The Honey Badger Cocktail

Honey Badger54

I’m quite sure that, were it not for that viral YouTube video of a Honey Badger, there would be no cocktails celebrating this ferocious, Cobra-snake-eating badass of an animal.

The Honey Badger is what you might call an interpretive cocktail. Drinks based off memes are, by definition, not classics. There are as many variations of the Honey Badger Cocktail as there are things that a real live honey badger will attack and eat. I tried a few (research, you know) and decided none of the existing Honey Badger Cocktails captured the spirit of an animal who Does. Not. Give. A. Shit. This one does.
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14 Easy Ways To Bring More Flavor To Your Food

14 Ways To Bring More Flavor To Your Food

There’s no magic to great cooking – but there are a few tricks. When you cook professionally, you’re always trying to find those little things that can help bump up the flavor of a dish. Here are 14 things that make my cooking better. I’d love to know your tips and tricks – if you’ve got something to add to this list, please leave a comment below.
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The Slow Flowers Challenge: A Bouquet for Late April


Have you heard about the Slow Flowers movement? It’s a bit like Slow Food, but in a vase instead of on a plate. Local Seattle garden guru Debra Prinzing is the champion of the slow flowers idea. She’s written and spoken extensively about why heavily sprayed, monocrop-grown flowers, flown in from all over the world are bad news.

It’s funny, but even the most ardent 100-mile-diet locavore might still pick up a bouquet of South American roses for Valentine’s Day without really thinking about it. Until I heard of Slow Flowers, it hadn’t occurred to me, but up here in the Northern Hemisphere, roses in February are pretty ridiculous.
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