The Garden In May – Photo Tour


Time for a photo tour! It’s always fun to see what other people are growing, so here’s a tour of my garden. Just click your way through.

Do you have photos of your garden somewhere on the interwoobles? Post a link in the comments and let’s all be nosy virtual neighbors.
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The Life Changing Magic of Folding Socks

How to fold socks the Marie Kondo Way so they stand up in your sock drawer.

On of the great joys of my recent Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up experience was learning how to fold socks. Yes, I know what you are thinking: “What a sad life that chick must have if folding socks bring her joy.” But just wait! When you see how I fold my socks now, you might become a happy-sock-folding convert too.

Before I listened to Marie Kondo, my favorite tiny tidying tirant, I never thought about socks. KonMari, on the other hand, thinks a good deal about socks. In her book she bemoans the poor knobby-kneed school girls with slumpy, baggy, stretched out socks. She is positively horrified by one client who actually knots her socks together. Any tugging or balling or stretching of socks is a criminal abuse in the Kondo-verse.
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