Sharing The Good Stuff

I’ve been tending to two sick kids all day, and now that they are in bed, I’ll be honest, an original blog post just ain’t happening tonight. What is happening is a nice bourbon on the rocks and some reading. So instead of trying to pull a blog post out of my ass, I will direct you to one of my favorite posts from a fellow radical homemaker/mom blogger.

Calamity Jane over at Apron Stringz has put out more than her fair share of quality writing, but this is one post I regularly seek out for re-reading. Perhaps it’s because my perfectionism and the reality of my messy life butt heads so often, but it speaks to me. The conclusion of her post, about the point of aprons, hooked me the first time I read it and it hasn’t let go. I encourage you to go take a read, and see if you don’t agree with me.

Wish me luck as I strap on my own mama apron and attempt to keep the little ones comfortable in spite of cough, fever and malaise.


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