{Giveaway} reCAP Mason Jar Accesories Variety Pack


Once upon a time, long, long ago, a new-ish blogger with more mason jars than readers heard about an amazing thing called a Kickstarter. A Kickstarter, the blogger learned, was a way for individual people to directly support entrepreneurs with really awesome ideas.

The very first Kickstarter the blogger ever heard about was for a brand new lid that turned any mason jar into a leak-free pouring device. The lid was called a reCAP, and it was designed by a lady named Karen who just wanted to make, shake, pour and store her salad dressing in one convenient jar.

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Homestead Kitchen Projects – A Happy Jumble of DIY

Kitchen Projects92

I haven’t been posting much lately. I have all kinds of things I want to share with you, but with summer in full swing I’m prioritizing kid-time and project-doing. Speaking of projects…as I was walking around my kitchen a few days ago, I had to laugh. It was such a perfect snapshot of the total wonderful insanity that our home becomes at this time of year.

I figured you guys might want to play nosy neighbor and see what’s cookin’ in my kitchen right now. So here – I swear it – are a series of unstaged photos taken over the course of about an hour. I think they pretty much capture what I’ve been up to.

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Dark Cherry Chutney Canning Recipe

Cheese Cherry Chutney

When the Washington State Fruit Commission asked if I would be a 2015 Canbassador for preserving local, sweet, amazing Washington-grown fruit I lept at the opportunity. You see, as a local Washingtonian, I already believe the fruit being grown by our orchardists throughout the state is the best in the country.

This isn’t just hometown pride talking. Washington is the largest producer in the country for apples, sweet cherries, red raspberries and pears. We’re number two in grapes, number three in blueberries and number six in peaches (but just give us time, California – we’re coming for you).

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