Easy DIY Tonic Water For The Best Gin and Tonic

DIY Tonic Water17

There’s only one cocktail I make deliberately light on the booze, and that’s the Gin and Tonic. Is there a more perfect summertime drink? Refreshing, charmingly straightforward and with the added bonus of warding off both malaria and scurvy – the G&T is a classic for a reason.

A Gin and Tonic has four ingredients: gin, tonic water, lime and ice. That’s it. This is not a drink to get cute with. Attempts to do so are…unsettling.

But, because the drink is so simple, each ingredient has to carry its weight. The lime must be fresh and juicy, the ice clean and untainted by freezer flavors. The gin must be good gin – I’m a fan of Hendrick’s. And the tonic water must carry it’s medicinal heritage proudly without overwhelming the other players.
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Ten Simple Steps To Prepare For Canning Season


I don’t know about you, but I am feeling a little behind in my canning planning. If you are too, worry not! If we follow these ten simple steps, we’ll both step into preservation season calm and prepared to tackle those bushels of tomatoes and pickles and corn.

I was just chatting with my friend and mentor Margaret Roach of A Way To Garden about all this. (Listen in at her most recent podcast.) Margaret’s a vegetarian and a one-person household, so in some ways she and I put up the harvest very differently, but in other ways there are huge similarities.

We’re joining forces today with dual-giveaways (more about that later in the post) and our best suggestions for how any food preserver can face the canning season with organization and confidence.

Let’s do this.
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