning it into liquid soap.

Spoiler alert: this does not work. At least, not the way you are hoping it will. But, it does lead to a different and highly useful home care product called Soap Jelly.
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4 Work Problems of Creative People and How To Solve Them

Creative Brain

It’s official! I’m a “Creative” and I’m not meant for traditional 9-to-5 work. Pop internet psychology confirmed it, and I see no reason to argue. Like an eerily accurate horoscope, this article nailed many of my own work habits, need for flexibility and motivation in my work.

But the article didn’t go far enough. It’s all fine and good to offer up ways for us creatives to have the “a ha” moment or pat ourselves on the back; the trick is to stay creative and still be able to pay the mortgage and buy groceries.
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