Ultra-light Limoncello


We’ve got a few more weeks of prime citrus season. We’ve already made lemon curd, salted lemons and citrus cleaning spray.

It’s party time. Let’s make limoncello!

A traditional southern Italian digestif, limoncello is usually served ice cold from tiny little glasses. Traditional limoncello often manages to be both too bitter and too sweet for my taste. But when I first learned how to make a limoncello that is the essence of lemon – simple, pure, and clean – and opted to skip a super heavy dose of added sugar – I found an infusion I could love.

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Turn A Mason Jar Into A Twine Holder With This Easy Kitchen Hack


I’ve been tying a lot of stuff up lately. Must be that 50 Shades of Grey cultural zeitgeist thing working on me.

If you want to make all your kitchen bondage tasks (everything from trussing a beef tenderloin to draining your homemade ricotta) far easier, make yourself a DIY twine holder from a mason jar.

This is the simplest kitchen hack ever, and I highly recommend it to keep your kitchen twine clean and tangle-free.
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Get Your Garden Organized This Year: 2015 Garden Planner Available Now

Garden Planner 2015

Maximizing my harvest of homegrown veg is this awesome ever-changing puzzle. For over a decade, I’ve been assembling and reassembling the pieces, trying to find the key to being the best gardener I can while getting the most from every square foot of my garden.

There are two things I’m sure of.

The first is to listen to your garden like you’re on a third date with a fascinating, funny, sexy rich suitor. I mean you get in there, lean across the table, actively pay attention, hang on every word, and bat your eyelashes a little bit. Listen to your garden like you are falling in love and you will learn. Nothing I write here, nothing any book says or any TV show demonstrates can hold a candle to the generous mentorship of your own good earth if you just show up and listen.

The second is that ink lasts longer than memory. When you’re putting the puzzle pieces together for the tenth or twentieth time, it’s easy to forget the little love notes your garden has whispered into your ear.
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